The Final Cut : X-Men Stories

When everyone ask what you think are the best story arcs & stories are, or your favourite are ?, Its usually big story arcs that come mind. There not always the best ones, sometimes its the smaller stories that are better. I'm not really big  fan off of X-Factor. I usually just collect X-Men or X-force. Here My favourite stories of all time. 
 1 X-Cuitoner's Song 
Included the X-Factors chapters. 
2 Age of apocalypse
3  X-Men, Fatal attractions part 4
4  X-Men 1 to 3 Rubicon, Firestorm & Fallout!
5   Tooth and Claw & The Not So Big Easy
6  Digging Deeper Between Hope 
7  Crossroad & 275 - The Path Not Taken 
8  The heart Thieves
9 A Skinning of Souls 17 - 19
10 Wolverine , The Dying Game
11 Wolverine, Fatal attractions, Nightmare Persist
12 New X-MEN : The Prime of Miss Emma Frost, Shattered & Murder in the Mansion
13 X-Force : Old Ghost
14 Messiah Complex
15 Wildcats X-MEN The Silver Age 
16 New X-Men,  Here comes Tomrrow
17 Ultimate X-Men : Cry Wolf
18 X-force Angel & Demons
19 Phoenix Endsong
20 Jean Grey Origins
21X-Treme X-Men:La Suerte de Matar,Day of the Dead & Passages
22 X-Force : To the Pain
23 X-Force: Friendly Reminders
24 X-Force : Honding On

The titles that didn't make the Final cut
25 X-Men Soul Possessions Part Two: The Leopards and The Cat
26 X-Men Smoke and Mirrors
27 X-Men Devil In The House
28  New X-Men, Planet X
29 Wolverine: Origins: Dark Deception: Prologue 
30 Divided We Stand
31 X-Men Moving Day 
32 X-Force Teapot in a Tempest 


What's your favourite stories of all time?

The Jean Grey Factor

I decided to create this blog, to show how important Jean Grey  is to X-Men.

 Jean Grey & the Phoenix 
The Phoenix has always be part of  who Jean Grey is. Makes her unique and one marvel most powerful marvel characters of all time.  
The red colours, Dark Phoenix represents, darkness, & rage. The Green colours of Phoenix represents good and White crown of Phoenix represents her as one with the  Phoenix. There has been a lot of discussion to do with the Phoenix among fans, some people believe that the Phoenix is too big X-Men, personally I don't agree with that all. There has been long periods in comics where Jean Grey has been without the phoenix. 
 90's were particular famous for  that,  Jim Lee days.  Storyline like X - Cutioner's  Song, where both Cyclops & Jean were held prisoners by Stryfe.
Jean grey  didn't come close to Stryfe power at the time. I think writers used the Phoenix as an excuse to get rid of her,  which I think is wrong. 
 Like Wolverine said, the Phoenix can only play itself out for so long.  I think  writers need to address this issue. I think the White crown will be address and what that means for Jean & X-Men sooner or later. We know with the Phoenix, she the most powerful X-Men, but without it, how powerful is she?. 
 She has great powers, like t telepathic & telekinesis. I think the writers need to address how much power she should have with the Phoenix and how much she shouldn't have. 

 Team members.
Since the departure of Jean Grey, the teams haven't change that much. There hasn't been much of a variety. Back in 90s, the Jim Lee days. You had variety, the Blue 
team and Gold team. Then you had Chris Claremont X-Treme X-Men and Morrison run in New X-Men, You had a lot of a variety. 
 If we look at the members, the people who I think will benefit from her return. First of all I think Storm will benefit  from her return, cause there both strong women, there best friends and it won't seem like just a Cyclops team, or a Cyclops reign in comics, maybe Storm can play a bigger part.
I think beast will surely benefit from her return, Beast hasn't always agree with Cyclops actions, Cyclops hasn't always listen to him and I think with Jean there, he may have a chance. She could be the peacemaker there. There Angel too, we not sure what will happen when she does return, will she get back with Cyclops, or won't she. 
 IF she doesn't,  then maybe Angel will benefit, he always had a crush on her, so you never know. Jean grey  maybe single again. I think iceman will benfit too, Beast, Iceman & Angel are all from original X-Men, maybe they can finally be reunited.  

 Storylines & Comics
People say Jean Grey is too big for X-Men & the comics and somehow I don't think that is true. I decided to list the, best & important stories with & without Jean Grey.  
To see the difference.
Age of Apocalypse, Dark Phoenix Saga, Fatal Attractions, Here Comes Tomorrow, Legion Quest,  The Prime of  Miss Emma Frost & Murder at the Mansion, Onslaught, Phoenix: Endsong, Phoenix: Warsong, Planet X, Ultimatum, X-Cutioner's Song & X-Tinction Agenda etc.
Divided We Stand, House of M, Messiah CompleX, Necrosha, Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire, Second Coming, Utopia,Torn & Civil War.   
Stories like Messiah War, Old ghost, Angels & Demons & not far & forgotten, even though there some of the best stories.They not really related to the X-Men, there just about the X-Force & Cable.  As you can see a most of best storylines feature Jean grey. This show how important she is, how having her in team,is a better thing for comics & story lines. Phoenix: Warsong, doesn't feature Jean Grey, but feature the Phoenix force, which tie to Jean Grey. 

 Romance & Relationship.  
There are three main characters that I think will benefit from her return.
Cyclops & Jean grey, are the couple who have nearly lasted over two centuries. There the oldest couple and most popular couple of all time.
I know people have said that love traingle has already be play out between Emma, Cyclops & Jean and  the result was Emma. Not by choice either.  
Cyclops had to choose Emma, cause he had no other alternative.Jean force him to moved on with her, cause she had no further part to play in the team. We no that now, that she will in the end, cause she will return. The question gotto be will cylcops choose Emma over Jean when she comes back ? no-one knows that.  
We seen a change in Cyclops  personality since Jean departure, we seen more of a darken side to him and is that down to Emma, or did the writers want to show change in him.  As we know Uncanny X-Men, has mostly been a Cyclops & Emma frost show, it just seems to be about them, writers exposuring there relationship too much and I notice fans getting annoyed with it. It is annoying. It shouldn't just be there show, there are other X-Men characters to explore and Jean Grey is one of them. 

I seen a lot of injustice done to Jean Grey character, that she wasn't been faithful to Cyclops and that she may of loved Wolverine more, we seen this in Forever X-Men and briefly in Ultimate X-MEN. For those fans since the 70's, we know that not true. Jean Grey was a very loyal woman and  faithful wife to Cyclops, she always loved him more, he's her true loved. I think the writers did this on purpose, to make people not feel bad for Cyclops, for him having affair with Emma Frost.  Then trying prove that he was unhappy with Jean and he will be more happy with Emma. 
The only think that it done was to raise question, that never been answered. Is there chance for Wolverine and a chance to have Wolverine & Jean Grey relationship within the team. Me, personally I think yes, there both strong characters, both passionate characters and they care for each other very much. I think wolverine most likely to benefit from her return. Wolverine always had a darkness in him and since he has lead the x-force, it showed a  even darker side to him. Maybe he needs to come out  of the darkness, then the struggles with his son, maybe he needs someone to bring him into light and I think that should be Jean grey. I don't think Jean should get with him straight away, I think she needs some alone time first in the team and then may be an option to explore.

Charles Xavier
Charles is a character that will hugly benefit from her return. Since jean absence in the x-men,  Charles hasn't always been part of the team. To certain extend the writers kind of ruined his character. He his the founder of X-Men, but he no where to found. It's like he has no purpose to team anymore or the X-Men.
He trying to make up for the past, but where will that lead him in the future. Jean grey is very close to both Cyclops & Charles Xavier, maybe she can  rebuild a bridge between these characters. Get them talking & communicating again, make them rebuild there friendship again.   


 Family & connections
 Rachel Grey 
 Rachel Grey has been a poor substitute for Jean Grey, she has no important connections to the team. She hasn't been part of team for long time. 
As we know, she already lost the Phoenix force. So maybe when Jean returns, we no longer have to see Rachel Grey, which I will be very grateful for. 
I don't like copies or clones, people say there have Rachel over Jean Grey. which i find very strange. It's like saying there have X-23 over Wolverine. Noone better than the original character. Everyone is entitle to there opinion & views of course. I just think Jean better and has a lot more to offer.
Hope Summers
Everyone know Hope summers is connected to Jean grey in some way, she is very similiar to Jean.  First baby born since M-day and now she young lady. We know for fact that writers have been building up Jean return and somehow Hope is connected to it. Which shows how important they both are. 

Jean Grey & Emma Frost 
Everyone knows the debate between these two characters, some favour Emma, some favour Jean. Me personally, i think there both strong characters, both powerful women and there very important to the team & Cyclops particular.
I  think people are worried, if Jean does return, where will that leave Emma Frost. Emma Frost character has risen in popularity over the years,  A lot of people like her and some don't. She mean, selfish and she loves Cyclops. Jean the opposite, she caring & passionate, but also has a darkness in her.
Emma frost has a lot to thank Jean for, Jean put her back together & saved her life and force Cyclops to moved on with her. Somehow I think the rivalry is still there between these two women. In the end who will Scott Summers choose, his wife or women he grow to loved. Me, personally i prefer him to choose Emma, then Logan can have Jean, but who knows. Jean may not forgive him or Emma, she may act angry towards them and so she should. Remember Emma swore to get revenge on Jean & the Phoenix at the end of Pheonix warsong. Somwhow I hope Jean will get the better over her, cause she derserve it. She X-Men first lady and Cyclops first love and Emma will never comes close to that, no matter how popular she is or how powerful she is.


What is problem with X-Women compare to X-Men in comics?

 I decided to categorise X-Women compare to X-Males, to identify a major problem here in comics.
The main

There are only 2 main females in X-Men that is  
Storm & Emma frost. 
Storm being the most popluar female of all time and Emma frost being X-Men telepath and Cyclops's women.

 The minor characters
These characters that will stay comics for a couples years and be part of team for a long time and then disappear for a couples month, but always find there way back into team. That is Rogue & Kitty Pryde. Rogue is that character that pops up for such a long time and then disappears for while, but always come back. 
Kitty to me is one of most surprising females. Since her run in joss whedon series, she always seem to be about. Forever X-Men is supposed to be based upon the 90’s in a new light. I remember Jim Lee days, he had two major teams, the blue team & the gold team. I remember her not playing a major role in the team and for some reason in forever X-Men she is, wouldn’t it make more sense for Jubilee to play part of that team instead of her.

  Recurring  Characters
Are characters that will be part of the x-men for couple of years and then disappears for a couple years.They are :
Psylocke,  was hugly popluar in 90’s, then after her days in x-treme x-men she disppears and then find her way to exiles, then finally makes her way back into x-men again. she will disappear again and not sure will she ever return.

Jean Grey, being the first ever x-women, the most powerful. Who die more times than anyone. She always dies and comes back. She been way from curent team for over 7 years, but she exist in other other titles, not longer exist in the current team. Which is so wrong.

 Rachel Grey 
Rachel Grey was an replacment for Jean grey and a poor one infact, she had no strong connection with the team with the exception of Cyclops,  who her father and Psylocke one of her close friends. Her costume has the colours of the pheonix, and she has real cool costume. We haven't see her since Kingbreaker alongside her uncle. Knowing the writers she be back, that's all we need.

Is to me a very interesting character, daughter of Magneto.sister to lady who change world for the mutant race and being Havork girlfriend. An yet she always plays lesser role in the X- Men team.

 Hope Summers
Hope summers has being imoprtant part X-Men since story of messiah complex, since that we had messiah war and second coming. 
An she play such a important role in both Cable & Bishop life. First baby born since M-day and now she young women. She either be the mutant race only hope or total destruction. Give  it couples years and she won't be that important.
 Everyone Esle
Are characters who are hugely popular, but not as popluar as most, they are characters that rise in popularity and some characters who will disappear altogether sooner or later. Or characters who will have a lesser role in comics. 
Is one of those characters which has risen in  popularity , couple years ago i wasn't fan of her, she just remind me of Wolverine, a women version of him. 
Since she join X-Force i begun too like her more and more. She is so funny. How long will she stay that interesting?

Domino to me has always be good character and popular character.  A women withh guns, who is born lucky, She does appear in comics for a while and then goes again.

Jubilee wasa popular character, she play role in the X-Men for a long time, being part of one of the best teams in X-Men history. then she join Generation X. Since M day. since being depower. she not longer important, although she made apperance in Nation X
Everyone esle 
Characters like : 
Pixie, Mystique, The Cuckoos, Armor, Blink, Cipher, Dagger, Dust, Hepzibah, Husk, Karma, Sage & Dazzlier.
These characters are not great, but somehow find there way in the comics more often then good characters.

  Lets compare the X-MALES
There are two main X-Males in the team  Cyclops, being x-men oldest leader and first recruit.

Wolverine being X-Men coolest and most popular character     
 Minor characters
Beast is always in the team and now I really  understand it, he brains and the gentle type character, despite how ignoring
he can be.
Angel is most ignoring character, he always in the team, he was only interesting, when he transform to Archangel. 
 Colossus since the return of colossus, he always be team. I do like colossus a lot, he strong character and has a heart of a hero. However I do feel without Kitty pride, he seems more boring than usual.

 Nightcrawler has always be an intriguing character, power of teleportation, looks like a demon and has strong religious beliefs, but i do feel sometimes, he there for sake of being there. Without the likes of his mother, you have wonder, how many stories will be written for him. He die in second coming, but he will come back, you just know it 

 Cable very good character, very tough character, he being part of x-men team, be leaderof x-Force and be own his own for a while, looking after hope. No matter what happens to cable in the future, he always be important to X-Men one way or another      

    Recurring  Characters,         Gambit has always been a populuar character, one of most interesting and most attractive males and yet attentions on him from the x-writers always seem to leave him. 
Iceman, is part of a original team, one of the oldest members,and has one of the best powers and yet characters like angel, colossus and kurt are more focus on than him, it' very strange    
  Charles the founder of x-men team, lead the x-men for years. He see as teacher & mentor for students. An yet look an what writers did to him. Even when he no longer a part of team, for a while they wrote stories for him in x-men legacy.  

  Bishop to me is a good character,a strong character, but then they have to turn him to villain and then kill him off.     

 Cannonball is one of those characters that appears and then disappear, but is always less focus on. 

 Everyone esle
Characters like :
Namor,  who shouldn't be part of team, he not x-men and shouldn't be there.
Magneto, is best know for being a villian, he should stay a villian
Northstar & Warpath good characters and Warpath should only be with X-Force and not the X-Men
Havork, what happen to him and where is he?
Forge, everyone knows the story with forge
Quicksilver, good character, where is he ?
Then there rumours that both Spiderman & Blade may appear and join the X-Men, why exactly ? there not X-Men, they shouldn't even be there.
What  is the problem with comics, they focus more on wrong characters , then then the right characters. X-Women have more variety then males, but there less feature in the team. Why?. Do people feel this is a major problem in the X-Men world. I have to settle with Angel for years, then Jean or Psylocke or settle with Kurt & Colossus instead of Gambit. It such a let down. What do people think?  


1 X-Force  
Old Ghost
Mike Choi & Christopher Yost

Old ghost would have to be my one of favourite comics of all times, Mike Choi & Yost would have to be my favourite artists & writers of all ime. There work on the X-force is amazing. they really captures the essence of the X-Force.  The X-Force are dark, they cruel, they only have one mission, trained to kill. While x-men are see as  light, X-Force for surely is seen as the darkness. Wolverine & X-23 are amazing in the X-Force,  it fits thenm perfectly to part of this team. Domino, Warpath & Archangel
are really cool in the X-Force too. I would like Mike Choi & Sonia Oback to explore lighter colours, maybe work on the X-Men for a while, then we get to see how great
they truly are..          

2  X-Men Origins : Jean Grey
Artist Mike Mayhew  

I loved artist, from the very first page it looks beauitful,  Young Jean grey staring out  her window, depressed as ever. You're just tell you, that you know that this girl, would in the end to be one of most powerful mutants of all. Throughout whole comic she look amazing, at times, she was beautful and others times her face look chubby. We also get to see Jean Grey first meeting with charles axvier. Towards the end,  we get to see Jean disobey  charles xvaier , which we know won't be the first time.I would like to see Mike Mayhew  draw for the x-men team or ongoing series,  that would really look amazing. or do more origins for anothers like Wolverine, Rogue, Remy etc.

3  Phoenix: Endsong
 By Greg Pak &  Greg Land etc 

This one of my favourite story arcs of all time, two reasons why, Jean Grey returns briefly and the artist is amazing in it, truly a masterpiece, not only does Jean look good, but so does Emma & Cyclops, Wolverine, Kitty and even Storm. I loved the chemistry in the story arc, not just Emma & Scott, but Wolverine & Jean Grey of course, the artist really captures this.

4  Messiah Complex,  Chapter One
 Ed Brubaker, Kaare Andrews   

 I loved Messiah Complex chapter one, Messiah Complex,  one of best story of all time, but far from being one of  the best. Throughout the story,  a few chapters
let the story arc down. From brillant start to last chapter,  looking bad as ever.  First chapter of Messiah Complex look beautiful and is well wriiten too.

5  Blinded By the Light, Epilogue; Endangered Species, Chapter 16 & 17
Mike Carey, Mike Choi  

I really liked these two chapters, everything looked a great, Rogue & Remy look amazing, as we know Rogue lying on her death bed. so closed to death and Gambit not leaving her side truly wonderful. Mystique looking deviant as ever. More stories should looked like this.    

6  The ongoing Uncanny X-Men Series
 By Ed Brubaker  

The current X-Men series, some comics titles look really good.  I do feel the X-Men artist don't do X-Men justice, i mean 
doesn't do all X-Men characters justice.
While Emma frost & Cyclops look amazing, the rest don't. There has been some Storm, Wolverine & Pixie highlights, but that about it. Only Emma Frost seem to look really good which i think writers do on purpose  
7  Uncanny X-Men
Divided We stand   
By Mike Choi and Sonia oback

Divided we stand was very good story, the title alone is masterpice,  but it was artwork that stood out the most. The x-men writers
did something  original and dress emma, scott & angel & villians in 60's clothes, the of look  hippies. Emma & Scott look amazing.Wolverine, colossus & kurt
when they return to russia. It was also good to see omega red again.  

8 Cable  1Arms/War Baby
Duane Swierczynski 

The cable series has been great, but as we know he trying to keep the child safe. This title look really good, cable look
so good in it, so tough and the parent role suited him.  I may of said this was wasteful artwork in one of my threads, but think it's worth it to see
cable in it.


9 Here comes Tomorrow
Grant Morrison

Here comes tomorrow is one of my faverite story arcs. as we know it set out in alternative future, while cylops try to move on, we are showed a future
without him and the x-men. Beast look very cool as a villain, Jean grey truly remarkable and Wolverine look so good. That wasn't those that made the comic stood out
 most,  it was one of the  last sentinels, Rover. It was very good idea that a sentinel  could be good, and heroic . The sentinel, look bust up, which gave him character.


10 Ultimate X-Men - Cry Wolf:
Brian K. Vaughan & Chris Bachalo

I loved the story, one of my favourite ultimate X-MEN comics, Gambit looks really good, comes with a mission steal rogue. Rogue & gambit chemistry. Not just them i loved the relationship between Storm & Wolverine. Wolverine is so cool
11 X-Men # 1 - 1
Chris Claremont and Jim Lee.

The comic that kick of the 90's with a bang, a true masterpiece, still my favourite today. Everything about this comic look so beautiful. Started the era of two of the most remorable teams of all time, cool sexy blue team lead by cyclops and powerful gold team lead by Storm. The x-men battle there most popular & greatest villian Magneto.



















Who do you think are the X-MEN greatest artists of all time ?


X-Men Dreamland

These are teams I would loved to see by title & writer 
X-Men Legacy  
Should be created by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost and drawn by Clayton Crain.     
 1 Jean Grey, Leader                        
2 Wolverine  
3 Rogue  
4   Gambit  

5 Cable  

Astonishing X-Men      

 should be created by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost and drawn by Clayton Crain.    

1 Storm, Leader  


 2  X-23

 3 Colossus     


4 Psylocke       
5 Quicksliver     



 Uncanny X-MEN 
 Should be created by    Matt Fraction  & Ed Brubaker    

 1 Cyclops, leader  


 2 Emma Frost  


   3 Kitty     


    4 Iceman 

5 Deadpool 
Who would be your perfect teams with the perfect writers 

Suggestions for these

 I decided to some wallpapers base on characters but I am not good at addfing text, I know how to add text to picture, but picking the right words for characters i am not good at, so can anyone give me suggestions for these. 



































At World’s End

At World’s End   


The emperor: Apocalypse rules the world, he rules the earth, but he doesn’t just want rule the earth, he want to rule the whole galaxy. In order to do so has to exterminate the opposing threats, the mutants and the nearly extinct human race. He also a very lazy emperor, he likes his armies to do it for him.

His Kingdom has:

400 powerful sentinels

He has his four horseman of Apocalypse

 And his bodyguards

They are



Madelyne pryor


Cassandra Nova

Sebastion shaw

The most important thing to Apocalypse is his General  

General: Magneto  


Unlike Aapocalypse, Magneto doesn’t want to exterminate all mutant race,   he wants to convert them, make them join him and any mutant who stand in the way will be destroy.

He has 1000 powerful sentinels at his disposal and well as his army

They are

Scarlet Witch





Omega red

Lady deathstrike






The X-Men, are led by two leaders and they are Xavier & Cyclops, there aim is to stay alive, protect the remaining mutants and nearly extinct human race and find a way to stop Apocalypse and his army.

Uncanny X-Men  



Emma frost







Note: Cyclops & Emma frost are married and they have 2 children.

Astonishing X-Men  


Charles Xavier

Jean Grey







Note: Xavier, is not the leader we all  know, he not kind and respected, he is mean and powerful. He means business.Wolverine & Jean grey are a couple, but there not together, cause Wolverine does not agree with Charles’s leadership & tactics, he chooses to stand by Cyclops instead. While Jean stand by Charles side.

The Rebels, the fugitives, aka the X-Force. 

Leader: Gambit   











Strong guy


Note: Gambit, is a dangerous & powerful leader. Apocalypse fears the rebels the most, cause he doesn’t know where they are, him, Magneto or X-Men can’t get beat on there location. Gambit main objective is to destroy Apocalypse in his own kingdom, he doesn’t care about remaining mutants or humans or X-Men or Magneto. Gambit & Psylocke are a couple

Sinister's fortress 


Sinister is believed to be dead, killed at the hands of Magneto. The X-Men, Apocalypse and everyone else believes he is dead, but he is not.

He has hidden agenda, a hidden lab. He is making his own army, he has captive, the falling mutants and powerful people.

Rachel grey

Nate grey


The messiah baby, hope, grown up




The mutant race last hope, is the brothers, the twins, working side by side

Cable & Strife  


Sent from alterative futures

The hall of fame

Is a graveyard of falling heroes, people who die at the hands of Apocalypse & Magneto?

The hulk


Iron man

Captain American



Fantastic four.

This implies it’s a story arc that only x-men characters relate to ,no other marvel crossovers



The most attractive people on television, the females

If we look at the past & present of television, these are women who i think are pretty


Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green
3 Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen
4 Mischa Barton as marissa cooper

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers

Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase

Eliza Dushku as Faith & Tru Davis

Jessica Alba as Max Guevera
9 Katie Holmes as Joey Potter

Erica Durance as Lois Lane

Sophia Bush as Brooke Davis

Lara Cox as Anita Scheppers from Heartbreak High

Amy Acker as Fred

Who agrees with me? and have i missed anyone out ?

The most attractive people on television, the males.

If we look at the past & present  of television, these are the most attractive males on television, I think


David Boreanaz as Angel

James Marsters as cool Spike
3.Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield
4.Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean and played Jason teague & Alec from Dark Angel

Marc Blucas as Riley Finn

Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard
7. Josh Holloway as Sawyer

David Duchovny as Fox Mulder
9 Chad Michael Murray as Lucas Scott

Julian McMahon as Cole Turner
11. Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon
12 Tom Welling who makes Clark Kent look hot
13 Callan Mulvey as Bogdan Drazic from Heartbreak High
who agrees with me ? and have i missed anyone out ?

I do like them, but there not my favourite x- characters

1 Cylops

X-Men's greatest leader of all time.

2 Storm

The Goddess.
3 Cool Shatterstar.

4 Sabretooth

Evil Sabretooth.

5 Mstique

Seductive Mstique.

6 Stryfe

Powerful, crazy & smart too.

7 The Sentinels's

X-Men's worst nightmare.
Here comes Tomorrow, Rover, what a hero.
8 Emma Frost, The telepath with the attitude.

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