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Dazzler, She-Hulk, Mystique, Magma, Jubilee...nah...y'all're right. A little 'Clops' time'll do him good. And some baby oil ;p

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Shadow King: Professor X, Storm, Psylocke
Magneto: Professor X
Juggernaut: Professor X, Banshee
Sinister: Cyclops, Phoenix, Havok, Gambit
White Queen: Phoenix, Shadowcat, Firestar
Mystique: Nightcrawler, Rogue, Gambit, Wolverine
Sabretooth: Wolverine, Jubilee
Apocalypse: Cable, Archangel
Spiral: Psylocke
Mastermind: Phoenix
Dark Beast: Beast
Emplate: M, Penance, Synch

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I searched the forums but nothing came up inquiring about her identity (if I missed it, sincerest apologies)

I followed the preceding run before original Thor became "unworthy" and absolutely loved the flow of the story and the gorgeous art. I'm curious to see how the new Goddess of Thunder wields the hammer and honors the name...and curiouser still to connect the dots as to what moon walking woman happened upon Mjolnir.

I feel like the obvious route is to examine the Inhumans since they inhabit the moon. My assumption is that new Thor is not actually Asgardian as her inner monologue is less than archaic.

She seems very young...and maybe I'm reaching here, but could it be Luna, daughter of Crystal and Quicksilver? Would Mjolnir accelerate it's master's age to make them battle ready? or could it be Crystal?

Any guesses? ....or is the general consensus that everybody's miffed about the temporary change and could care less?

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@tariqjp: Depends if you're talking about telepathic weapons or telekinetic ones as they have different effects.

Telepathic knives can cause a nasty headache at the very least. With more precision Betsy can perform psychic surgery, revealing, removing or implanting memories. With enough power and concentration, her psychic knife can kill.

Telekinetic weapons are more physical as they don't interfere with the mind....mostly. The neural disruption takes place when she doesn't want to inflict severe damage to her opponents. As the threat she faces increases, she can solidify her psionic weapons with the force of her will....and by enveloping her muscles in teke to boost her strength and speed, those blades, spears and arrows become all the more deadly.

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These are GORGEOUS!

and a cosmic Dazzler would be awesome XD

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@lordofallhumans: @time: "And while some of the team follow a lead that takes them to the Inhuman Queen MEDUSA, Psylocke makes an EXPLOSIVE discovery of her own..."

So the rest of the team is hanging out with the Inhumans...Psylocke is elsewhere...I highly highly doubt she's going to end up an Inhuman.....although I guess it wouldn't be a terrible stretch to say her mom was Inhuman and maybe Jamie's powers where Inhuman in origin...

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I didn't read the book yet but I'm curious....

Are Miss America and Whizzer their real parents as they were lead to believe early on...or maybe I have my facts all crossed...

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I hope she gets a new costume, stat.

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I'm curious to see if the connection between Apocalypse and Celestial technology will be explored in the 3rd installment of the First Class franchise...

or would they resort to another explanation for his immense power? In the end credits of DOFP he already displayed intricate telekinetic feats which are technically not part of his original mutation (are they?)

One theory I have is that they might also introduce Mr. Sinister and have him genetically alter Apocalypse....before eventually injecting himself with some version of MGH (Mutant Growth Hormone)

WHAT IF!....Lucas Bishop is a police officer investigating the spread of a new drug (I know he was in DOFP in the future BUT he's a frickin time traveler and maybe he came back trying to arrest Fitzroy but suffered from amnesia....until Fitzroy awakens Apocalypse!) and runs into Xavier while he's tracking a new mutant? Hmmm?

Since it's the 80s....and I know this'll make some people groan...I wanna see along with young Jean, Scott and Ororo; Longshot (as a mutant like in Ultimate X maybe?), Polaris (pre-teen since she was so young in DOFP (I know she was supposed to be Wanda since she was in a pink princess dress...but I do not accept that blatant disregard of Pete and Wanda's twinness)) and also a pre-teen Nightcrawler wrapping up his relationship with Azazel and Mystique....instead of the "Magnique" romance.

and CABLE...somehow...

Nevermind...this all sounds awful.