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I have no idea if he will be any good, but doesn't seem like a terrible choice to me. Bettery than Clooney. But oh god please don't be as bad as DD

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wow what an epic issue. Azzerello is just killing it with WW

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I do agree with a lot of your points G-Man, but I don't feel so strongly about them. Although I have a problem with Louis finding out who superman was so early from the perspective of their romantic relationship (the cool thing about their relationship was that Louis fell in love with Clark and not Superman) it does make a ton of a sense for such renowned reporter to find the clues about his identity the way she did.

I think the movie could have done more to show Superman trying to save civilians during the fight scenes, but at points he did try and that was probably my second biggest complaint about the movie.

The ending while shocking to me, made sense. What is Superman suppose to do at that point? The whole time during the final fight scene I was thinking about the many corny ways that Superman was going to end the fight and how disappointing they would all be. At least the neck snap was something out of ordinary and it does make sense for how the scene was going.

What I hated most about the movie was how PA kent died...... CMON THAT WAS JUST LAME.

Overall the action and certain characters made me enjoy the movie, it could have used a better script and better attention to details (like the civilian casualty etc.) but I actually felt like I was watching a Superman movie just because of the action scene (at least for once he was fighting powerful bad guys and not catching planes and saving people from natural disasters).

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I really do think what Snyder did for the ending was almost picture perfect. I would have liked to actually have known joker's origin, that would have resulted in a Batman victory and his domination over Joker in my opinion . It is the one thing that is unknown about the joker, and I think as it was portrayed, Joker can not handle the truth. 
I think the explanation that Bruce gave about Gotham sending him something worse than Joker if he killed the Joker is the best explanation why he does not kill the Joker. I know its the kind of thing that people roll their eyes at, but I really like that explanation. It also fits well with stories such as Kingdom Come where Joker's death was the catalyst for some nasty stuff. 
I was holding out hope for Cassandra Cain to make the last second save (and her entrance to new 52, they could have started explaining how bruce knew about a rift in reality and that he remembered having a "daughter", due to that letter from his dad..)and Bruce giving Jason the go ahead to kill Joker. That way it would have shown that the Bat family complete each other, and Batman is capable of dealing with situations that he would never be able to handle alone. But that's the difference between fanfiction and a thought out well written story by a great comic writer. 

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WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?  JUST TAKE MY MONEY AND MAKE MORE............ cry, cry, cry.... :(

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Sandler --> NO!  
Carrey --> maybe..... if he doesn't go full on goof ball. 

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Oh G-Man you're trolling so hard lol. 

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The only thing I did not like about the Avengers was how weak they made Thor look. Thor should have been lightning nuking half the alien fleet in the movie,  there was nothing close to that epic thunder clap he did in his own movie against the frost giants. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk

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I don't get the hate for Superman earth one, Vol. 2 was one of the better Superman stories I have read (I was kind of meh about Vol.1). I think Earth One's superman is much more interesting "modern" take on Superman than what they have been doing in new 52.