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Just don't kill mary jane. Also I don't know about making Peter life more miserable with another tragedy, dude already suffered enough, I do like the idea of his secret identity being revealed again. Lets be honest, everyone already knows that peter parker has some connection to spider man, his friends and family already are targets of super villains ALL THE TIME, just get it over with..... AGAIN.

Or do something completely new and off the chain, but please oh god don't kill another character just to make peter more emo.

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YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have no idea what feats that golden sonic (super sonic? super sayan sonic?) has, I haven't played a sonic game in a long time so excuse my arrogant. @TERMINATORXX that scan is way too small on my computer, I cant even make out the words or the people in it. So I imagine this is a faster more stronger Sonic, Sonic is fast but I imagine Diana being able to eventually trap him with her lasso and then proceed to break his neck.

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well something with x-23 is better than nothing.............

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meh, A) Xavier wasn't doing anything in the marvel universe anyway nowadays (he wasn't even leading any x-men team before AvX). B) he'll come back when a new X-men movie comes out. C) At least Emma didn't get killed!

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@etragedy: its not a news story..... its an op-ed (should be really an editorial but weteve) if you don't know the difference then look it up.

This sort of trolling is really over the top, but I really don't know what the solution is. I do wish that people like this JonVeee scumbag would get punished/embarrassed but then that leads to these questions about how we should regulate the internet which is not something I am interested in.

Good job on the the article though, this sort of issues should be addressed and discussed.

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I am enjoying the new 52, but some stuff is really confusing me. While I'm not the biggest fan of complaining about continuity, specially since its been all over the place with new 52, I have to question something regarding WW.

A) we know 100% that blackest night happened

B) we know WW declared her love for Batman during that event

C) WW and Batman never got to share these feelings due to Batman's time travel and whatever that last WW story before new 52 was

Yes I know these complaints are stupid in the grand scheme of thing, but I really want to see a WW and Batman relationship or at least some hints to it. I thought the idea was cool in Justice League (the cartoon) , and would like to see it follow through.

I still hope this "hook up" with Superman is some sort of fake tease or something not too serious.

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meh, its still just a cover. I still rather see Batman and Diana

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Such a "fantastic" run, Synder and Hickman have been the best writer @ DC & Marvel for the last few years. Really looking forward to the end of the run.............. yet soooooooo sad :(

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@Night Thrasher said:

@ZZoMBiE13 said:

Snyder is such a pro. There's just no one writing better comics than him right now. He gets Gotham and Batman in a way few manage. Love his work and I hope they keep him working on Batman for years to come!

I would agree that Snyder is ONE of the best. But, I think that Hickman is giving him serious competition for the BEST right now. As much as I love Batman right now, I think I like Fantastic Four and FF a little more. But either way you can't go wrong.

Yep, I feel Snyder and Hickman are the best right now. Synder's run from Detective Comic to Batman has been awesome, and Hickman's FF and Fantastic Four run has just been epic. Really hard to chose between the two. I love Batman as a character, but I never thought I would care for FF before reading Hickman's stuff. Although there were a few FF titles that I didn't care much for (the inhuman parts really), but the rest were "Fantastic".