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Essential reading: Uncanny X-M en, All New X-Men, X Men, Magneto and Storm.

May become fun to read : Amazing X-Men, is finally getting good. Issue 16 was good. I will pick up the new Uncanny Avengers that is release next week, loved the line-up. Rogue, Sabretooth and Quicksilver, Can't wait. I wasn't a fan of the previous run, so I hope this will be good. Wolverines series as well , to see what Mr. Sinister has plan.

Titles I drop :

Cyclops, nothing against the title, I just lost interest.

Nigthcrawler : bad series

X-Force : Terrible series

Titles I will miss :

All-New X-Factor, just came to end. It was a great series, but It got cancel. typical Marvel, they always cancel good titles, I still miss Cable and X-Force which ended in February 2014.

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Are there any good jumping on points for any of the X-books coming up? At the moment I'm just reading things in trades, but I'd like to transition to singles soon. Don't really mind which series, as long as people think it's been good recently.

Magneto is good.

Uncanny X-Men is pretty good.

If you like the past X-Men in the present timeline and u like teen Jean. Then All-New X-Men is good.

If you like the X-ladies read X-Men, the only title that focuses on just on the X-Ladies.

Amazing X-Men is finally getting good.

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@time how do you like the cover. im actually hoping raven beats the hell out of emma frost :)

You really hate Emma. If anything I think Emma will help Dazzler take on Mystique.

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@koays said:

Prodigy, Hellion, Anole, Rockslide and Broo have all been central characters...

Yeah, but there not great characters and there not as focus on as females students.

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@hopesummersforthefuture said:

finally emma attacking/vs scott and not the other way around like in AvX

from bendis:

by massive request it is X related. upcoming cover of uncanny by Kris anka. and yes it DOES reflect what is going to happen in the book.

it is on!

i for one cant wait :) possibly happens in may

Cool cover, is that going happen. I hope it does. We finally get to see Emma act like B, you know what I mean. I'm not Emma fan and I'm glad to see her take her anger out on Scott, about time. That's if this not a misleading cover, I hate those.

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@dman1366 said:

So I have got to say that I loved this issue. Yost has now properly executed Alpha Flight, Wendego, and now Cytorrak (bad spelling, apologies). I love how he can do a unique story that holds in continuity. I loved the end where Piotr asked "What would wolverine do?" and the answer was "Team up with a teenage girl and kill everyone." I mean that is right on the 1980's, Claremont, money.

I agree with you on this, the series , is finally getting good. I was going to create a thread on this as well, you beat me to it. I couldn't stand the wendigo story arc. This issue was good. Colossus and Storm were good in it. Storm was a bit harsh on Colossus, but I can certainly understand why she feels that way. Kyle & Yost have always been great writers, love there work on X-Force. I am interesting to see what happens to Colossus and Juggernaut.

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It's been while since I created a thread, so I decided to create one that I always found interesting topic.

When I look at the students, the females students always seem to be better than male students and some more focus on.

Pixie, Armor, Dust, Surge, Cuckoo's, Oya, X-23, Hope, even Tempus is the best student from Bendis students.

I mean only Kid Omega and Genesis stand out from the male students and have been really focuses on.

If we were look at the most popular X-ladies, they always been better than the most popular men. With the exceptions of Wolverine, Cyclops, Magneto and Charles standing out the most.

What do you guys think ?

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@xwraith said:

My biggest problem with him is that he has no respect for previously established characterizations and continuity.

What writer does. Grant Morrison, Matt Fraction. No writer respect work done by previous writers.

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