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Yep, what JakeN7 said. This is a complete and utter stomp for team 1.

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Cool Hand Luke

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Darkseid, rather comfortably

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Best of the Robin's, for me it comes down to the first and third. But before I get to that I'd first like to scope out each individual who held the 'Robin' name at some point. Ranking them from lowest to highest.

Stephanie Brown: While she had potential to have an interesting dynamic within the 'Dynamic Duo' her tender was cut relatively short before anything could blossom into something possibly special. Given her dangerously short time as Robin leaves her as the lowest on my list.

Carrie Kelly: In the case of Ms. Kelly I feel her character wasn't explored as much as some of the higher up's on my list, which lands her in the fifth spot. While we did get a sense for who she was, I found most of her explored points revolved around her relationship with Batman than it did about her. What was her foreseen goal, what drove her? Both questions I feel were left unanswered.

Jason Todd: Next we have the second Robin and guy who got caught red handed attempting to steal the tires off of the Batmobile. With Jason we got a different kind of Robin, and not only that.. but a difference in the dynamic as well. Unlike Grayson, Jason brought an attitude which was matched by his street toughness. Instead of having Robin's light to Batman's dark we were given a situation where Bruce would now have to reel up a boy into walking the right path, regardless of his past. And though Jason showed a strong inner kind of Justice, his aggression for trying to state claim on his own lead to his ultimate death.It would have been nice to see how things would have played out had he lasted longer. Like the two above his brief time as the Boy Wonder leaves him at the center section of the list.

Damian Wayne: The son of Bruce Wayne, engineered and trained from birth for what would prepare him for what life would bring. His very upbringing was nicely unique from any of the others to be called before him. He crashed onto the scene not only with an attitude, but a swag to back it up. And though many found a displeasure to his first appearances, he began to grow on several. Some would even say he was a breath of fresh air (Myself included). Within the Bat family there wasn't a guy like him. What started off as an egotistical young lad who felt entitled to the proclaimed throne slowly groomed into a hero in his own right, a process which was mainly guided by the original Robin himself, Dick Grayson. Their partnership was one to remember, a complete swap of the orginal dynamic. Robin beging the dark to Batman's light. Damain's greatest moments were through his interactions; whether it be a night out with Grayson, a sit down with Alfred, or even a brotherly type argument with Drake. But with all things considered Damian lacks something the two higher on this list have a great strength in.

Tim Drake(1A)/ Dick Grayson(1B)

I have these two bad dudes virtually tied, however I've given the slight edge to Timothy Drake, and I'm going to explain why.

He had no special physical attributes to speak of, he wasn't a lone street kid with very few options to choose from in life, he wasn't trained from a young age by assassins to be a gifted fighter, and nor did his passion to combat crime foster through personal tragedy.. this wasn't a individual who lost everything, but rather with everything to lose. Tim financial livings were stable, close friends, a good student, and topped off with two loving parents. And though they weren't always around it was clear he deeply cared for them just as they did him. So why would someone with so much to possibly lose take up on the 'mission'?

To answer that you have to look at the core of the character, a core which gives a visual of someone with their eyes set on justice. Even before learning from Btaman, we got a look in on just how keen Tim's deductive skills were, piecing together who Batman and Robin are is no easy task. As the story goes young Timothy Drake only joined Batman in the first place because he felt Batman needed a Robin. After finally being accepted he went on a voyage to improve his skills, crossing the likes of Lady Shiva and many more. Over time made friends within the hero community, eventually landing him as a respected leader of the Teen Titans. He had fulfilled his dream... but was it really his dream? Throughout his tender we watched a young man struggle with juggling his home life along with his masked. The lies to his then alive father was a big pressing point on the matter. After Jack (Tim's dad) found out his identity it finally gave him the opening he sought, a way out. But was it really what he wanted?

What I believe he was experiencing was his first life crisis, a quarrel of feelings intertwined with one another. His time away from the mask would be short lived due to an encounter at his school, an attack which tested his true stance for where he stood on the matter. It ultimately lead to his return to the mask, leaving him to say not only did it feel 'good' to be back but it felt 'right'. As the saying goes, "You don't know what you have until you lose it." This all goes back to the core of the character, his sense of justice wouldn't allow for him to stay sidelined.

After jumping back into the game he never looked back. By the end of his tender as Robin it was clear where he stood, his devotion to fight crime was of highest priority. His beginning vision of aiding Batman was only foreseen as a short time, but with progression came change. Just like in many peoples lives, what we wished to do several years ago might have altered due to time and change. This is what we witnessed with Tim Drake, now known as Red Robin.

So why is it I have Dick Grayson closely tied behind? For starters Dick Grayson was the original Boy Wonder, and set the standard for all sidekicks who would come in his wake. And just like Tim we got to watch this fun kid full of energy evolve, the very first of any secondary hero to first stand in the shadow of another and make way to stand out on their own. Dick Grayson's story is one of beauty; kid sidekick, stepping out of his mentors confines, becoming a great leader, giving birth to the hero known as Nightwing, to his eventual tenure as the bat himself. The depth in both Grayson and Drake's story is why I have them both ranked ahead of Damian(He's still awesome). His story as a whole no doubt sits above the rest. But when you say time as Robin, Drake get's my nod.

So what do you guys think, agree, disagree? Feel free to add on if you like. Just my ten cents.

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I believe you mean Naked Snake/Big Boss

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Android 17 in a stomp

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Luigi for the win