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favoritism has nothing to do with it actually, and im not a kid d: but anyway. Im not saying Dick wasnt good, and i know he was more acrobatic and more about hand to hand fighting, but this isnt a fight that only has to do with hand to hand fighting. i think tim would win because he has better gear, a more protected outfit, an equally impressive knowledge of the martial arts, and tim in his prime as robin i believe was on par with Dick physically, not quite on level, but close enough to make the gap in strength and acrobatics enough to pull out the win. mind you this is only with Dick in his robin version, i know that Nightwing vs Red Robin would be another story.

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Who was the last person to take out Darkseid and save the universe and all that from anti-life? nuff said.

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@DeathpooltheT1000 said:

The character is racist for the fact they think, oh he is mexican, since most of mexican are very macho and homophobic, lets make him gay.

The guy cant be mexican, he just have one last name, mexican have 2 or more last names.

The guy cames from a small fake village, wtf?

The character haves no past, no real reason for being a hero, he is just there to be gay and "mexican".

He haves no real background that make him feel mexican, mexican gay people like all mexicans, act in a mexican way and talk like the mexicans.

Also the Glee image makes no sense, Glee failed in mexican tv so hard, that show that mexican are by far smarter that the people livin on the USA, is a fact that Glee makes people stupid.

I just hope they notice all the mistakes they made with this character and try to give him a background, is ahrd to belive a happy person would became a hero, just becuase he think the costumes are cool.

Thats dumb. your bunching all mexicans together just because they live in mexico? not all mexican gays act the same and not all mexicans have strong obvious personality traits or visual appearance that suggests they are mexican. People are diverse everywhere.

i doubt the creaters made the gay character mexican because mexicans are "macho, and homophobic", thats the most ignorant statement ive seen in awhile -.-

Batman comes from a gigantic fake city and your not like wtf about that?

Just because glee didnt do well in mexico doesnt mean there werent any die hard fans.

Not to mention, the character was just introduced, you can definately expect his backstory to come into play eventually, but if they give it all away up front thats less stories they can make and more limitations the writers place on themselves.

who needs a reason to be a hero? how about to help people? maybe this character is just a generally good person with powers who wants to help.

He isnt a flawed character just because he is still in progression -.-

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I honestly dont think most super heroes should even need to find time to train as long as their time saving the city was a good challenging experience. (from a street leveler perspective) I mean what workout is better than chasing badguys accross the rooftops and taking on 20+ henchmen by yourself? That'll keep your martial form in tip top while you can get those buldging biceps while holding a crook over a 50 story drop by his ankle untill he will tell you where the drug shipments are coming in from. That being said, those flying superheroes might still get fat, i dont know exactly how they fly or if its excersize or flexing your flying muscle but its gotta be easier than swinging on zip lines and running rooftop obstacle gauntlets for miles.

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i dont think a game (especially a fighting game) should ever remove characters of previous games from their roster (unless its storyline based). I think a game sequal should have all the first offers and more. After all, your generally only buying number 2 or 3 of a game because number 1 was awesome.

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all writers clearly have different writing styles that show when writing a characters actions, movements etc. my questions are,  
What is Tim Drake's personality going to be like in this series? who of the other characters do you think are going to play bigger friendship or rival roles in Tim's life on the team? How different will Tim's fighting style be now that he has wings? And finally, how old is Tim going to be?

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agreed. tim will no doubt end up winning these catagories but just not quite yet.

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@PikminMania said:

                    @TimDrakeRedRobin: Black Adam doesn't use SHAZAM, he uses something else.  Wally wins btw



yes he does. he just uses SHAZAM that is spelled out by egyptian gods instead of greek 
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feels like seeing spiderman with an alternate costume or something...i think its okay though. im curious