Thunderstone Theme Song

Hey guys its me Thunderstone here with another Blog entry. Ok so if your reading this your probably thinking wow Thunderstone's got his own theme song?! eehh... wrong! Heres the deal i put together a list of five music videos so to speak that i believe capture the essence of what Thunderstone really is your job is to voe the best one you believe. ~BONUS~ Create a list of five music videos you believe capture your character/account's essence and post on your Blog.   



  Song-01 City Of Devils



  Song-02 O' Death


  Song-03 Assumption

  Song-04 Lonely Soul



  Song-05 Animal I Have Become






Hello there so this is like my fourth or fifth Blog that I'm posting on ComicVine anyways it's five crazy impossible things to dare to do. And the reason behind this self dare is to explore the unordinary people eat play games post on the Vine, etc etc but here are five things that society around us, by around us i mean we meet in our daily lives does not do so here there are a list of self impossible's that are the list 
1- Try Telekinesis- I know I know theres a 99.94% that Telekinesis isn't real still I dont wanna be on my dead bed as an old man saying i didnt at least give it one try :P  
2-Be able to impress a hot girl around my age-sounds easy to most but for me I'm the definition of a Case Nova and I'm in territory where girls impress with money
3- teach my Cat to behave- I know I  know they say you can't get a cat to do anything it doesnt want to but we'll see who has the stronger will
4- Workout within a year getting fit 
5- Create a highly successful RPG thatll be both fun and well written  
 All these things I'll be working on as i try to build a reputation on ComicVine  so wish me luck guys girls heroes vilains and neutrals and remember to post responses 
"Maybe I'm dreaming, maybe dreaming is what it really means to be dead, either way this all feels like something out of a comicbook" Trent Thunderstone

Moving Time

Hey there guys just wanted to let you know I'm in the middle of moving so I'll be away from the Vine for some short time till I hook up the Internet at the new House Expendables especially I want you to know I'm loyal to the blood covered corpse rotting rat infested end :P see you guys alll soon

Overall View

part one goes and ends Trent now ressurected finds out his best friend Warren was heavy into drug activity, but not into using them but rather trafficing them around. Trent found an envelope containing incriminating information on his drug trafficing and Warren told the man in charge. The man in charge responsible for all of this gave Warren two options 1 is to kill Trent, the other is to kill himself or the drug "dogs" which are his goons will kill him to leave no traces or connections behind. with this Warren ends Trent's life. But Trent doesnt accept death and lingers as a lost soul  on his third day of being dead he notices a card to be more accurate an Ace. When he pics it up on the back it has "no future" written on it. With that Trent hears a voice "The Stranger" to be exact he converses with Trent and after a long conversation and battle of wits Trent admits The Stranger is right with this The Stranger offers him a way out, 41 days of life then into wonderland we go Trent is hesitant but agrees with that so the Stranger rolls up his left sleeve and using his right thumb cuts his wrist where he starts to bleed out a small amount of black blood he then says a single drop of blood began life and so a single drop shall return life to the soul after getting one  drop  on his index finger he blows on it causing a wisp like black energy to ignite from the black blood he then blows again and the wisp makes its way into Trents mouth and Trent feels like hes dying the stranger then says 41 days kid ill see you in 41 days and then grasp the top of Trent's head back at coroners office as the scaple enters Trents chest and it hits midnight time stops for a few seconds in that time Trents veins begin to turn black and the bullet pops out of his skull while the wound heals itself all the while begining to smoke or burn while healing time then comes back and Trent gasps as life is restored all the while operning his eyes and the pupil then the entire eyes going pitch black the scaples cut bleeds black blood if only for a moment the coroner scared out of her mind flees and Trent manages to escape he starts watching Warren and eventually sneaks into his fathers house and finds his pistol. He follows Warren and just as hes about to pull the trigger he remembers hes got 41 days to live meaning 41 chances to find out why he was killed and 41 days to make the deal worth something so he starts monitoring him he eventually finds out how deep the rabits hole goes leading up to the haitain drug dealer Black Kane. He comfronts Black Kane who claims to be a witchdoctor and displays a vast level of supernatural hold but Trent wont go down and manages to shoot him several times. Until eventually he nicks him in the skull but he doesnt die he simply smiles all of a sudden his eyes turn pitch black and voice changes saying you broke my costume he then telekinetically pushes trent against the wall and says you caught me red handed. Im no "witch Doctor" "really you couldve fooled me!" smiling Kane says "thats just a show to get people to listen and obey my power if they really knew who or rather what i was theyd prolly go running to the nearest church". "Oh really and what are you?" kane smiles i thought you were a man of faith Trent "yeah well that was after I got shot in the skull". Well you know what I am just say it "no" say it no say it! "de....Demon!" hahaha it never gets old when a person sees the horrible truth but i really must congradulate you youve come far however if it wasnt for my boss you would have never made it this far". Excuse me your boss Satan? "No! I believe youve met him hes' the one that pulled the strings to keep you from going six feet under. You can call him The Stranger, after all he left you his trading card. "The Ace!' exactly and you know what its a win win. "Hows that?" Well you see my boss hes' got this hobby he likes to make bets on humans he puts em in situations in which they abandon their beiliefs and morals and come crawling to him then he pitts em against guys like me "like you can call yourself a guy" kane grabs Trents should and squeezes it breaking the bone. "show some respect if it werent for things like us that go bump in the night you... you people no Cockroaches!! wouldnt be where you are today, technology,politics,art,literature,hell even movies we pull the strings and all it takes is the right cheese and you rats come running to us face monkey youu and your kind sold your selves to us like pigs!" "heh" "but this has been entertaining but you lost, you lost your faith, your girl friend yeah thats right i know about her to, and you lost you best friend and to top it off you lost your soul Id say "wispers into trents ear" your fucked.... "now then this science project comes to an end time for you to do furnice time btw when your down there say hi to hitler for me." as Kane focused his power Trent began to see a strange symbol bulge on Kanes forehead what if... grabbing his knife Trent flicks it and lands it head on the symbol with that Kane's Eyes burned out like being released from a curse and with that black smoke like esscence was released from Kane's mouth in an overflowin manner. The mass of demonic power landed on the floor like a mass of satanic energy. "Whos the the cockroach now" as Trent turned around the mass began to take shape in the form of a black skull surrounded by by the demonic mass with glowing red eyes. "Ill tear your very soul apart" Trent turned around and grabbed his crucifix, which had been hidden during the entire time to spare Trent from feeling guilt for killing while wearing it. The demon launched itself at Trent, but Trent had the upperhand and pointed the crucifix directly at the demon. Which head butted the cruciffix in its attempt to attack Trent. And landed on the floor loosing its skull like form and became a clump of black demonic mass. With no true shape and moving eratically like fire. Trying to reshape itself Trent pointed the cruciffix straight down and began chanting. Domini Nostri Jesu+Christi, Domini Nostri Jesu+Christi, Domini Nostri Jesu+Chrsti!! And with that the demonic mass seeped into the ground in a fiery like effect. Trent could only wonder what hell was like and what was in store for him. With one day to spare he decided not to kill Warren as he was tired of being toyed around with and simply waited the entire day, he waited drinking wisky to pass the time and help comfort the agony that he had and the agony that was about to hit him should this go south. The Stranger arrived on que at exactly midnght the same time that Trent had been granted a second chance, The Stranger appeared calm and ready to collect Trent's debt to him. "So it was you you who !^#*%#$ me around, and if I had to guess it was you probably who told that @^$#&* to kill me didnt you? So you could play this sick game!" "Bravo youve picked up so much in 41 days, and as for sick epnds who watching and whos playing honestly kid you never did ask or wonder why I could see you outside your meat suit much less offer you this kind of a deal." "Tell me have you ever heard the saying if a deal sounds to good to be true it probably is"? "You call that a deal i call that getting @#$%*% twice over.""Hmm... suppose your right on that one." The Stranger began to smirk Trent only watched already wanting to take a swing at him, anything to stop the devilish smile he had."Boy do I got an entire show for you waiting downstairs and guess what Ive even got you a front row seat to the whole show, come on now its time to go, get in the van" like the hell I wll" "like the hell you will is exactly my point <smiling>" Trent grabbed the crucifix and pointed it at The Stranger, The Stranger only laughed and his eyes began to change color like that of a beast wearing human skin. "faith you plan to stop me with your imputant faith havent you learned anything at all kid<sigh> God is not here today kid" and with that grabbed the crucifix which caused it to light on fire and melt/rust away. "Now then where was I oh yes about to grab your ever living soul". "you can go @#$& yourself." Trent pulled out his pistol and began shooting to little effect as each bullet phased through the stranger like shooting at a shadow, they simply wouldn't connect. The Stranger smirked and finally said "Go to Hell", and with those words like a cammand Trent could feel his heart acheic with pain suddenly that pain turned sharper, and sharper, and sharper until it eventually became a burning pain all of a sudden Trent's chest began to ignite and then his entire body ignited on fire. The Stranger only smiled at the deed watching as trent was turned from blood,bone, and flesh to ashe then dust for the wind. The deed was done and Trents very soul was burning as The Stranger departed, Rose in her sleep began to dream, Trent was screaming in agony crying to Rose for help. Rose can you hear me please help me Rose!!!!!!!!! Rose woke up her breathing was tense as if for a moment thinking it was real. She then reminded herself it was simply a terrible nightmare. Unware that her dream was Trents own bump in the night waiting for an answer to receive a listener. butmore then anything waiting to be saved.....
The second book talks about how Trent gets out of hell and how hes' the demons # 1 enemy and alot more is revealed I hope you like it.


The First 48

Today is was my 23rd birthday. I gotta say I was expectig alot a present, a beer, hell maybe even get lucky but not a bullet to the head. And certainly not from my best friend gotta say thats one hell of migrane thats gonna  leave. I woke up a few hours later in a place you could call between life and death some people call it purgitory I call it hell. First thing I notice there are two of me and one me's got a bullet lodge in the frontal lobe of his skull. Suddenly I remember it, every second of it like movie flashing in my mind. Then like a lightbulb in my brain I realize CRAP! Im dead I start panicking(hey what would you do if you found out your dead) I panic and think to myself I cant be dead if my soul's inside my body so cross the river to my shock i dont feel the water touching my jacket/self and try  to "jump into" if you  can call it that into my body. Bad move! Suddenly I start to feel my fingers then my hands then arms feel cold and numb like my soul was dying having no other option I let go of my body. Shit Im stuck out here with no body and no way to the "other side". About that what happened I was teaching bible classes on sundays wheres god when you need him. Christ........ One other thing I noticed why is it so dead quiet and silent I run back up the rivene and start hicking down the 4 mile road that leads into main town, hey Im ghost got nothing better to do. Anyway as Im pitching this hike from hell I stop and stare and notce no cars, no people. What happened suddenly I die and so does the town. God I must be one hell of an important person as I kid to myself. But seriously nothing on no street lights no cars no people, not even a sound or wisle. Like a town without the town part to it. Even Mels diner NO! not Mels diner this place really is hell. Might as well check the windows to see the damage done. (flickering lights/noise) WTH is goin on people noises (flickr electrical zaps) No wait come back what the hell was that Aaaaaggghhhh!!! whats goin on feels like my fricking skulls turning to a radio Aaaaagggh turn it.....DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally the noise is gone no more wispers  in my head. I gasped for air iif ghost even breath air. God what was that, crud.... think i sunk myself into even deeper hole I came into town to find people  and I think i turned of radio life. Just my luck..... Wait! If i can see flickers of people and hear people(boy can I hear people) maybe....... ROSE!!! Rushing as fast as I could i headed down Kane road a seven mile road not even realizing the time if there were such a thing in this place. As I approached Rose's house I began praying(funny I know a ghost that prays) God can you hear me its me Trent I could use some help right now,please let me for her. Who knows maybe in all this madness theres a god up there watching it all like a game of foot balll. Sure enough I saw, I saw here cry over hearing about my death from the police officers and I saw her question Warren where were you when this happened. I thought to myself finally Im gonna get the justice I deserve. Boy was I wrong....  the police officer explained that they caught the man that mugged them and with Warren's gunshot wound to clarify there was no argument. NO!!!!! You wont cheat me of this!!!!! things took a turn even more south then were it standed when Warren had used this situation to move in on Rose.NO!!!!!!!!!  (the lights began to flicker the room temperature took a sudden change colder , even the TV started acting up all of these inanimate objectts could feel my anger but the two people in this universe that I wanted it to couldnt even tell me from wind. Even though none of the punches connected I threw in at  least 56 finallly to my dismay I realized there was no way in hell he was gonna receive the  justice he had coming to him. And as for Rose I cried and touched her hair and  cheek for the last time good bye love. I headed out returning to the site of my death determined to prove that you can kill whats already dead......

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