My favorite supervillains of all time. Of all time.

Top ten in order, more or less.

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Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

Cool list.

Posted by GhostRavage

Nice, Brainiac gets no respect here :P

Posted by cosmicallyaware1

sweet. way to go manchester

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Cool list. Nice to see Brainiac up there.


Posted by mikex20

Every time someone says "high praise" I think of this...

Posted by DeathandGrim

There's a marvel villain on here?

jk nice list

Posted by Date_Masamune

Yes Sephiroth good list.

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booo no joker? lol joking

Posted by Floopay

Love Sephiroth being there. Probably my number 1 bad-guy as well. Always happy to see another FF7 fanatic on this site...oh and by the way....I also own a Sephiroth Disk for disk golfing. :P

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