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You've suffered a great loss and no one can really take away your pain.
But I urge you to remember the good times you had watching those epic battles, and....  LOL!!!!  Sorry, I couldn't resist...
I feel your pain.  The Sci-Fi channel is NOTORIOUS for cancelling shows that are EXCELLENT.  Not only are the shows great but they'll be getting great ratings and then, all of the sudden, without explanation... cancelled...  CURSE YOU SCI-FI CHANNEL!!!
So... I can empathize...
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@Lvenger said:

This makes me hate Scott and Emma even more now. No offense to your blog but I hate these 2 with a burning passion. How their actions can be justified is beyond me. If only Superman were present to give him a moral and physical ass kicking. Now that would make me happy.

What is THIS?  An opinion that differs from MY OWN?!?!  Say it isn't so!!!   Hey... You're not my wife in disguise are you?  Her opinions so often are wrong...  I try to correct her but she usually just bitch slaps me and that ends that...
I take it you're not well pleased with how Scott and Emma handled things during that wonderful AvX event?
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@therrieur said:

@Timandm: Of course you can take this idea, it's not like you can own an idea.

Actually, you can... But I was just kidding...  But I was serious that I think it would make an excellent story to show  Atrocitus or Larfleeze maxing out on their power levels...
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@SC said:

I actually kind of liked it. I think it made Val come across as very haughty and stuck up - but also very lazy and procrastinative. I'm tired of characters being all go lucky and motivated. I like lazy stuck up Valkyrie. In fact usually I make long posts on your blogs by I am inspired by Val to just...

Well... this is..something... We actually both agree Val was being very haughty and stuck up.... but our reactions were completely different.  My reaction was "WTF?" and yours was "I LIKE that!"  You reminded me of something that I so often forget.  None of these super heroes are supposed to be perfect....  That would be Jesus and he's written about in an entirely different set of books...
I admit, I am so often guilty of 'back seat super heroing" and thinking "Well if Spidey would have remembered that HE'S a SCIENTIST" or "If Cyclops would just use his eye-beam for...."   and I completely forget that they're not SUPPOSED to be perfect... If they were all perfect and all logical and all completely compared then...  Well I guess they could form the HALL OF STEPFORD HEROES and be done with it...  Still, this sort of takes Val's haughtiness to new heights, don't you think?  Not ONE female on earth, besides herself is "worthy?"
@Queen's Halo said:

I might be the only one with this opinion but I'll say it anyway - I felt Valkyrie not picking anyone was because she didn't want them to die. The part where she says she's going to lead them into battle and into death. I think she didn't pick anyone because she didn't want them to die for Asgard - those women do not owe anything to Asgard. Back in the Classical ages when the North gods were still relevant, it's one thing but now they are just a group of super powered individuals stuck hovering above a desert.

OH YEAH?!  WELL....um.. that actually makes perfect sense...I'm going to need some time to come up with a response that allows me to acknowledge that I hadn't even considered what you suggested, yet still allows me to retain the illusion that I"m perceptive and really really smart even...  That also explains her procrastination perfectly....  Oh HEY!  How bout I pretend that I was actually being ironical?!?  LOL.  Well spotted...
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@PowerGirlFan: Wouldn't you rather discuss something from a scientific peer-reviewed journal?  That's non-fiction...
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@Rumble Man said:

would mixed race people count?

like miles morales

Miles parents are the same species...
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@danhimself: When you say "kind of" condescending, you're being very generous.  :-)
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@lightsout said:

@Timandm: It's more that they are reanimated dead (the rings sought out corpses). IDK if it would be considered a feat but they can only be damaged by 2 different emotion-light types. They see in the "emotional spectrum" and try to rip their opponent's heart out.

So... They don't make constructs or fly and whatnot?
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@kid Apollo said:

@Timandm: as soon as i read point 3 i pictured this wierd looking, white hair, red eye,bent claws, Hill-have-eyes grotesque inbred version of Wolverine, had me cracking up for an hour

Uh-oh!  If Quesada sees what you wrote, it could very well end up in the comics!!!!  :-)
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@therrieur said:


I think they can't reach their full potential because the ring doesn't increase their will as much as an orange ring would increase the grief and more grief signifies more power.

I'm not sure once again though.

Hmmm...  If I follow you, you're suggesting that (other than the green lanterns) the ring effects/amplifies the trait of the wearer.  A red ring amplifies the rage of the wearer (even though they had great rage to begin with).  Orange amplifies the greed of the wearer even thought hey had great greed to begin with.  etc.....   AND the more rage, or greed,  or compassion (or whatever) they have, the MORE they can do with the ring....  
Like an amplifier circuit with uncontrolled feedback.   Of course in a circuit it would quickly blow up, but lanterns are beings and not as simple as circuits... I LIKE this idea!!!!  I might have to steal it and make it my own... Do you mind?  :-)
This would be a great basis for a serious story arc!   People will naturally be asking questions like, "Why not just have a white lantern corp now and do away with the others...  The White Lanterns are obviously superior to the others..."   BUT, what you've suggested could show how certain lanterns could become 'uber' powerful within each of the lantern corps....  It would make sense.  
You should run this idea by Mr. DC universe... whoever that is...