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So far according to the poll






Magik & X-23




Mystique & Domino





My biggest surprise is that Dazzler is so low (figured Hope and Jubilee would be the bottom 2)

Thanks for making the list. I was going to.

The most disturbing thing about this poll, is Emma Frost is beating everyone.

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@hopesummersforthefuture: that cool moment. Can't wait for Jean solo series, it will be amazing. Have you check out my background image. Jean and Storm look great. The marvel ladies are taking on Disney ladies.

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Hooray for Cyclops. The Ultimate douchebag. He treats women like crap. Couldn't care less about his friends and family. Some how, its his month, even though Logan is the one that is dying. Let's worship Scott and forget about everyone esle, wait second, Marvel has done that for years.

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I've enjoyed Bendis' work since he got out of Avengers and AvsX.

glad to see I'm not the only one.

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@ndixit said:

@time: When you have friends like Beast, who needs enemies. The way most of Uncanny X-Men and All-New X-Men have read, it seems Beast, Wolverine, and co. are always attempting to pick a fight with Cyclops, not the other way around.

That maybe the case in this issue, but calling Charles a hypocrite in front of people who loved him the most, is just horrible.

In the past Cyclops has turn up at the school with attitude problem.

What I have notice with Bendis writing is, the other X-Men hate him and Cyclops just makes it worse with the way he acts.

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@time said:

@koays said:

Well Hope Summers doesn't have TK, but:

I'm of the belief that Psylocke's TK blades can touch Kitty since their not entirely physical. Also if the Psychic is strong enough (Rachel or Jean) they can manipulate her molecules so she can't phase or mimic the effects of any of the many tech devises that have stopped her from phasing in the past.

Storm beats current Psylocke and at best draws Rachel but other wise she has no protection from any of them just yanking her out of the air. Storm beating Emma was cool, but unless the telekinetic just stands still behind a shield they'd beat her.....Rachel and Jean have enough strength/control to probably shield themselves and beat her at once.

Juggernaut can be moved....if he's standing still. But once he's in motion they can't stop him...maybe redirect him, but not stop him outright, he's magical and his power revolves around being unstoppable in motion.

Apocalypse....Well what exactly is stopping Apocalypse from being moved? Jean through Krakoa into space, so unless Apocalypse weighs more then Krakoa she can move him. The only outside factors are Celestial Tech and whatever form of Telekinesis Apocalypse himself might possess but those don't have any way of being factored into things. I don't see it happening on panel because he's just too bada$$ to be thrown across the sky, but we can't exactly measure TK vs Bada$$ness

Hope does have telekinesis, she had it in Cable and X-Force

WOW im way behind in about hope summers, i didnt know she could do that. Maybe marvel is making her more like jean grey after all. Also the cuckoos said she used her tk, what the heack is going on

No, I was wrong, she just copy Cable powers.

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@hawk2916 said:

@time said:

am I the only one who getting annoyed with Cyclops. He such a dickhead. Having a outburst like that in the issue . Glad to see Iceman putting him in his place.

I mean how can people loved Cyclops.

Charles only did what he could.

I love Cyclops as a character. He can be a dick but no more than any other character. Storm and Iceman were goading him and I thought what he did was justified. I know Xavier died at his hands but I dont understand everyone although knowing he was possessed by dark phoenix is still blaming him. I mean everyone else is accepted for their crimes. Storm even teamed up with Bishop after he shot Charles in the head and everything else. Iceman of all people should back off and the joking about this was in bad taste

Also I think the reaction was justified. Here's a soldier getting missions but constantly learning that there are things the general is not telling him or leaving out and when it becomes a mess he has to go clean it up. Maybe its the military part of me but this is a very real thing. You get these missions and the generals or commanders have all these secret agendas and you go out there ass-out to handle things that you have limited knowledge about but have to put your life on the line for. Then when the secrets come to light now you have to go clean it up while getting all the blame and scrutiny. All the Xavier did for Malloy and then he allowed the Shiar to take out Jean among other things. I just think its understandable some of the reaction.

Thats not to say i agree with the further degradation of Xavier's character though. I'd personally just rather it be revealed that Quire is Xavier's kid that he sent off to live as a foster child to hide him being a mutan rather than this Mystique thing.

I am not suprise Iceman and Storm are goading him. The problem with Cyclops is he to up himself. He has clearly done wrong by the ones he loves and yet he still acts like he better than them. I also think Cyclops already knew Charles was hiding things from him and yet he still acts a dick about it, when he learns something new about Charles.

Beast and Iceman don't like him anymore, 2 of his oldest friends. So shouldn't Cyclops try change the way he acts and show more respect to man he murdered and the man that his friends loved. I mean, what if was two of your oldest friends, wouldn't you try make things better with them.

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@veitha said:

@time said:

@veitha said:

@time said:

@veitha said:

damn, why the hell is he still on these titles! He. doesn't. care.

He just doesn't care about the characters, the continuity, the same plot, he's destroying an universe because all he can think about is a joke. He is a giant joke and he's turned the X-Men into one of the worst things in Marvel because of this. Just get him out of here. What good thing did he do the X-Franchise? He brought back Jean Grey? Well anyone could have done that especially with such a shitty plotline. Then he started his destruction of the X-Men and it wont end soon.

I'm so upset(if you haven't noticed).

calm down @veitha. it's not that bad.

it's not just the Katya thing, it's everything else. I had such big hopes for his run, with all the possibilities left by Gillen and AvX he could have written one hell of a run and instead he just writes stupid stories with no actual reason.

Gladiator wants to kill Jean Grey, even if he's known and met her adult self also after the Phoenix events. No reason.

Dark Beast hates Scott. Why? No reason.

Beast brings back the O5 and they cannot go back. Why? No in-character reason.

Jean Grey develops a new power. Why? No reason and no sense for the actual power. She can absorb psionic energy? What does that mean, every telepath can manipulate psionic energies! Psi-bolts!

Characters act as if they've never met each other, too. The Cuckoos stayed for a lot of time with Adult Jean Grey, they even liked her! He also changed their personalities...

Emma Frost is now a wallpaper-ish character with a good issue evert 15, Magik is a bus and Magneto had to leave his book to get some good time. Have you noticed that the best versions of his characters are from other characters? Magneto, Teen Cyclops, in their own titles they're written better than his titles.

And Xavier married Mistique with no reason. Truly with no reason. And the "dark past" stuff? Like if it was the first time! We've seen obscure Xavier so many times that it's not appealing anymore. I guess he doesn't know. Has he ever read any X-related comic'??

Oh and Dazzler. Damn. I don't have to say anything about her, right?

I have to admit some of the things Bendis has done, hasn't been good.

I also believe each writer views the characters in there own way. I mean how bad was Matt Fraction Emma Frost.

I like what happen to teen Jean Grey. I think Bendis is trying to do different things with her character. There only 2 things I didn't like and that was Emma and Jean laughing and there no real moments between Rachel and Jean.

Emma, I think had some good moments last year, but Bendis doesn't care for her character.

I think the Bendis focuses on Charles relationship with Mystique, cause of the X-Men movies.

I like what going on with Dazzler.

I have enjoy Uncanny X-Men and All-New X-Men so far. I mean I hated Uncanny X-Men for 6 years. I couldn't stand Fraction and Gillian run.

I understand why some people don't like Bendis writting, but Iike it.

I think Gladiator wants to kill Jean Grey, cause he fears what she might do.

I do not hate Jean Grey, but I hate how Bendis is pushing her despite of other characters(not only Emma, but also the rest of the O5), she's turning into a Mary Sue character.

Dazzler has been kidnapped by Arcade so many times, has risked her life so many times, and now she goes for such a drastic change? Just now? He just wants to turn her into Ultimate Dazzler, because he's better with teenagers and Ultimate-ish characters(that's why he brought back the O5 with no actual reason).

The fact that he wants to create a relationship between Xavier and Raven because of the movies is one of the worst things ever. Like Nick Fury Jr.

Matt Fraction's Emma wasn't good but at least not wallpaper-ish or completely useless or a completely different character(but do you know what makes me angry? I could write her if he wanted! Look at HOM or Dark Reign!). I liked Gillen's run.

As for Gladiator, with all the times he's met Jean or Rachel he shouldn't be that afraid of her and know how to deal with her. And also being part of an alien culture who's vastly more smart than ours, he should know that she's a different person than Adult Jean.

I'm not suprised Bendis is focusing all his attention on Jean. I also think it's quite interesting Teen Jean trying to change her future and deal with her other future selfs. Just imagine, you travelling to your future and realizes your future is terrible. Wouldn't you want to change it. I think Marvel is trying to do that with both Teen Jean and Teen Scott. Which makes it very interesting.

I'm glad the real Dazzler is getting some development. She angry and pissed off and she wants some revenge. I think it's good.

I think the Mystique and Xavier thing, is kind of suprised.

Matt Fraction turn Emma Frost into a sex toy and nothing more. Emma just lived in Cyclops shadows. I also think Emma follow in the same footsteps as Jean grey over the last couple of years. She had the same kind of development as Jean. Marvel just need to move Emma away from Scott and then we will see some positive development for her character.

What Guardian remembers about future Jean, is her destroying a Galaxy and he feel teen Jean could do that in the future. That's part of the reason why he wanted to kill her.