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with 1 week of prep and the ability to get any resources he can, DOOM wins easily. The resource part ensures his victory, specially when you start thinking about his recent relationship with FF. Even if Reed doesn't want to give Doom some resources or items, he could easily have Valeria help him get something from the FF inventory. Last I remember the FF still had ultimate nulifier, and an infinity gem. It's not even beyond reason that he would be able to get/steal all of the infinity gems from the Illuminati with 1 week of prep.

Any advantages that Doomsday has in regards to strength, speed and invulnerability is completely overshadowed with the extend of resources available to doom with 1 week of prep.

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I'm more pro cyclops and thought he is mostly right about his position, but he should pay for his crime to some degree (not in that kind of prison where other inmates could be hurt because of his presence in jail).

However I think its laughable that Cyclops is made out to be the major villain coming out of AvX. Lets be honest if Captain America actually tried to talk things over with Cyclops, instead of demanding they hand over Hope; the whole AvX probably would not have happened. Any Comic book fan knew that X-men and Avengers fighting against each other would not help Hope or help contain the PF. If logically they had any chance of minimizing the damage from PF, it would require everyone in Marvel universe working together to train Hope and come up with contingencies in case Hope failed. Obviously comic books are fiction, but when characters don't act logically based on the context of the story, it really bothers me. I like where Cyclops is and what his motivations are nowadays but the completely retarded and poorly written beginning of AvX really ruins this kind of epic character progression.

Shame on you Marvel for completely ruining the beginning of AvX for what I see as financial gains from having a thrown together conflict so you can sell the idea of Avengers fighting, X-men. If half the thought given to AvX consequences were given to the beginning of AvX, people would not be complaining as much right now.

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@_Punk_: :( you didn't get what I was referring to.... it was a fox news joke.

Side note, you're obviously correct about the separation of church and state, but just for some laughs,some of the questions asked during debates/campaign about religion and god sounded like the rhetoric I used to hear in the Islamic Republic of Iran from delusional mullahs....... just saying.

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I blame the liberal media and those damn socialist mathematicians. Who would have thought that statistics was more reliable than faith?

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Didn't Jason lose to Dick in Battle For the Cowl? I haven't read it in a while, but as far as I remember it was a fair fight and Jason even had good prep. I'll re read the the trade paperback tonight and check it for sure.

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So what do we mean with the statement: No powers? I think this needs to be cleared up specially for WW.

Batman has no super powers so I assume that we only have equipment restrictions for each rounds, right?

And what do we mean when we say WW with no powers? Do we mean she has the skill of WW and the strength + agility of a fit woman? Or no power means a base level amazon, and are amazons at base level even stronger+faster than a normal fit woman? (I would assume from various WW comics that a baseline amazon is stronger and faster than a normal human, and assume that this is the physical attributes of WW with no powers) If I am way off with this assumption just let me know, I might be just confused with various portrayal of amazons from comics to movies and cartoons.

If we go by the baseline of WW being a fit woman, she could only win/tie the first round due to her skills with traditional weapons (Yah Batman knows how to use weapons also, be he hasn't gone to war and fought with weapons the way amazons have during their lives). If we assume that this is a brawl between a highly trained man vs woman, I would take 200+ pound world class trained male fighter over any world class trained woman (Yes I know that "normal" woman like Lady Shiva and Cass have been shown to best pretty much any other male fighter in h2h combat, but I don't think that applies here due to the fact that those characters have an explicit skill to watch and counter movements and attacks). If she is just an amazon and we assume that at a base level they are stronger than a normal human, then she definitely wins the first round and the other 2 would be close (could be tie at best for Batman) but I would give the advantage to WW (batman might have mastered various MA but he wasn't trained by A) Amazons warriors who have been developing their fighting style for thousands of years and B) the god of war

In my head WW should be one of the best if not the best fighter in DC when it comes to skills, strategy and experience. I know that's not how many writers have written her and that other characters (like Lady shiva) have shown better feats in h2h combat, but the best amazon warrior who was personally trained by the god of war should pretty much best anyone in combat with the same level of physical strength and speed.

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I would be okay with the podcast, but if you could keep some of the visual aids (like panels from comics or showing a picture of a character you're talking about that some people might not recognize just from the name) with the podcast it would be fantastic. Even if you post the link of the pictures on the description or comment I would be happy. But definitely I would rather see other video content than this, since this can be done mostly as a podcast.

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I don't see how Wolverine and Storm can have a serious relationship with Logan just murdering people left and right. Besides that they could be a good couple, worse case if Logan is getting out of hand Storm could always just electrocute him........

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I haven't seen much from Shailene Woodley, but she doesn't really look like a party girl........

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I would pay good money for Young Justice.... just sayin