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Real Name: William Berquez

Also Known As: William Birk, Billy Club

Alias: Grenadier

Status: Registered

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 189.8 lbs

Age: 26

Eye Colour: Green

Race: Caucasian

Hair Colour: Dark brown, almost black

Place of Birth: London, England


The boy who would eventually become Grenadier came from a typical, English, working class family. William had an older brother, Charles, and they both lived with their parents who both worked full time. William's Grandparents on his father's side were quite wealthy however due to them leaving their home country of France along with all their possessions and wealth, this meant that when they eventually passed away there was nothing for William's father to receive.

William's life was very average whilst he was growing up, he wasn't the most popular child nor was he the most intelligent and life carried on like this for William even during sixth form. After he left education completely at the age of 18 however he found something very special in his life, Laura Busby. William and Laura first met in a pub in South-East London and they quickly fell in love and for a while the future looked very bright for them. William's happiness grew even greater when Laura announced she was pregnant just a few months after his 19th birthday. In order to prepare for his child to be born he took a job as an electrical engineer at a biochemical research lab handling some of the machinery. After just over 8 months later he got a call whilst at work informing him that his girlfriend had gone into labor and so he rushed out from work to the hospital to be there with her. He never got to see her ever again. By the time William made it to the hospital something had gone terribly wrong and Laura was in critical condition and she died little over an hour later. Fate was not wholly cruel that day as his twin boys were born healthily.

Almost 5 years had passed since his children were born and Laura had passed, by this time William had finished grieving and focused all of his energy into his sons. This meant he had to quit his job at the lab and took up working in a shopping center in order for him to work part-time to look after his children. One evening they were driving home after visiting London Zoo when a lorry clipped the side of the families car causing them to go tumbling off the road, luckily William survived with a few broken bones and a concussion but it wasn't until a few hours later after waking up at the hospital that he was told his two boys didn't make it. This caused William to fall into alcoholism to cope and he spent most of his time over the next few years getting thrown out of bars all over America, he was an incredibly violent drunk and would pick fights nearly every night but would nearly always take a beating. One night he picked a fight with a particular man who managed to get the better of William, this time though he hit the man in the throat with a beer bottle, the man died where he lay. What William didn't know was that this man was a police officer and the manslaughter resulted in William facing the death penalty.

2 days before William was meant to be sentenced to death some men in black suits confronted him offering him a way out of his execution, due to his experience working in the biochemistry lab they offered him the chance to be a fail safe if an experiment regarding Nuclear Fusion went wrong and needed to be shut down manually and if he survived the experiment he would be free to go. Figuring that he was going to die anyway he decided to take them on the offer and saw it as a sign that he should sort out his life for his children's sake. Unfortunately there was an error with the Nuclear Fusion experiment and despite doing his job to try and shut it down it was no good and the laboratory exploded causing everyone in the facility to die. William was the only survivor.

Almost 3 months later William woke up in a facility where he was told about how he survived the explosion, mere seconds before the explosion his right arm (which was the only part of his body exposed to the Fusion reactor) somehow absorbed some of the Nuclear Fusion energy into the cells on that arm. He had gained some level of control over the energy spectrum known as HARPECKS. A downside to this however is that during the explosion all of the bones in his right arm shattered and splintered and despite being held together by the Nuclear Fusion energy are completely unhealable and also put a strain so great on the muscles of that arm that it is completely unmovable unless he uses special cybernetic implants (that he calls disks) that go from every muscle to his neck. The bones in his arm are still incredibly fragile though and the slightest knock can put him in crippling pain and thus he makes sure that it is the most heavily armoured part of his body.

Deciding to work for the US government as the superhero Grenadier he decided to try and make the world a better place in memory of his children.

Physical Attributes: Due to intense training from the US government William is olympic level in all stats unless he uses his powers to enhance certain attributes.

Powers: William has a level of control over energy more specifically HARPECKS which stands for:









Heat allows my character to have a very minor control over the heat of the environment such as creating a heatwave in a room to dispatch groups of enemies. This Power also allows him to channel the heat inside himself to raise/lower his own internal temperature, this aspect of the power is much more drastic than when he uses it outside of his body. This makes it nigh impossible for him to be frozen or burnt as long as he is aware of it happening.

Atomic energy is his most powerful type of offensive ability as it can create energy beams and explosions so strong that he can imitate the force of the nuclear bomb that hit Hiroshima. This is a rarely used power as it has lot's of repercussions. It can have a lasting affect on the environment and can also kill large amounts of people which is against his moral code. The power is also incredibly draining and can only be used for very short periods of time before causinghim to pass out from exhaustion.

Radiation is the ability to produce different types of radiation. It is unknown which types of radiation he is able to control however it has been suspected that he has the potential to have complete control of all types of radiation. The only one he has displayed use of so far is X-ray which have allowed him to see into a persons body.

Potential energy mostly comes in the form of Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE) which allows him to fall from great heights unharmed and also hover in the air for around 30 seconds, his falling speed is also slowed down and his jumping height is higher however he cannot and never will be able to fly.

Electrical energy control does excactly what it says on the tin. This is used mostly as a tazer like attack and as such normally sends people unconscious. One key thing to note with this power is that it can be used to override certain brain functions if concentrated on the skull of a person, it has shown to be able to reverse the permanent brain damage of his Aunt.

Chemical energy is a control over fire, he can shoot a stream of fire from his hand or combine it with his control over heat to create a fiery force field. Like with electricity he can absorb small quantities of fire and use them to give himself energy or increase his power temporarily.

Kinetic energy, this is his second most draining power when used offensively however he prefers to use it to reach speeds of up to Mach 5. When he does use it offensively he can throw objects with much more speed, force and distance than is normally possible and can also send most humans flying with a punch. It is believed that he may be able to absorb the kinetic energy from others however he has not yet shown this ability.

Sound is the final type of energy he has control over. It allows him to hear sounds from much greater distance and be more precise with his hearing, he can hear a person sweat from in another house. Luckily for him he can turn his super hearing off when he wants. He can also produce sounds that are of a high enough pitch to stun people.

Note: William can only channel his abilities outside of his body through his right arm.

Fighting styles: William is well trained in both Aikido and Jujitsu.

Weapons: William normally fights with a pair of billy-clubs and also carries a 9mm handgun though he tries not to resort to using the gun.

Weaknesses: William has a few noticeable weaknesses:

Overuse of his powers can cause his body to decide to shut down temporarily, putting him a comatose state.

His right arm be damaged can put him in crippling pain and can easily put William out of the fight.

If even one of the cybernetic plates on his right arm is destroyed his arm becomes unusable and as such he is unable to use his powers.

William is also very uncertain of himself and his actions due to blaming himself for his children's deaths.