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So we have Firestorm on the Flash and we also have Katana and The Atom on Arrow. This should be a great fall for watch TV.

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I saw J. Scott Campbell working on the Lady Death Drawing when I was at his booth at Denver Comic Con. I really enjoy his work.

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From what I understand it sold out this year. They will release numbers soon but it looks like it had 75,000 people who attended.

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I voted but I really think that there is more than the choices listed. To me the true reason I like Spider-man is he is the everyman. He has issues that normal people have(girl trouble, paying bills, etc.) and still has superpowers. This was a concept that was unheard of in comics until Stan Lee introduced it. It makes him real in a number of ways. He's not like Superman who is from another planet and has a great life, he's not Batman and incredibly rich and able to afford all the gadgets that he uses. He's much more real than those two. He has missed graduation because he forgot to take a class, he has been fired, and many other things. He has to save up for cameras, new webbing material, needs an advance on this month's rent and so on. He faces hatred from so many who are close to him. He does all of this and still does what he does because he knows it is right and does it with a sense of humor. You won't find another hero like him and that is why he is my favorite superhero.

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This is just a general question. The infinity stones in the Marvel Universe consist of the tessaract(Avengers), the aether(Thor2: The Dark World), and the orb (Guardians of the Galaxy). Is it at all possible that the staff that Loki had in Avengers that shows up again in Winter Soldier could be another infinity stone. The mind gem perhaps?

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@nick_hero22: We are dealing with Godzilla, real life has nothing to do with it.

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I've seen episodes of all of these shows. As a kid I watched Spider-man and his Amazing Friends which introduced the world to Firestar. I was a teenager when Spiderman: The animated series came out. It had many similarities to the comics that were being released at the time just a little more kid friendly. Spider-man Unlimited had a unique story but it didn't last long. The new animated series that came out on MTV never really had much going for it in my opinion. Spectatcular Spider-man was a great show and should have lasted longer. Ultimate Spider-man could be so much more but I will say my kids do enjoy it. I ended up voting for the animated series because it had the longest run, mirrored the comics well, and introduced the most characters from the marvel universe to new people. I don't think that any of the other shows can claim this.

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No I won't miss it. I'm glad it's over. I tried reading it and didn't like it. The arrogance of Octavius thinking he was superior. He still failed at being a better Spider-man and a better man period. Peter never let New York get taken over by Green Goblin. Octavius let his pride get the best of him and it cost him and nearly a whole city with millions of people.

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I enjoyed this short. It shows me just how far Cartoon Network has fallen. In almost 3 minutes it showed what a good cartoon looks like. A rare thing on Cartoon Network.