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Total Bummer. I am now down to one book (Batman) in the new 52. I will definitely be following JHWIII's work from here though.

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What a great feature. Many thanks to Brian for putting this together. I'll be picking up the first two issues tonight on Comixology to get the full read.

I particularly appreciate Brian speaking about the early decisions he made with the book and what elements build from those initial seeds.

Speaking on the last paragraph, regarding art and color. It would be great to see some of the decisions made in those areas as well. I feel like we rarely get to see artist and colorist breakdowns on their process on the major comic sites and I think that would be a great counterpart to this article.

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I also wanted to throw in that this was one of my favorite podcast episodes. I know it might be hard to emulate the impassioned nature of this debate on creator rights and the business of comics, but getting a creator's perspective on the realities of the industry in a long-form discussion is something I would regularly tune-in for.

I've mentioned this elsewhere, but I think Jim Zub from Skullkickers would make a great guest for this sort of content. The industry tutorials on his site jimzub.com are insightful, thought-provoking reads. Also Skullkickers is hilarious so I would imagine he would be an fun guest too.

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as of last night, It looks like the itunes podcast app is auto-updating. In order to get it to show up you will need to turn your phone off , then on again. This same issue happened with the giantbombcast.

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Big fan of everyone's work on the podcast!

I had a question for James Robinson.

Earth 2 is a great read, but I loved the introspective writing we got at the front of the Starman omnibuses. Will we get a chance to get this "behind the scenes" writing again? Are the current books James is writing personal in the same way that Starman was?

Also I can't wait to see the Filipino Captain Steel!

- Jon Arcangel Crumpler

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Congratulations on the great run! I hope you have many many more to come.

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I was curious about Starman after listening to James on the comicvine podcast. I am now on omnibus 5 and have been thoroughly enjoying the run. At this point I am following James Robinson's current books and fully intend to pull this comic only because of his Involvement in the project. I trust he will give the world of He-Man a great treatment

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I would use Winslow Schott, the Toyman. The game would open with a strong well-illustrated image of superman flying to the scene of a crime. Upon arrival he is drawn into a new creation of Toyman, a classic 8-bit game where the world of iphone gamers have to use their combined efforts to free superman from his 8-bit prison by playing a variety of games with superman as the avatar. The game could include features where superman comments on how long it has been since you last tried to help him escape or how many players world-wide have completed their task. When the game finishes superman could send your phone a fake call thanking you for a job well done.

I am also following the three accounts, my twitter account is @ticticchilitic

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Very happy to see the Comicvine News Videos back.