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...uhhhh weren't their powers activated by the cosmic cube in the last Avengers movie? That makes them neither mutant nor Inhuman.

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Parents: Beast and Polaris


Code Name: Dominion



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With CGI they can basically cast anyone as no strong feelings either way.

The "Magnique" relationship...I don't particularly enjoy it. I thought the whole point of introducing Azazel in First Class was to reintroduce Nightcrawler as Mystique's son. I also feel like a romantic entanglement with Eric distracts from the development of the ACTUAL X-MEN.

I enjoyed First Class and DOFP for sure, despite some plot holes and questionable choices...and I'll probably geek out just as much for this one, but I'd like to see the focus shift away from the villains and really hone in on the team. Young Jean, Scott and Ororo and maybe a pre-teen Nightcrawler.

I feel like it's inevitable that Wolverine is gonna end up as The Horseman of Death. I'd love to see some nods to other former Horsemen from the comics. Sunfire, Polaris, Thunderbird (he was a former Horseman in Exiles) OR maybe have the deceased Brotherhood resurrected (Azazel, Angel S. & Banshee).

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If you're reading adjectiveless X-Men, there's a pregnancy that's causing a stir in the intergalactic tabloids....Storm and her team of heroines stumble across holographic records confirming the unborn child of Deathbird to be Shi'ar, Mutant AND Kree.....has Christopher Summers been hiding his true origin all this time....and if so, why?

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...or wait....I didn't realize Katherine Summers was pregnant by Corsair when they were does this mean Corsair is actually Kree?

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It was mentioned in the latest adjectiveless X-Men that Deathbird's baby is Shi'ar, Mutant AND Kree! Soooooo what does this mean? As the son of D'Ken and Katherine Summers, Vulcan's union with Deathbird was a tad incestuous...unless I missed something there...and unless D'Ken was actually Kree and not of the Neramani bloodline... where the heck do the Kree genes come from?

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@fredcdobbs: It's kinda made me more interested in Cable, honestly....and, fair warning, I'm drinking wine and typing so there will be rants and SPOILERS to follow.

I'm a huge Psylocke fan, in most instances I'll jump off a cliff for stories involving her....although I stayed grounded and behind the fence during her run in Exiles....yeesh, was that bad (personal opinion) ...but even though her murder lust has been a prevalent theme of late (shall we say, psi-slashing a dead horse?), I think it's a natural progression that's leading to a head, possibly with the realization the AoA Jean didn't actually eliminate all of the death seed when she expanded Betsy's psionic horizons. I'm also down with her blatant flirtation with strings attached when he dies at the end of each day.

People seem to be annoyed by Marrow and Fantomex, but that's the point. They're meant to be the writer's done his job. I loathe Fantomex, so watching him get totally ridiculed at every corner and fumble over himself is double fudge frosting for me.

And then there's Hope, the sentient plot hole, the effen mutant messiah with a bazillion powers who rarely uses any of them in an interesting way. This is one of those SPOILERS I warned you about: Having her take over Meme's powerset actually gives her a place in this book in my eyes. Ever since her creation, nobody's known what the hell to do with her...and here we get her in a nice, neat digital package, plus, I didn't like the idea of Meme in the first place.

I'm indifferent when it come to Dr. Nemesis. People that like snarky, sarcastic characters seem to like him. Birds of a feather, I guess ;)

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Soooo she's averting a tsunami...and then punches a guy in the throat....okaaaaay.

The art looks great, guess we'll have to wait and see the context of the panels.

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@koays: @hawk2916: @phoenixofthetides: @dimitridkatsis: @djainess:

I agree that Kid Xavier is interesting, and honestly, Raze is a pretty spectacular and deadly

Do you think she actually engaged in relations with Xavier and Wolverine or has somehow acquired their DNA to create her own baby blue army? I just don't see her being able to keep up the guise of Moira McTaggart without the most powerful psychic on the planet (arguably) being any the wiser...especially since Moira's been dead for a while now.

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Sry, my computer fudged and i thought the first attempt didn't post.