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@Duke_Nasty said:

DD and WW

Can not wait for those 2 titles. Just caught up with DD so timing could not be more perfect.@ccraft said:

Im surprised not to see the Justice League 13... Cheetah coming back! And plus art by Tony Daniel

Really Interested in JL #13 , #12 and #0 were great but I haven't been overly impressed by the series as a whole to be honest (a lot of wasted potential). Art by Tony Daniel is a huge plus though!

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If it is Ben, then I am way more okay with it. I still think that SSM is Peter Parker, but mb he forgoes being Peter Parker and becomes Spiderman full time, mb even peter "dies" in issue 700.

But yah I really don't know about this business of not having Peter Parker as Spiderman, but I'll give Slot the benefit of doubt for now.

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When I first heard Synder was doing a Joker run I was so excited and I thought it would be a dark ass Joker. Little did I know that he was gonna take it to the next level, so excited for the rest od Death of the Family story!

p.s Scott Synder, you are the man.

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God DAMN, Snyder is a heck of a hype man. I can not wait for this, love the idea of Batman and Superman being bros.

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale said:

The man in The Ruby Quartz mask.

That image is probably my favorite thing that came out of AvX.

Mark me down for Team Cyclops. I'm all about people calling out moral victories and then not giving a F**** about the consequences. THROW UP DE X IF UR DOWN.

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First thing first, Peter Parker needs to be Spiderman. In general I am a huge fan of sidekicks growing up and taking the mantle of the main hero (Bucky and Dick for example), and while I do like Scarlet Spider (both Ben and new version of Kaine), I can only see Peter as Spider Man.

I could be ok with a darker spider man if it is done right (the idea of Peter saying goodbye to his identity as Peter, maybe "killing Peter", and being only Spider Man is interesting). If they're gonna kill someone like Aunt May in 700, I really, really hope that we don't get to see an emo spiderman because of it who keeps blaming himself in every issue.

Plus I don't see how MJ would hook up with some random person impersonating Spider Man........... I have been a big fan of Dan Slott's run on ASM so I'll keep faith!

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hmmmmmmmm, I am so curious now about how issue 700 is going to unfold. I really, really hope its not another death (specially MJ), but I guess we shall see.

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The New 52 butchered catwoman....... so all of Catwoman's back story and history was somehow magically thrown out of the window? (while most other aspects of Batman's 'life and extended family pretty much stayed the same with some minor twicks). Some of the changes, like her long relationship with Batman/Bruce being wiped out is at least somewhat rational in the context of new stories being told, but giving her the Batman Returns origin!?!?! Gimme a break (and I LOVE Batman Returns! specially Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman). I'm still hopeful that they will backtrack on some of these changes or at least incorporate more of her history as new issues come out.

I think this adds up my thoughts perfectly:

"Selina is not Italian, but Russian, and her origin as a protector of the less fortunate (who may or may not have dabbled in prostitution) has been completely rewritten. Now, she is an orphan girl who loves shiny things, was pushed off the roof of a building, and was licked back to life by a clan of stray cats. While before it seems we had this character that was grounded in reality, now we have a woman who might have magical cat powers?"

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I don't know enough about GR to make a legitimate statement here but some stuff going through my head:

This seems to be pre 52 WW (i assume from all the other arguments here), however I do not know how GR powers would work on demigod or vice versa (I remember something about GR being vulnerable to weapons from heavens etc.) Also if we incorporate new 52 version, she was seen to be incredibly more powerful and supercharged when she removes her bracelets, enough to beat the crap out of an actual god, so maybe that would give her an edge over GR.

WW is too fast, so at worst I see her tying up GR and flying around the arena avoiding any attack from GR for a stalemate.

Not sure the extend that WW can use her bracelet to deflect GR attacks or reflects his stare.

Not counting blood lust, I see this fight unfolding with WW tying up GR and running around the arena for days, lecturing GR about love and kindness until they become BFF.