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Bart Allen

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Yea, Brainiac is no walk in the park.

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Raven could also use that on any of the team, but one has to wonder if it would work on Naruto. Due to Kurama of course.

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Titans stomp

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Superboy getting trapped in the kamui dimension is certainly a possibility. But even if that occurred that wouldn't knock him out for the count, for two reasons. The scarab of Blue Beetle allows Jamie to detect any forms of energy, on a plus note the scarab can track anyone Jamie has encountered, even if they're in another dimension. And since we know Raven can travel through dimensions there would be no problem in retrieving him. This however would solely depend on who get's taken out and when.

Raven traveling through Dimensions. As seen below the inner dark energy released by herself altered the well being of inhabitants on another planet.

She can also use her soul self not only to shield herself, but for travel as well.

Raven showing she has the power input to send even someone as strong as even Superboy flying.

A demon hinting at her possible potential if she gave into her dark side.

One last guy I'd like to touch on is Kid Flash. Not only would he be the most difficult to tag, he's easily the top person on the Titans who can dish out the most damaging physical force. Let's not forget he has the speed force in his corner as well. Sasuke and possibly Kakashi would probably be the only two who could escape such a move if taken in.

Helping to drag Superboy prime into the speed force.

Anyone with knowledge of prime knows just how powerful he is. Below is a shot of Bart not only dodging Prime's heat vision, but also showing just how difficult it can be dealing with a flash.

Clearly showing he's beyond light speed not only in movement but reaction as well. If he has enough to dish out blows on Prime one has to wonder how Team 7's defenses would hold up against him. That's certainly one of the bigger questions I had in mind.

Either way there's a lot to consider when dealing with a matchup such as this.

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Just thought I'd drop in an add a little more weight to weigh in on pertaining to the debate.

Using the reflection in someones eye to use to his techs use.

Trapping whatever he wants into the Mirror dimension.

Can create mirror copies of anyone he faces, as seen in the case against Flash.

Next I have a showing that could prove pivotal if Team 7 managed to make it to the Titans, a feat pertaining to Superboy once more. Like Raven a lot of his most dangerous tactics aren't always physical. Superboy can also use his TK to shut down anyone's brain who makes contact with him as seen below. An ability no one one on team 7 as far as I'm aware has a counter for.

Using his TK shield to not take any damage by a projectile.

Can use his TK shields to protect others

Has a reaction time that allows him to stop fast moving objects in their path toward him.

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Pressure point was in this shot, a move which left his opponent paralyzed for the rest of the fight. Issue was Teen Titans 28

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Tim not only showed he can perform pressure points as seen in the second scan, but was also able to catch Deathstroke by surprise due to his quickness. Not an easy feat to pull off for any ordinary man.

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why the f is sakura(the weakling) here? that aside naruto, sasuke & kakashi clear all rounds.

Without difficulty,when an opponent gets too tough either kamui or narutos gudoudama(only way to beat gudoudama is with senjutsu attacks) can be used to win.

Raven may be powerful but againts kamui shes weak not to mention speedblitz from naruto or sasuke.

ps Genjutsu mindrape can solo shazam.

Lol, you forgot about Sai.

Agreed they could possibly clear, but in no way would it be easy. Particularly with the final two rounds. As far as team work is concerned the The Rouges might very well have the edge. Mirror Master in particular would make things extremely difficult. When it comes to the Titans Raven isn't the only top tier threat, the other two being Kid Flash and Superboy. Bart is faster than anyone here, and tagging him wouldn't be an easy task, not to mention what he'd be willing to do with morals off(scary).

Next we have Superboy, given his multiple abilities I've provided scans to further back he'd pose as a legitimate challenge.

First we have his stellar ability of TK use.

Not only can he use his TK for battle but also to read and scan anything he touches, giving him full knowledge of how whatever he touches operates.

Knows's what goes on inside his own body.

Power stripping

The below shows that he cannot be controlled by any mental attacks, whether it be through mind or bodies inner energy. Which would rule out Genjutsu being used on him.

Durable enough to take physical punishment from a full fledged kryptonian, and dish out effective offense of his own.

With all the provided I'd say Superboy along with Kid Flash would be just as rough to put down as Raven. They all bring something different to the table. It would not be easy for them to clear by any means.

On the other point Not sure if Genjutsu would work on Shazam, after all his power comes from the gods themselves.