1 X-Force  
Old Ghost
Mike Choi & Christopher Yost

Old ghost would have to be my one of favourite comics of all times, Mike Choi & Yost would have to be my favourite artists & writers of all ime. There work on the X-force is amazing. they really captures the essence of the X-Force.  The X-Force are dark, they cruel, they only have one mission, trained to kill. While x-men are see as  light, X-Force for surely is seen as the darkness. Wolverine & X-23 are amazing in the X-Force,  it fits thenm perfectly to part of this team. Domino, Warpath & Archangel
are really cool in the X-Force too. I would like Mike Choi & Sonia Oback to explore lighter colours, maybe work on the X-Men for a while, then we get to see how great
they truly are..          

2  X-Men Origins : Jean Grey
Artist Mike Mayhew  

I loved artist, from the very first page it looks beauitful,  Young Jean grey staring out  her window, depressed as ever. You're just tell you, that you know that this girl, would in the end to be one of most powerful mutants of all. Throughout whole comic she look amazing, at times, she was beautful and others times her face look chubby. We also get to see Jean Grey first meeting with charles axvier. Towards the end,  we get to see Jean disobey  charles xvaier , which we know won't be the first time.I would like to see Mike Mayhew  draw for the x-men team or ongoing series,  that would really look amazing. or do more origins for anothers like Wolverine, Rogue, Remy etc.

3  Phoenix: Endsong
 By Greg Pak &  Greg Land etc 

This one of my favourite story arcs of all time, two reasons why, Jean Grey returns briefly and the artist is amazing in it, truly a masterpiece, not only does Jean look good, but so does Emma & Cyclops, Wolverine, Kitty and even Storm. I loved the chemistry in the story arc, not just Emma & Scott, but Wolverine & Jean Grey of course, the artist really captures this.

4  Messiah Complex,  Chapter One
 Ed Brubaker, Kaare Andrews   

 I loved Messiah Complex chapter one, Messiah Complex,  one of best story of all time, but far from being one of  the best. Throughout the story,  a few chapters
let the story arc down. From brillant start to last chapter,  looking bad as ever.  First chapter of Messiah Complex look beautiful and is well wriiten too.

5  Blinded By the Light, Epilogue; Endangered Species, Chapter 16 & 17
Mike Carey, Mike Choi  

I really liked these two chapters, everything looked a great, Rogue & Remy look amazing, as we know Rogue lying on her death bed. so closed to death and Gambit not leaving her side truly wonderful. Mystique looking deviant as ever. More stories should looked like this.    

6  The ongoing Uncanny X-Men Series
 By Ed Brubaker  

The current X-Men series, some comics titles look really good.  I do feel the X-Men artist don't do X-Men justice, i mean 
doesn't do all X-Men characters justice.
While Emma frost & Cyclops look amazing, the rest don't. There has been some Storm, Wolverine & Pixie highlights, but that about it. Only Emma Frost seem to look really good which i think writers do on purpose  
7  Uncanny X-Men
Divided We stand   
By Mike Choi and Sonia oback

Divided we stand was very good story, the title alone is masterpice,  but it was artwork that stood out the most. The x-men writers
did something  original and dress emma, scott & angel & villians in 60's clothes, the of look  hippies. Emma & Scott look amazing.Wolverine, colossus & kurt
when they return to russia. It was also good to see omega red again.  

8 Cable  1Arms/War Baby
Duane Swierczynski 

The cable series has been great, but as we know he trying to keep the child safe. This title look really good, cable look
so good in it, so tough and the parent role suited him.  I may of said this was wasteful artwork in one of my threads, but think it's worth it to see
cable in it.


9 Here comes Tomorrow
Grant Morrison

Here comes tomorrow is one of my faverite story arcs. as we know it set out in alternative future, while cylops try to move on, we are showed a future
without him and the x-men. Beast look very cool as a villain, Jean grey truly remarkable and Wolverine look so good. That wasn't those that made the comic stood out
 most,  it was one of the  last sentinels, Rover. It was very good idea that a sentinel  could be good, and heroic . The sentinel, look bust up, which gave him character.


10 Ultimate X-Men - Cry Wolf:
Brian K. Vaughan & Chris Bachalo

I loved the story, one of my favourite ultimate X-MEN comics, Gambit looks really good, comes with a mission steal rogue. Rogue & gambit chemistry. Not just them i loved the relationship between Storm & Wolverine. Wolverine is so cool
11 X-Men # 1 - 1
Chris Claremont and Jim Lee.

The comic that kick of the 90's with a bang, a true masterpiece, still my favourite today. Everything about this comic look so beautiful. Started the era of two of the most remorable teams of all time, cool sexy blue team lead by cyclops and powerful gold team lead by Storm. The x-men battle there most popular & greatest villian Magneto.



















Who do you think are the X-MEN greatest artists of all time ?

Posted by geraldthesloth

Jim Lee easily

Posted by JediXMan

Mike Choi (overall my favorite artist)

Posted by Sheep-Kill

Mike Choi

Posted by ahumancartoon

Jim Lee & Joe Madureira

Posted by sora_thekey

I always did say the Greg Land's worked looked better on Phoenix: Endsong... 
before so many copy/paste sessions!
Posted by VZA

Jim Lee /eot

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

Lee the man.

Posted by zombietag


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Jim Lee Joe Madueira, I used to love Chris Bachelo, then his style got all lame and manga-y, but then he got good again. Oh and Adam Kubert... not ANDY, Adam

Posted by warlock360


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Lee was the greatest, My favourite is Mike choi, I loved the x-force. Mike Mayhew is pretty good, so is Greg Pak &  Greg Land         
Posted by Ryonslaught
@ahumancartoon said:
" Joe Madureira "
I second this one and Carlos Pacheco
Posted by rbysjti

who's the artist on the Cyclops and White Queen image on the first post?

Posted by time

Mike choi is the best I think. I would loved for him to do some 90's things, you know jim lee things. Maybe do a poster book.  I  really like mike mayhew.  what others comics had he done?  
Posted by Thunderscream
@time: Land at #3? you're entitled to your opinion...but that makes me a sad panda.
Posted by Powerzone789

Jim Lee For life!!!! 
Posted by Shadowdoggy

Jim Lee has always had a speical place in my heart 
but I love Marc Silvestri and Mike Choi as well 
and let's not forget Greg Land....IS A HACK
Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Jack Kirby, John Byrne and Frank Quitely come to mind instantly.

Posted by Billy Batson


Posted by lykopis

@sora_thekey said:

I always did say the Greg Land's worked looked better on Phoenix: Endsong... before so many copy/paste sessions!


For me - Lee gets special mention because it was his art that I first saw but man, Mike Choi. Incomparable.

Posted by TheGoldenOne
Jim Lee
Mike Choi
Marc Silvestri
Posted by stambo42

Jim Lee kind of feels like the high standard when it comes to x-men comics.

I'm also a pretty big fan of Marc Silvestri in the 80s. He's still developing, but he gets the job done, and I think he was pretty foundational in a lot of things that would happen in the 90s. Some of his later stuff feels a little overindulgent at times, but still cool to look at.

Chris Bachalo is brilliant, and I will gladly read anything with his name on it. I do miss his more developed treatment of figures and faces from the early and mid 90s (early Gen X... Gen Next in particular). I dig his more economic (but still emotive) current approach, but his more naturalistic faces were Manna.

I think Frank Quitely has an inspired sense of line, and I ate him up.

Leinil Francis Yu Has always been a pleasure, with his take on hatchcing and his way for pushing form.

I'm hit or miss on Choi. Sometimes his work really feels dead inside. I'm not sure if he is his own colorist but the air brushed approach kind of makes people look like empty shells. Good draftsman though... and sometimes I really dig his thing.

My lasting memory of Land will be Kitty screaming "Not like this! Peter Rasputin! I Love You, You Idiot!" as he accepts Cyttorak's offer. That's what a desperate woman expressing her love looks like... right? He does get some good shots of Scott between 542 and 543, but I have issues looking at the way he often draws women.

Posted by fury714

Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri and Mike Choi :D