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This Blog goes out to the millions of people in Japan who recently suffered great loss during the recent Tsunami, To the parents out there that lost their children "there is no greater loss then the death of a child"- Ghandi, to the children who lost their parents "It's not supposed to go like that"- Rascal Flatts, to the family and friends who were lost " there are many mansions withi my father's house"-Jesus Christ  
It's moments like this that define us as the humans, reach out a hand to those who are in need- Support this message by posting a response 
 "Believe it, we can make a difference"- Mike Vega
Posted by ARMIV

God help those people to recover.

Posted by Last_Guardian

Praying for Japan.  Great tribute, bro.

Posted by ladydeath

Very nice!  At some Banks you can send donations for the families who were hurt due to the Tsunami.  I know Chase Bank does it and I think Wells Fargo does too.