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I don't know about this..... could be cool, but they are already a lot of great comics coming out each week. Maybe if Marvel wasn't doing bi weekly for a lot of upcoming titles I would give it a try, but right now I haven't seen anything that tells me I need to be reading Legacy. 

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X-men, Thor and Fantastic Four were good. I am bit worried about Thor, it had a good start but I can totally see it going down a convoluted path. Old Thor does look bad ass though. I enjoyed Fantastic Four, but it will be really hard to out do Hickman's run.  
My only problem with X-men was  that : 

I can not wait to see how (old) Jean reacts to the present. How will she feel about Wolverine and the school being named after her? What will she think of past/future Scott after seeing the future? Will Jean's presence in this timeline somehow lead to the resurrection of  the dead Jean? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!! 
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wow, never realized Daken was a hipster lol

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WOW!!! What an INCREDIBLE week for the Art Picks. I especially love the Skottie Young stuff! He SOOOO needs to hook up with someone (Giffen/Grant, you listening?) on a Lobo book!!!

Here's an AWESOME one by Tom Fowler =D

OMG,  this sketch is 11/10 in awesomeness
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People shouldn't compare games like this. It's an Apple and Oranges comparison.  
It's the equivalent of me starting a thread saying which ongoing is better Batman or ASM ? Batman or Fantastic Four? ASM or Uncanny X-force?  Batman or Swamp Thing? Different taste, different answers. 
If you can only get one game, then go read reviews and see whats important to you. If you like Sci fi shooters with co op and more strategic FPS game play go with Halo; if you like military shooters, explosions, player choice in SP, fast paced shooting gallery and Zombie mode go Black ops.  
You should never compare sales in this context, one is a xbox exclusive, the other a multi platform game sales are gonna vary dramatically. 
My personal preference is Halo 4. Great graphic, good SP, really fun game play that's not just shoot faster than the other people and MP that I can actually play and not repeatedly die. Like many people have said, this is the biggest upgrade in Halo, and lot of good work has been done to make it a great game. 

But I played a ton of halo before, so I'm biased towards it. Black ops 2 single player is really good though, the player choice stuff is pretty amazing, but I have no interest in Zombies or COD style multiplayer where you only live for 10 seconds before getting shot by a guy who is way superior to you. I do think the graphic for COD games is pretty stagnant at this point also  
Honestly at this point if you play video games, you should know which one of these 2 games you prefer more, they're pretty much the same game as the games that came before (during the last 10 years) with new bells and whistles........

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  I had to remove caption in case of the ban hammer
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If there was ever any conspiracy theory that I hope to god to be true it would be this. Obviously he's probably dead, but I WANT TO BELIEVE.

Just imagine if he has been recording music all these years, kind of a commentary about the world during the last 20ish years, and just releases it all in 2014. MADNESS

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Superior Spiderman has me worried, but I wont judge it till it comes out and till I read #700 of ASM. I do like where Cyclops is going (and All new X-men was pretty bad ass) but I do agree that the X-men books are a big cluster #^#$ &%. I'm gonna stick with Wolverine and X-men and All new X-men, the other teams I don't even want to deal with (if Uncanny X-force is good, I'll read that too) We shall see how this goes, but I mean this isn't something new to Marvel. They always re number their books (Thor was just relaunched not long ago, finished at #22; I lost count how many times Captain America changed numbering and the X-Men book always get renumbered, besides Legacy and X-Factor).

So I don't know, I'm glad that the continuity is kept, but some of the changes just seem to be changes for sake of marketing. Plus Hickman ending his FF run and Uncanny X-force finishing is sad, but I'm optimistic about the new books for both of them (mb not so much for Uncanny X-force). Plus Hickman writing Avengers could be super cool.

Just Please Marvel no more through away events, just chill for a while and tell some stories. A cross over like Spider Island is totally fine, but please, please no more Fear Itself style events. I just want to read some god damn stories that are not all inter linked to a stupid event. I don't even remember the last good Avengers arch, last few years its all been big event tie ins I swear. The one thing I do like about new 52 is that they let their big books kind of develop without forcing throw away block buster events with tie ins.

I agree with them not taking many chances too, what I love about new 52 is all these weird random ass comics. I end up not liking most of them and lets be honest most of them get canceled after a few months; but I would have never have picked up Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Dial H, Team 7, Voodoo and to some extend He-Man without the relaunch.

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@sentryman555 said:

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@Kesho_Ronin: Every comic site is in love with this Batman series.

But IGN posted a review of Superman Earth One Volume Two here:

Doesn't sound very good.

Superman: Earth One Vol. 2 is one of the best Superman comic books I've read in a long time. IGN's reviews are garbage.

I gotta agree that IGN reviews are garbage. Earth One Vol.2 has become one of my favorite stories about Superman. Mostly due to the fact that he's not constantly thinking about Lois Lane. In fact for most of the issue it seems like he doesn't even notice her. I've only really read IGN reviews for video games and they seem extremely biased. Only liking the popular games and calling crap every other game.

Totally agree. Earth One Vol.2 is great. Don't listen to IGN, Comicvine is infinitely better at reviews than IGN and Giantbomb and Gamespot are just leagues above IGN in terms of video game coverage.

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I hope its not a second Wolverine title. A X-23 title would be amazing .......... but lets be realistic lol