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Here is mine


30 Points: Wolverine

29 Points: Rogue

28 Points: Jean Grey

27 Points: Magneto( still count him as hero)

26 Points: Gambit

25 Points: Storm

24 Points: Psylocke

23 Points: Jubilee

22 Points: Emma Frost

21 Points: Cyclops

20 Points: Magik

19 Points: X-23

18 Points: Hope Summers

17 Points: Domino

16 Points: Polaris

15 Points: Danger

14 Points: Superman

13 Points: Batman

12 Points: Sara Pezzini (Witchblade)

11 Points: Kamala Khan (Ms Marvel)

10 Points: Black Widow

9 Points: Supergirl

8 Points: Quicksilver

7 Points: Chastity

6 Points: Wonder Girl

5 Points: Scarlet Witch

4 Points: Beast Boy (Teen Titans)

3 Points: Angela

2 Points: Kitty Pryde

1 Point: Batgirl


30 Points: Joker

29 Points: Mystique

28 Points: Sabretooth

27 Points: Sentinels (X-Men)

26 Points: Apocalypse

25 Points: Stryfe

24 Points: Dr .Doom

23 Points: Juggernaut

22 Points: Omega Red

21 Points: Doomsday

20 Points: Bain

19 Points: Venom

I haven't put many villains down, but those are the ones that come to mind.

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@adamtrmm said:


What rubbish?

The writer who said that Jean's and Fanto's brief interaction had much more passion than Jean's and Scott's entire relationship. Jean and Scott had one of the most passionate relationships in X-Men comics. Any writer that thinks differently, are just dump and they don't understand there relationship. Scott and Jean went through a lot together, more than any other X-Men couple.

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@hawk2916: I agree, espicalley how he ended jean and scott Marriage. He didn't have a clue how to handle there marriage. He was a total dickhead.

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@adamtrmm: What writer made that rubbish up.

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After reading the first 2 issues of the story arc, I can honestly say I don't like the story arc so far. It seems everyone will be influence by the Black Vortex. Kitty seems to be ok with stealing things with Star-Lord.

what are your thoughts. Do you like the story so far.