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Over the last 12 years, we seen the demise of the X-Ladies in comics.

In the early 2000's to mid 2000's we saw a lot of X-Ladies being treated poorly . Psylocke and Jean Grey were killed off, Rachel Grey and Polaris ended up in space . Kitty ended up in a magic bullet.

In the late 2000's up till 2013, some of ladies were mistreated. Emma has lived in Cyclops shadows, Storm had no voice in comics. Rachel hasn't done much in Wolverine and X-Men or in Brian Wood X-Men. Even though Rogue has had X-Men Legacy center around her, she wasn't always written well in it. She hook up with Magneto, lost her Ms Marvel powers and join the Uncanny Avengers.

I'm not even going to talk about Jubilee treatment over the last 12 years.

Why has the writers favour the men over the women in comics.

Cyclops, Wolverine, Cable, Namor, Beast, Colossus, Archangel, Kurt have had some time in the spotlight and some real development over years. While most popular X-ladies haven't. I mean even Madrox and Fantomex have had good moments in comics.

Sure Charles, Bishop, Iceman, Gambit and Magneto have be treated badly as well, but have they suffered like the X-Ladies.

So why do you think this happen and how do you feel about it ? What kind of impact do you think it's had on the comics.

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@avenger85 said:

Emma will join the JGS and be the new headmistress there. Wolverine and Storm broke up so Emma should be able to fulfil the role of Logan's love-interest in Storm's place.

Logan and Emma as couple, no thanks. It would be nice to have Emma at the school.

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If Emma has a solos series, that will be good. Marvel just need to get her away from Cyclops.

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I'm going for 2-4 issues. I mean the early 90's had some great individual issues. A lot of them has stories that was only one issue and it was great. I don't like stories that are longer that 6 issues. I mean 13 issues is abit annoying. Even though X-Cuitoner Song, Age of Apocalypse and the Messiah saga were some of best stories I have red. I prefer 6 issues and not longer.

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It's between more character driven and define premise/purpose. I decided to go with more character driven. I like stories to have purpose and real plot, but overall It's how the characters have been written, what I liked the most. I mean you may not have a great story, but the characters are written very well in it eg X-23: Touching Darkness. The story wasn't great, but X-23, Jubilee, Gambit and Wolverine, were written very well in it. I also like to point out, that the early 90's had some amazing character issues. I mean every character had a time to shine in the spotlight. They all were written very well.

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@hopesummersforthefuture said:


Im shocked that jean grey or even teen jean grey is not on your list.

Anyways my least would be: 1. Wolverine, 2. Hope summers, 3.Apocalapse, 4. Teen Jean grey(recently from after the "trial of Jean Grey", 5. Psylocke, 6.Cyclops(looks like he got an up-grade), 7. Kitty pryde, 8.iceman, 9. Tempus and 10 Magneto

Jean Grey is in top tier list, with the likes of Magneto, Apocalypse and Legion. I mean the real Jean Grey, not teen Jean Grey. I didn't want to include her in my above list. I just wanted include these people, to find out who is the most powerful and strongest X-Men characters.

1. Psylocke 2 Emma Frost 3. Wolverine 4. Cyclops 5. Bishop 6. Colossus 7. Havok 8. Polaris 9. Nightcrawler 10. Warpath 11.Cannonball 12. Shatterstar 13. Jamie Madrox 14. Siryn(Banshee) 15. Archangel 16. Jubilee as a vampire 17. Cable 18. Juggernaut 19. Sabretooth 20. Magik 21. Sunspot 22. Fantomex 23. Deadpool 24. Beast 25. Madelyne Pryor 26.Wolfsbane 27. Banshee 28. Husk 29. Kitty Pryde 30. Magma 31. Mystique 32. Namor 33. Quicksilver 34. Northstar 35. Strong guy 36. Hellion 37. Rictor 38. Elixir 39. Stepford Cuckoos 40. Frenzy 41. Kid Omega 42. Sebastian Shaw 43. X-23 44. Daken 45. Omega Red 46. Lady Deathstrike 47. Pyro 48. Avalanche 49. The Blob 50. Vargas 51. Exodus 52. Proteus 53. Rogue 54 Hope Summers 55. Stryfe 56 Domino 57. Sage 58. Surge 59 Primal 60. Oya 61. Karma 62 Danger 63. Boom Boom 64. Blink 65. Blindfold 67 Pixie 68 Armor 69. Rockslide 70 Anole 71. Danielle Moonstar 72 . Dazzler 73 Layla Miller 74 Forge 75 Rachel Grey 76 Selene 78 Genesis 79 Darwin 80 Iceman 81 Storm. 82 Gambit 83 Monet 84 Tempus 85 Mr Sinister. 86 Shadow King

I wouldn't included Cyclops or Wolverine, above the other characters. I think Tempus is still a young mutant. So her powers has been really tested yet. So if you get rid of Apocalypse, Jean Grey, Magneto and tempus. Who would make the list.

@veitha said:

@time Kitty did beat Emma during the Astonishing run, but in the end it was difficult to understand how much Emma was letting her doing and how much she was fighting her back, since she was mind broken. Dust is also resistant to telepathic powers, but I still don't think that they could hurt or KO the strongest mutants(Dust for sure won't break Emma in diamond form, and elementals or people with telekinesis can easily handle her, while Kitty can't resist high tier telepaths fighting at their best).

I thought Kitty can beat her, cause she had already. Just to check can Psylocke and Rachel use telekinesis on Kitty. I mean if she can phase, would they be able to touch her. With regards to Dust, I think she be hard to take down. I mean how can Juggernaut hurt her. I haven't seen people use telekinesis on her. What about Rogue, Proteus wasn't able to control Rogue, so does mean Emma couldn't either.

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So going by what people think so far, these characters above are the most powerful and strongest characters from my list at the top.

@veitha said:

Ignoring the "broken powers" stuff for the Phoenix 5, in a battle between these people I'll go with:

1. Magik(she's a monster, telepathy won't work and Selene, Juggernaut and Maddie(who were also at the top of my list) would get destroyed by the Soulsword. All the others, she can just send them to Limbo;

2. Selene/Maddie/Juggernaut(the magic people, they have an advantage against telepaths);

3. Danger/Exodus(she can't be beaten since she can remake her own body, telepaths can't harm her and she can create life; Exodus is one of the strongest mutants, even if Emma did beat him she had to use tricks, but I still don't know if he could manage to beat everything that Danger could throw at him)

3. Emma Frost/Rachel Grey(I mean, Rachel is addressed to be the most powerful, but in a battle Emma would be wiser IMO, and she's already beaten her, so I'd put them on the same league. And they are the first to win a battle after the previous characters I listed, since I consider the others less powerful or less skilled telepaths or not-telepaths at all);

4. Iceman/Storm(with a slightly advantage for Iceman, even if Storm is much more resistant to telepathy than Bobby, so she may have an advantage against the previous characters);

5. Quicksilver/Northstar(fast enough to take down all the other characters, but I don't think that they'd be able to defeat the previous telepaths, magicians and elementals. Btw, advantage goes to Northstar due to strenght, flight and higher speed).

I'm not sure about Stryfe(I dunno how strong his telepathy is), Shadow King(didn't Psylocke recently beat him?) and current Darwin.

I like your list. I'm can't remember if Betsy beat shadow King. Can I ask what's your opinion on Kitty and Dust. Would they make the list ? I also think your right about Quicksilver and Northstar there hard to take out.

@adamtrmm said:

Apocalypse Archangel was an absolute beast, took on AOA PF Jean and was careless about all the physical attacks against him. Stryfe's last showing was also devastating, neutralizing in seconds a team of Storm, Psylocke, Bishop, Hope, Colossus with no effort and mindraping Hope after she hosted PF (which was unintentionally I guess) looked damn impressive. Darwin and his death-touch absorbing powers are also hard to ignore.

And there are Exodus, Proteus, Juggernaut, Iceman, Magik and some extras.

I really want to see Gambit and Psylocke's Death personas more.

Apocalypse Archangel, was quite powerful. I think it would be cool to see those versions of Gambit and Psylocke more in comics.

@hawk2916 said:

@time: Hmmm. not sure about the order. I would rank Rachel above Storm, Psylocke, Emma, Magik, Maddie and Shadowking. Probably right up there with a fully powered Cable and Stryfe. Exodus and Mr. Sinister would be pretty high on my list too. As well as Proteus. Is he still alive by the way?

Last time I saw Proteus was in X-Men Legacy and Magneto defeated him, but saying that, Proteus couldn't control Rogue, even though he control Psylocke, Kurt and Husk.

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@mcklayn said:

@oldnightcrawler said:

@time: okay, I see what you meant.

and by "young mutants", you mean anyone younger than Gen.X, as in from 2000 or later?

yea like how far back are we going?

From Grant Morrison run.

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Come to think of it, i'm now beginning to conclude that Jean was surreptitiously getting back at Emma for the telepathic affair by pushing her into this very predicament! Lmao. Nice one, Jeannie gurl.

Well that's nice way to look at it.

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@time: okay, I see what you meant.

and by "young mutants", you mean anyone younger than Gen.X, as in from 2000 or later?

Yes. 2000'S when the X-Men became teachers and it's when Marvel created loads of New mutants.