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I was a skeptic when the Beast brought them to the present, kinda drifted in and out of the X-titles. I loved the Battle of the Atom's crazy confusion and just hopped in there...but always had it in the back of my mind that even if the O5 do go back to the exact moment they were extracted from time and try to live out their lives as predetermined by their future (our present) selves ....even unintentional glitches could dramatically alter the course of history. Like so many books and movies...I just don't think they have a clear vision of how to end any of this poetically. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations. The O5 are out in space encountering all manner of fantastic and inexplicable technology and interstellar life forms and they're supposed to reassimilate into 60s society without making a ripple. Maybe that in itself is the story they should tell post GotG. Or maybe they could somehow be merged with their present selves. In the MU, merging doesn't sound terribly far fetched. Would the fused consciousness of past and present Cyclops turn himself in for his Phoenix-induced murder of Professor X? Would Iceman be more or less likely to become one of the most powerful mutants on the planet? Would Archangel salvage at least a portion of the man he once was? Would Beast still be incredibly charming and brainy? (the answer to that one is yes.) Would there at least be some semblance of a 616 Jean Grey alive and powerful and an integral catalyst for the Jean Grey school's success? And Wolverine and Jean finally get together ...I'm conceding on this one. Hate the idea, but after all the friggin' googly eyes...might as well just go there for Odin's sake. Not an alternate universe Jean or an illusion or a shapeshifter. Jean and Logan together...with a defeated Cyclops. You know you wanna see it.

Or....y'know, something like that.

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Has it been addressed anywhere who or what the fractal rainbow face is on the cover of the first issue? My initial thought was Widget but I guess it could be some kind of interface for Fantomex's external nervous system (a reinterpretation of E.V.A.)

Otherwise I think Frenzy would make a solid addition.

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only if we get a money shot

I honestly thought about Tatum as Batman after Aflack was announced...I think he'd be a more suave Bruce Wayne, but it doesn't get much more suave then Gambit so...I'm intrigued.

Maybe do something with the thieves and assassins guilds or maybe Selene and the X-Ternals...could be interesting outside of the X-Franchise in it's own right. Or maybe I'm hallucinating. What's in this tea? Schnozzberries!

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Really? No takers? :p

Well, the identity of the entity hasn't been mentioned anywhere else (that I can see) so I was just throwing it out there.

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Cable, Domino, Aurora, Sunfire, Madrox, Tempo, Strong Guy

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Guess it won't matter after the teams merge

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In the new cover images for the X-Force merger...anybody else think that digi-rainbow face is Widget?

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I probably sound like a broken record, but I really think if Dani Moonstar had a solo title and Wolfsbane stood in as her Bucky and they stood at arm's length from the X-titles, they could have some awesome adventures is Asgard, around the world, in and out of other dimensions and in outer space.

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Too little, too late.

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Cyclops' death (also not a big fan of his character but...he's pretty crucial)...Xavier's death would have been enough if somebody HAD to die.

Characterization overall. Callisto was all wrong. Psylocke was all wrong. "Kid Omega" who was actually Quill...uh, he had a bigger part than Storm and that is ridiculous. Juggernaut is portrayed as a mutant with no relation to the Prof....c'mon, man.

The whole thing was a pretty big mess.