New Life

It was a relief to be alive again. To breath in air and feel the wind’s caress on the flesh or scales. Being able to actually fly unlike the Dead realm where the air was stagnant preventing flight. The exhilaration of swooping and diving with ease while flying was heaven itself. It was what a dragon was born for. There had to be a price to pay for such luxuries. A price there was indeed, but only within the visions of one such dragon who was brought forth from the realm of the dead.

Tiferia slept for the first time free of the forsaken realm only to be plagued by the past. Screams of those who died in wars long since over ,her father crying out to her as he died slowly, her friends dying left and right ,and even her own death claimed her dreams. The icy grip of the Grimm Reaper as he claimed her soul dragging it into the abyss resonated deep inside her bones. The very torment of watching and not being able to do a thing to stop the anguish felt by her loved ones at the hands of others. An onlooker watching a horrid movie unfold that could do nothing.

The very thought gripped her very soul while she slept. It was her nightmare. What was supposed to be heaven was pure Hell for her. The guardians of the realm did their best to ease her suffering. She did not dare allow them to tamper with her memories.

She woke sitting straight up. She slept in her human form just in case. Her dragon form was bigger and stronger, so to prevent too much damage she remained in the fragile form of a human. Tiferia gripped and rubbed her face as she awoke startled. Her hands shook at the thought of dying again. It was not death she feared, but being powerless to aid her loved ones in a crisis.

Stepping out of bed and walking over to get a drink of water. She looked over her shoulder at the bed to see she had terrorized the very fabric that held it together. Feathers drifted down onto the ground. Tiferia looked at her hands to see feathers embedded slightly under the fingernails. She plucked them free of the debris. It was quick work to clean up the mess. An incantation returned the bed to its’ former state. She stepped onto the balcony of outside her room to get some fresh night air.

Tiferia went back inside and crawled into bed. Her eyes were heavy as sleep took over her body. Her visions drifted to her daughter being a child. In her dream the horror of the past crimes unfolded. Tiferia woke up and realized since she was in the Dead realm her premonition abilities were a distant memory. Now that she lived again it was like they were trying to make up for lost time. She got up a lit a few candles in the room. Placing a pillow on the floor she sat down crossing her legs. Her back was straightened as she began to breath in deeply calming her nerves. It was a technique she had acquired to deal with her ability of premonition when it went haywire at times.

With each deep breath the visions in her head went from foggy blurs to crystal clear images. Tiferia allowed the images to play out and she watched once again like a spectator of things she had already seen. Tiferia had to endure watching them all over again. Tears ran down her face as each vision played out. The premonitions drew to a close as she opened her eyes. Wiping away tears she rose to her feet.

Tiferia then walked out to the balcony once more and dove off the edge. The wind pelted against her human flesh. Before hitting the ground her body transformed into the beast she truly was lifting off the ground with ease into the air. She flew out into the night’s sky until she came across her destination, her old grave site. Curiosity claimed her heart as she began clawing at the ground. Would she find a body and realize her living state was a lie or find nothing? She dug and clawed at the ground pulling dirt and rocks clear from the area. She found nothing no matter how far she dug. Tiferia did not know how to feel. Was this a reality or a dream? Was she the real Tiferia or an alternate reality like that of the one that rose up almost destroying her family?

It was all too surreal for her. Like she existed and yet didn’t. So much time has passed without her being here in this moment. She was out of reach no matter how much she wanted to be there. Tiferia took a deep breath and remembered her father’s words inside her mind. Visions are only true if you allow them to pass and reality is always there no matter what you do…nothing changes that. Tiferia smiled as his wisdom caused her heart a sudden calming sensation. He was right she had to make what she had the best she could.

Visions would constantly come and go to be able to become altered, but life was always there to live. Tiferia covered her grave site up with the dirt she pulled out. Patting the top of the dirt with her tail as she finished and with two flaps of her wings her body was in flight. Like a falcon she rose and dove over and over again enjoying the cold night air. This lifetime would be spent with an open mind and learn of this world that was so new to her.

Tiferia flew close to the ground to see how things had changed. She had seen from the Realm of the dead, but this was much better. She could touch things. She landed outside a home to look at a car. The metal craft was interesting to her. The color was a dull green and the paint was peeling due to old age. Tiferia chuckled to think of what kind of person drove such a craft. She then drew her attention toward a motorcycle. It was muddy and she wondered why such a thing was so dirty.

The night went by so fast she did not realize she had little to no sleep. Her bright blue eyes almost glittered at the thought of today being the day she would meet new people and try new things.


In the eye of the storm...

It was a time that none should forget. A time of War colliding into its’ end. It was a time of celebration for some and a time of remorse for others. Those who lived to see it would remember for the rest of their lives. So many lost to the destruction of chaos and War and to what end some may ask. It was so a species could strut their stuff acting as if they could claim the world as their own. The essence of might makes right. Little did anyone know that only when combine with brains the might has little to do with victory. The essence of War boils in the blood of any creature with coherent thought. They also have the capability to create peace. A center of balance to be known by so few and yet so many fall prey to the whims of fate.

Too many only see the raging storm to notice the eye of that very same storm equals as a place of solitude and calm. A mind numbing balance between all that is chaos and all that is peace all carved up into an ugly package of War. The illusions of man controlling this storm were laughable. Even the dragons that fought and died were blind to the complexity of life itself.

As a seer of Fates design the murmurs of their plan echo in my mind. They play out there testaments to their plan only for me to see them. I am forced to acknowledge them beyond my own will I cannot deny. I pray that one day fate will have the fly plucked from their web and their plans fall apart. Even so they will make new plans. Such cruel creatures the Fates are. Someday there will be a day of reckoning for all things in this World and they will be freed from the Fates.

Most would argue with my thoughts and I cannot deny their rights to state what they believe. People claim to rule over their own life and little do they know of what goes on behind the curtain of reality. There lie the Fates who cut the threads of life to keep control of those who defy their cause. Life should be lived not written by old hags weaving what they believe to be a person’s life.

Visions claim my sight and create for me a glimpse of their plans. I am the one who stands not only behind, but in front of the very curtain they try to hide. I have seen my own fate and welcome it with loving arms. I will die by the hands of the one I called my brother in battle. Alas he was more than a brother in the beginning, but even then I knew I was not for him.

His freedom and his love were with another who would rise up to challenge the World itself and possibly defy the Fates in the process. She would be the eye of the storm that would go unnoticed by the Fates and actually live. What a day to see and I know I will be the unfortunate one to be unable to see for my own eyes what this one will become.


Tauma Character Bio



Human form

Height: 5'10”

Weight: 162 lbs

Hair color: White

Eye color: Blue

Skin color: Pale white

Dragon form:

Species: Blizzard Dragon

Length: 106 ft from nose to end of tail

Weight: 18,540 lbs

Scale color: White

Mother: Blizzard dragon unknown

Father: Blizzard dragon unknown

Place of birth: What is now known as Siberia

Powers: Control of blizzard winds and ice

Weakness: Sensitive to heat.

Currently deceased.

Tauma was born into a Blizzard dragon family that was not known among the clan. She only became known due to acquiring the gift of seeing the future. Once it became known among the clan she was quickly positioned to mate with Cha'Olnus the future High lord of the clan. She did not like the idea of not knowing who she would be mated to. In the beginning of their time together she fought with Cha'Olnus only to later fall in love. Tauma ruled with a loving and gentle talon. Giving advice to those who needed it. Often she would be found teaching the young dragons the ways of the clan and how to fly. Later she found out she was pregnant. Throughout the pregnancy the visions and the unborn dragon took a lot out of her. This made her very ill. Against all odds she was going to have the young dragon at all cost. It ended up costing her life and unfortunately before she died she did not have a chance to even see her offspring. It was noted that she died with a smile and a single tear falling from her eyes. Cha'Olnus took on the title of mother, father, and High lord over the Blizzard Clan alone from then on.

((Tauma is a character created for an RP...completely NPC. This is just more information on her background for the RP.))

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Teragon's Bio



Human form

Height: 6'2”

Weight: 181 lbs

Hair color: White

Eye color: Green

Skin color: Pale white

Dragon form:

Species: Blizzard Dragon

Length: 113 ft from nose to end of tail

Weight: 22,600 lbs

Scale color: White with purple markings

Mother: Blizzard dragon unknown

Father: Blizzard dragon unknown

Place of birth: What is now known as Siberia

Powers: Control of blizzard winds and ice, knows some magic

Weakness: Sensitive to heat.

Teragon was born into the higher class family among the Blizzard dragon clan. His personality is very brash and strictly business. A sense of fun is doing what he feels is managing the laws of the clan. A well trained warrior who won the honor of High lord in training. In winning this honor he began shadowing Cha'Olnus to take the role of High lord after Cha'Olnus either died or stepped down. Most of the females in the Blizzard dragon find him attractive, all except the daughter and seer of the High lord, Tiferia, and her adoptive sister, Jeridan. Both find him a nuisance and lacking in excitement. Teragon is a warrior class dragon who also memorized the laws of the clan. Possibly why Cha'Olnus picked the arrogant dragon for the higher position. Unfortunately his unwavering will to change has caused several mishaps in the Dragon War. After making a grave error he quickly became more flexible and listened to Tiferia's visions closer. Teragon wants to be the right mate for Tiferia and have her happy, but she fights him at every turn. It causes a great deal of frustration and heart ache on his behalf. Unknown to the young dragon things in his future will change a great deal after a deal was struck between Cha'Olnus and the vampire, Kain.

((Teragon is a character created for an RP...completely NPC. This is just more information on his background for the RP.))

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Cha'Olnus Character Bio

Cha'Olnus Hystorm

Human form

Height: 6'5”

Weight: 184

Hair color: White and gray

Eye color: Scarred white due to injury

Skin color: Pale white

Dragon form:

Species: Blizzard Dragon

Length: 115 ft from nose to end of tail

Weight: 23,530 lbs

Scale color: White

Mother: Previous High lord's Mate

Father: Blizzard Clan High lord before him

Place of birth: What is now known as Siberia

Powers: Control of blizzard winds and ice

Weakness: Sensitive to heat.

Born to the family of the High lord, Cha'Olnus was destined to lead the Blizzard dragon clan in his future. Once he became of rightful age he claimed the title of High lord of the Blizzard dragons. Unfortunately for him he fell in love with another Blizzard dragon, but due to his title and the laws he had to be mated with the resident Seer. Tauma was that seer. She was younger than him and at first the two did not get along. Over time Cha'Olnus set aside his old love and loved Tauma whole heartedly. Later in their years together, Tauma became pregnant with an offspring. Cha'Olnus was delighted and overjoyed. He made sure both stayed healthy. Toward the end of the pregnancy things began to go wrong. Cha'Olnus begged his mate to let the baby go to live. Tauma refused and kept to her ideals of giving birth to the young dragon. Against the will of all the healers and Cha'Olnus, Tauma went into labor. Cha'Olnus watched as Tauma faded into death and saw as the healers ripped the offspring free from Tauma. He then held his child for the first time with tears of joy and pain in his eyes. He continued to lead his Clan with his mate's kind words to help guide his actions. Not a moment that went by in his life that he did not think of Tauma. The Blizzard Clan was dragged into a War of epic proportions. Fire dragons lead an army against their foes. Cha'Olnus fought along side his clan to become injured badly. His leg pinned inside the mouth of a Fire dragon. Breaking and smashing the bone. Cha'Olnus did not have a chance to set the bone or do anything to heal it properly. His leg became mangled from the injury. Later in the battle Cha'Olnus did everything he could to get his fellow dragons out of the fight only to become slammed into the ground. The Fire dragons wanted to leave Cha'Olnus with a gift. They said they wanted to be the last thing he sees before sleeping at night and know that they will return to finish off the Clan and Cha'Olnus later. A Fire dragon caused a blade to glow a brilliant red from the heat emanating from the metal. Branding Cha'Olnus' eyes into complete blindness. The Fire dragons left him behind as an example of their might over others. His other sense over time made up for his lack of sight. Even until his last dying breath he did what he had to do to save his fellow Blizzard dragons and his daughter Tiferia.

((Cha'Olnus is a character created for an RP...completely NPC. This is just more information on his background for the RP.))


Jeridan's Bio

Jeridan Lafedora

Human form

Height: 5'5”

Weight: 164

Hair color: Black with red highlights

Eye color: Emerald green

Skin color: Tan

Dragon form:

Species: Fire and Ice dragon mix

Length: 235 ft from nose to end of tail

Weight: 26,389 lbs

Scale color: Red body and black on all for feet. Blue hues on her back fleshy skin. A darker red star on her face.

Mother: Mate of old Fire Clan leader

Father: Unknown Ice Dragon

Place of birth: Unknown

Powers: Fire breath while in dragon form, Heat or cold does not harm her, and capable of changing from human to dragon form.

Weakness: Sensitive to electric current.

Jeridan was the product of a promiscuous mother. Her mother's mate was the Fire Clans old leader . Her father was an Ice dragon that happen to catch the eye of the female Fire dragon. Once her mother's deeds were found out she was quickly put to death. Jeridan was left as an infant beside her rotting mother's corpse to die as well. The Blizzard dragon clan happen to find her and bring her into their clan. It was a law for the Blizzard clan to not allow anyone to die without trying to save them first. Cha'Olnus adopted the young halfing into his family. The Clan leader's daughter, Tiferia Hystorm, became as close as sisters. Jeridan grew up becoming the healer and den mother. She helped bring into the World new life. Unfortunately she was not fully accepted into the clan. Jeridan could never take a mate unless it was a dragon outside the Blizzard dragon bloodline. She was treated as if she was not there unless someone needed her help. Tiferia however did not care about the blood in Jeridan's veins. The Dragon Wars started. In the beginning the other Blizzard dragons expected Jeridan to turn on them. Seeing that she was half Fire dragon herself. Cha'Olnus grew angry over the rumors he heard over his half daughter. He quickly stepped in to stop Jeridan's maltreatment. Her personality did not allow her to take it personally. Jeridan had a personality outside the others. She was very relaxed and easy going. She cared little for politics. Doing her duties without a single ounce of slowing down. Helping others even when they themselves spoke ill of her. Since she lacked the feather wings of the Blizzard dragons. Jeridan made a great teacher for basic flying. She was not as fast as the others in the clan, but she was bigger. Unfortunately even if she was to join back with the Fire dragons. Her blue shades of color would make her stand out from the normal black and red shades they had. Once again causing her grief over being different. Fire dragons were not as hospitable as Blizzard dragons. Fire dragons were more aggressive. Jeridan was indifferent about her situation, but knew with the Blizzard dragon she would not have to worry over her next meal.

((Jeridan is a character created for an RP...completely NPC. This is just more information on her background for the RP.))


The Start of Slaughter.


Among all the Clans of Dragons from Air to Water the lands were at peace. That was until a group of Dragons came together to proclaim them best above all life. Not just other dragons, but the World itself. Fire Dragons rose up from the bowels of the fiery pits to proclaim the World as theirs. Some species feared them and others joined them. With all Wars that begin this one was no different. Another Clan opposed the Fire Dragons. Blizzard Dragons who could fly in any weather from horrible wind storms to the calmest day. At first there were talks of how to keep everyone calm. The old leader of the Fire Dragons was willing to seek peace. Unfortunately his successor did not.

With a traitorous act of violence a War went into full climax. The old leader's son came into power by treachery. None knew who he was or what he looked like. The son keep his identity a secret from all around him. It was rumored he knew magic and had powers outside the normal premise for dragons.

Thankfully the Blizzard Dragon Clan had just as equal a gift among them. A female gifted with visions of the future that came every generation. This generation was no different. With her visions she was able to keep her kind safe and ahead of the enemies that was the Fire Dragon Clan. Once it became known of the Blizzard Dragon's gifted member a launch of attacks were sent to destroy them.

Rumors spread of the current leader of the Fire Clan being a physic with no real truth to back up the claims. Certain Clans were endowed with powers outside their own normal powers. Some Clans decided it best not to fight at all while others rose to battle. Some for the Fire or Blizzard Clans.

At the forefront of the Blizzard Clan was Cha'Olnus. A wise old dragon who thought it best to help fight against the Fire dragons to preserve life. In the beginning of battle he fought in a battle that injured his leg badly. His healing abilities caused his bone to fuse as it was. Cha'Olnus did not have time or a way to set his leg after it broke the bone clean through. It caused him to be limp and unable to walk, but thankfully he could still fly.

Later in another battle a year later Cha'Olnus fought another dragon that bested him and used a whip made of Fire to brand his eyes. It burned his eyes beyond repair making him blind. Little did Cha'Olnus know that it was the current leader of the Fire Clan. The Fire Clan's leader wanted to show that the mighty Blizzard dragons could very well be beaten. It boosted his armies morale making them much more dangerous.

Others began to join the Fire Clan outside of the dragon bloodlines. Ogres, elves, and many more joined the fight seeing the Fire Clans ideals of how things should be a better way of life. The Blizzard Clan also gained followers who sought out to also save life. The Fire Clan wanted to destroy any and all who did not follow them to the death. The Blizzard Clan wanted to have everyone capable of living their own lives within their own communities. Giving others a chance to decide their own fates and not be dictated otherwise.

Cha'Olnus' daughter was the one with the gift of seeing the future and would become an ultimate target in this War if she was found out. The Blizzard Clan did what they could to cover up who she was from the world. Not allowing her to speak of her visions outside from her father's ears. None in the Clan even knew of her gifts, but him until she told a dear friend that was adopted into the Clan.

Once Cha'Olnus realized his fate was not going well and his health declining. He stepped up and selected a replacement to his title and mate to his daughter. Teragon a young and strict male of the Clan who was a fast flier with high intelligence to match.

The Blizzard dragon Clan set out to help others survive and to fight. The dragons who remained neutral were given only two options by the Fire Clan, join or die. Several species were fading away into history as the Fire Clan gained ground and spread like a wild fire over the World. None could figure out their fight patterns to come up with an offense or defense from the slaughter.

Now the fate of the World and dragon kind alike rested in the talons of a young dragoness within the Blizzard Clan.

For more information please refer to RP below:

Frozen Diamonds in the Rough: Friends or future enemies RP

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Dragon Breeds within Tiferia's Universe.

Most Common Dragon Breeds:

(this list does not include rare dragon breeds, Dragons with a ”*” in front of name can change into a human form as well as Dragon form. )

*Air Dragon- Blue or light blue in color. Fast fliers. Mid Range in size. Warmer temps preferred. Intelligence moderate. Normal Powers: Fire breath and uses air currents to rise and fall while flying. Rare Powers: Only few can create bursts of air creating a cutting force of air or a shield.

*Blizzard Dragon- Feathered wings making them the fastest fliers. White with some having light purple or light blue markings in color. Mid to small range in size. Colder the better in climate. Intelligence very high. Normal Powers: Extreme Ice breath and control over blizzard winds. Rare Powers: Sight over the future only for once a generation to a female of the species. Control over ice and capability of morphing ice to form things.

*Celestial Dragon- Wings are the largest of all dragons and range in rainbow shades in color. Large in size. Any temperature suits them. Intelligence very high. Normal Powers: Lightening breath and empath by touch only. Rare Powers: Fire breath. Only once a generation a physic is born. Genders change each generation as to who will have this gift.

*Fire Dragon- Red and/or black in color. Largest of all dragons. Hotter the better in climate. Intelligence high. Normal Powers: Fire breath. Have been known to cause their entire body to be engulfed by flame. Rare Powers: Control over fire within certain bloodlines within their clan.

Forest Dragon- Green and/or brown in color. Small in size. Warm to cool temperature climate. Intelligence moderate. Normal Powers: High pitched scream capable of causing short term hearing loss Rare Powers: Regen powers over plants usually in females only.

*Gem Dragon- Large sized dragons with greedy needs. They steal precious gems or dig them up to adorn their scales. With an unusual ability to secrete a glue like substance to cause gems to stick to their scales. They avoid hot climates due to melting of glue substance for gems. Intelligence very high. Normal Powers: Can create a glue like substance from glands in their mouth which fade away in high temperatures. Rare Powers: Some can make the gems on their skin morph into blades or shields on their skin.

*Hervite Dragon- Black with a shiny sheen to scales in color. Mid range in size. Lives in cooler climate. Intelligence average. Normal Powers: Fire breath and internal heater system. Rare Powers: some are capable of ice breath instead of fire.

*Ice Dragon- White in color. Large in size. Lives in cool to cold temperature. Intelligence moderate. Normal Powers: Ice breath. Rare Powers: Ice formation control.

*Mion Dragon-Golden color. Mid size. Lives in cool to warm temperatures. Intelligence average. Normal Powers: Fire breath. Rare Powers: Males can harden their skin to a metal that flexes only to their own movements.

*Plains Dragon- Dark green to light green in color. Mid range in size. Lives in warm temperatures. Intelligence average. Normal Powers: Camouflage and fire breath. Rare Powers: Some can grow and throw spikes from their tales.

Rock Dragon-Black, brown, or green in color. Large in size. Lives in any temperature. Usually known for their rocky look in their scales. Intelligence low. Normal Powers: Hardening of scales and fire breath. Rare Powers: Females can form to rock shapes camouflaging themselves.

Sea Dragon- Blue to bluish green in color. No wings and more serpent like. Lives in any temperature in the sea. Ranging from small to large in size. Intelligence average. Normal Powers: Fire breath and gills to breath under water for long periods of time. Sing to talk to each other. Rare Powers: Few can move onto land and have the capability of breathing normal air.

Sky Dragons- Smallest species in a variety of colors ranging from golden yellow to black. Very timid and easily spooked. Warm temperature is their preference. Intelligence very low. Normal Powers: Fire breath. Rare Powers: None among this species.

Water Dragon- Blue to green in shades. Small in size. Warm temperatures preferred. Intelligence average. Normal Powers: Water control. Fire breathe. Rare Powers: Only the oldest in the clan can morph water into ice spears for weapon uses.

*Zeon Dragon- known as the mimic dragon with the abilities to change forms into other dragons at will. Range in all sizes. Lives in any climate. Intelligence very high. Normal Powers: Fire breath and morphing ability. Rare Powers: The oldest have mastered changing their scent as well as form.