Catwoman #3

Well Catwoman #3 was good. Real good. I have no reservations. Not trying to be the "latest issue is the greatest issue!" guy here, which I do become sometimes, but I think this may go down as one of my favs when it's all said and done. Too soon to say for sure. Guillem really outdid himself, these are some of the best layouts, angles and most emotional depictions he's done of Selina in over 2 years. His visual storytelling has improved with each issue. And if I can have a quick perv moment, I really like the way he draws Catwoman's thighs. They just look so powerful and sexy. Judd Winick on the other hand, you know I'll admit it, I thought he was going to fuck up here and have her struggling to take down a guy that used to get punked in a group home. Nope, he got it right. Every little beat. The interactions with Batman, solid. Even illustrating her understanding of the cat and mouse aspect of their relationship this early on. Beautifully done guys.

I'm sure someone will come along and have themselves something incredibly minor to have a whinge about but if that's all they can muster then that's a win. Right? Still, I'd like to know if someone actually has one. I know this may come off a bit hostile, but I'm genuinely curious. What? What was wrong this time?