Dr. Essex's X-Men: Bishop takes Queen

It's pitch black. Black into glowing red balloons getting brighter and brighter. Red into more vibrant hues of orange and then flickers of yellow until the darkness is banished in favor of a waking world. A teenage boy yawns, squinty-eyed fumbling across his jacket pockets until the red bottle cap lenses he sought reveal themselves. He sighs in relief as though he wouldn't be surprised if they'd been left behind, and judging from their thickness he might as well walk around with his eyes closed without them.

He peels his nearly bald head from his glass pillow, a backseat car window, rubs the spot previously suction cupped like a Garfield window cling and fluffs the small tuft of white hair atop his head. "Are we there yet?" he mumbles to the parental figures in the front of the small hover car. "You tell me, Wise Guy."

He is me. My peers call me Wise Guy because mine is the power to see into the future. My visions can be cryptic, and still being in the adolescent stages of my mutation, they're specs, mere milliseconds giving little to no effect by my knowing or altering what I see. 'Wise Guy' is less a badge of honor and more a satirical jab at my psychic inadequacy. It doesn't help that my step-dad, the famous and proud of it Roberto 'Sunspot' Dacosta is the biggest perpetuator of my reputation. He's haughty, conceited and has no qualms about his womanizing ways, but my mom is unwavering in her love and support of him despite my protests.

I don't get it. My dad was loyal, kind and goofy. At least that's what I remember of him.

"I'm a mutant."

In the past those words held so much weight on the lips summoning the strength to utter them and once they fell on human ears, the relocation process began. My parents and hundreds of thousands of their mutant brothers and sisters were singled out, hunted, captured and shipped off to Genosha just over 30 years ago. Guarded by Sentinels and crippled by power dampeners, mutantkind was at a loss living in a pit of poverty and despair.

work in progress...

There's a LOT going on here, just trying to keep it all together so here's a synopsis of what's happening:

In this alternate universe, Bishop traveled back in time to eliminate the threat of any genetic predecessors of Scott Summers and Jean Grey in the belief that without them, the Phoenix would never find it's way to Earth, in turn creating a more harmonious future between humans and mutants. He pinpointed the moment Jean's powers were to emerge, taking the place of the driver that would've hit her friend and swerved the opposite direction, killing Jean instantly. Believing his mission was saving the planet, he had no qualms about burning the body to ensure her genetic material wasn't reproduced (though Dr. Essex had already obtained a sample)

He then befriended Major Christopher Summers, making his way onto the flight that, when the Shi'Ar attacked, would have resulted in the abduction of Christopher and Katherine and escape of Scott and Alex. Instead, the time displaced Bishop knocked Christopher out and parachuted out with him, leaving the rest of the Summers family prey to the Shi'Ar.

Things went awry when Charles Xavier tracked him down with his newly formed X-Men (Angel, Beast, Iceman, Amelia Voght & Banshee), as if altering the past and murdering a telepathic child wouldn't alert Earth's most powerful psychic. Unbeknownst to Bishop, Dr. Essex had been observing him and intervened with his own Fraternity (Mystique, Sabretooth, Gambit, Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver), killing Xavier and all but 2 of his students (Angel and Iceman who's memories are erased). The chronal wave that resulted completely erased Bishop's future, but somehow left him anchored in his present existence.

Without Xavier and the X-Men, mutants were eventually rounded up and deported to Genosha surrounded by Sentinels and power dampeners to keep them at bay. Dr. Essex and his Fraternity established a sense of government among the mutant exiles. Mystique and Sabretooth's eldest son, Graydon Creed, AKA Coyote ascended to political power with the notion of negotiating with the World Powers for a handful of island territories in exchange for mutant intervention where man-made solutions were failing.

Iceman was dispatched to expand the polar icecaps to reduce global warming and in exchange, Muir Island was awarded. Coyote assigned Iceman's wife, Wolfsbane and their son, Frostbite (lycanthropic white wolf), along with Warpath, Dani Moonstar and their daughter, Wildflower (heightened senses and strength); Gambit, Scarlet Witch and their daughter, Gypsy (alters kinetic probability); Quicksilver, Darkstar and their twins, Nightshift and Auxiliary (darkforce manipulation / speed siphoning); Kylun, Psylocke and their twins, Sibyl and Sonya (vocal persuasion / psionic scream); and his own parents, Sabretooth and Mystique and youngest brother, Thrash (feral nature and aquakinesis)...

A team was dispatched to eliminate the source of a new drug dispensed by crimelords in Madripoor that had swept across the globe with a single injection promising to reveal the face of God. Sunfire, Multiple Man, Box, Dragoness and Kamikaze infiltrated the underground and were granted Madripoor as a territory. Coyote bestowed kingship to Sunfire with his wife, Polaris and their son, Horizon (energy transmutation), and assigned Multiple Man, Boom Boom, their daughter, Dice (explosive dupes); Box, Madelyn Essex, their daughter, Pandora (cyber and technopathy) and son, River (telepathy, telekinesis); Kamikaze, Dragoness, their son, Verve (bioelectric speed); Jesse Bedlam, Copycat, their son, Chalk (death touch); Justice, Kitty Pryde, their son, Skyscraper (size manipulation, strength)

In what would become the final mission, Magneto was drafted to extend an electromagnetic field to reinforce the ozone and in return, Antarctica was to be granted as the 4th colony. Coyote dispatched a full team for support: Nightcrawler, Callisto, Colossus, Firestar, Cypher and Magik and all of them were shocked when the tropical Savage Land appeared along with a less than thrilled welcoming committee. Mutant renegade Storm had made the Savage Land her home and married the natives chief, Ka-Zar. Not only that, but a rebel Shi'Ar ship had taken refuge in the jungle lead by Princess Lilandra and her consort, Scott Summers, his brother, Alex and the interstellar popstar, Lila Cheney.


X-Men: Days of Future Past, a synopsis by Thunderscream

All characters mentioned in this synopsis are property of Marvel, this is simply fiction for fun.

I have faith in Bryan Singer, I do, but this is gonna be a tough one. Ratner and the writers made a pretty big mess of X3 and pretty much eliminated the possibility of Rachel Summers existing. Without her, we have to find another gateway to the past...AND without Kitty even being born in the 70s (since that is the supposed decade we'll be be set in) she wouldn't have a younger self to transfer her future consciousness into anyway.

SO, I propose this....doing everything within my power, within reason and in consideration of the masses who don't know the X-ins and X-outs while still easter egging the crap out of you guys ;)

In the future timeline, we have Storm, Colossus, Kitty, Iceman, Nightcrawler....and Illyana imprisoned. After hearing the dying words of an elderly psychic woman named Irene (or maybe even Emma Frost) about a man named Essex who tampered with mutant DNA to create the Phoenix which ultimately lead to their future, the future X-Men devise an escape plan involving Illyana's newly developed time-travel portals. Obviously, things don't go according to plan. Storm is killed creating a diversion and Illyana is captured while the others make it through.

The quartet of mutants emerge in the 70s (I'm reading up on my history of New York in the 70s, they don't exactly have to arrive at a pivotal moment in history, but the historical references need to be poignant and accurate...aside from, y'know, the existence of mutants)

SOOOO Fist class left us with a wheelchair bound Xavier with a full head of hair, blue, furry Beast, Havok and Banshee....who were honestly kinda "meh" characters for me in the movie. I think if they went with a Mr. Sinister storyline, Havok would actually be pretty important (and also in this continuity's concept of time, is it more likely that he's Cyclops's father rather than his brother?) Anywho, the future X-Men seek out Xavier and his X-Men, encountering young new recruits, Storm and Douglas Ramsey (shhhhhh, I think he'd work well here)

Once Xavier accepts their proposition to find Essex, they first seek out a legendary mutant that evaded all attempts of capture by the Sentinels, Wolverine (of course) SO the lineup is Wolverine, Havok, young Storm, future Colossus, Kitty, Iceman and Nightcrawler and Beast and Cypher (the latter two of whom just fly the plane or coordinate communications, have intellectual banter and act awkward around girls (also, I'd kinda like Cypher to represent a different ethnicity, maybe latino and his last name could change to Ramirez. What?)) With such a large cast, I kinda want Banshee to go bye-bye AND I think there has to be a cameo of Dazzler, maybe even just a poster promoting her concert or a news report outing her as a mutant or something)

Back to the skeleton plot I'm randomly assembling: Back to the Future ;) The heads of the internment camps bring Illyana to the cells where they hold the most dangerous mutants...because it makes sense to keep all the most dangerous mutants in one place, together ;). We see some cameos here, Franklin Richards, Scarlet Witch, Proteus, Mister X (it doesn't really matter who, just some powerful mofos)....and then there's Xavier & Magneto, who'll be super old. And here's the deal, the main guy, Bastion, doesn't like having to report missing mutants to the higher ups, so he introduces Nimrod and forces Xavier to telepathically force Illyana to teleport Nimrod to exact time and place she did her teammates so they can be bagged, tagged and brought back to the future (I love typing "Back to the future" teehee) But since the portal is forced and Illyana is so inexperienced (and since Xavier is a bad mama-jama), things spin out of control, releasing several mutants, Mags and the Prof included, who snag Illyana and jump in the portal after Nimrod. By the time they stumble out of the portal in the past, Nimrod is gone and, yet again, Illyana doesn't make it through with them (It'd probably be too much for a non-comic fan audience to digest, but I'd like to later explore Belasco abducting her mid-transport....and then dive into Inferno in the 3rd installment in the 80s with Sinister's clone of a prepubescent Jean, rapidly aged to adulthood, Madelyne Pryor....if that's too much of a stretch, she just doesn't make it because she's never teleported to the past before)

....Not sure where to go from there, I'll be back


X-Men: A Savage New World (Earth 308)

*All characters in this fan fiction are either property of Marvel or are derived from aspects of Marvel characters.

The Phoenix Force is a harbinger of destruction and rebirth across the cosmos and the multi-verse. In the 616 universe, "her" fire was extinguished as the supposed host, Jean Grey, sacrificed herself in battle against the Imperial Guard on Earth's Moon to save countless lives from being consumed by her insatiable hunger. 308's series of events played out much differently, with the Shi'ar's Majestrix Lilandra Neramani choosing North America's Death Valley as the battleground where the outcome would decide Jean Grey's fate.

The Dark Phoenix unleashed her fiery wrath in spite of Professor Xavier and Cyclops' best efforts to tame her temper; killing all but Gladiator of the Imperial Guard and incinerating nearly half the planet. With their last breaths, Xavier dampened Jean's psi-powers enough to give Cyclops a clear shot, killing her instantly...if only they had managed the feat moments sooner. Also arriving too late, the time traveler, Bishop, who had come to rescue a handful of the X-Men that would spawn a new generation of mutant leaders crucial to preventing his dismal future. He did save them by absorbing a nearly fatal amount of the Phoenix's power, but the majority of the human population wasn't so lucky. Even the Shi'ar fleet suffered severe damage.

They say time heals all wounds, but the scar of the Phoenix ran deep. The unofficial death toll counted over 5 billion....human, mutant and an incalculable range of animal species had become endangered. Blame rested on mutants and even more heavily on Lilandra who vanished shortly after the event horizon. Although they tried their best to help rebuild what little semblance of a normal life was possible for baseline humans, the resentment was too strong and it became clear that coexistence would be unobtainable in any short amount of time.

Unofficially speaking on behalf of the mutant race, Storm relocated the remaining and willing mutants to the unspoiled Savage Land, striking up a Quartet alliance with Namor of Atlantis, the newly self-appointed Majestrix Deathbird of the Shi'ar and the native Fall People who appointed Ka-Zar their leader. They would share resources, technology and knowledge and create a new way of life separate from the rest of humanity. It was decided that repopulation was a key component to ensuring the survival of all races in this new society and so the Alpha Generation was born. Cultivating the power of surviving elementals, climate and vegetation were pleasant and prosperous and utilizing the raw strength of hulkbusters, intuitive genius of technopaths and mental might of telekinetics, a capital city was built and christened "Xandra".

22 years have passed and now the Alphas are stepping into leadership roles. The descendants of the original Quartet expect their place in government as a birthright, but after all this time, the citizens are ready to hold elections. Tensions are high, with lower power leveled mutants unhappy that their place is delegated by the expression of their X-Gene rather than their desire to learn and fulfill their dreams. These assignments made sense in the beginning, but with the gap between lower and upper classes growing exponentially, it's clear that changes must take place.

Temporary officials Isis, Totem, Zephyra and Flock have infuriated their parents (save Deathbird) by approving an Imperial Guard Gladiatorial Games, with the promise that the victors will win a place for him/herself and their family in the Shi'ar fleet when repairs are completed. The decision came to a 3/4 vote...many would speculate that Isis, Zephyra and Flock all sharing the royal Shi'ar Neramani bloodline creates an unbalance in the system.

Another concern is a growing cult phenomenon called "The Ruby Court" worshipping the trinity of the Phoenix, Cyclops and Charles Xavier and claiming the power of all 3 will resurface within one of their members. They are lead by an Alpha named Pandora, who bares a striking resemblance to the deceased Jean Grey, her younger brother, River

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HeliX: A Sinister Breed, The Rebirth of Mojoworld

An unholy marriage between Mr. Sinister and Spiral brought Mojo's multidimensional monopoly, Mojoworld, crumbling beneath it's and his own weight, wiping out his servants and slaves in favor of recreating this world in their own, twisted image. With Sinister's expertise and enthusiasm for genetics and Spiral's Body Shoppe, they spawned a new army derived from the DNA of the X-Men and other powered beings in hopes of creating an ultimate weapon. Accelerating their growth and implanting false memories, Sinister and Spiral enroll their "children" in gladiatorial games to test the extent of their abilities.

Theo McKenzie AKA Totem, Parents: Meggan / Namor
Appearance: Natural form is green scaled skin, but outer appearance changes instinctively to shield from shifts in environmental conditions; growing fur in the cold, becoming organic molten rock to accommodate extreme heat, etc.
Powers: Can recall and display the power of his ancestors, the combined strength of the Kings of Atlantis and the elemental sensitivity of Meggan's otherworldly mystics. He can tap into the Earth's electromagnetic field to hurl bolts of energy or attune his senses to the wilderness and commune with nature. While he might be one of the most powerful mutants on the planet, he has very little control once he summons a "totem". If he doesn't focus hard enough, he can fall into a trance, surrendering his body and all the power that goes with it to the essence of an ancestor or a feral spirit.

Pandora Jeffries AKA Pandora, Parents: Madison Jeffries / Madelyne Pryor
Appearance: Flowing red hair with black extensions, green eyes and a cybernetic arm.
Powers: A combination of technopathy and cyberpathy. Fashioned her own cybernetic arm to enhance her offensive capabilities, with prehensile coils, a force field generator and a laser cannon.

River Jeffries AKA River, Parents: Madison Jeffries / Madelyne Pryor
Appearance: Short, dark hair and slightly overweight. River relies on his telekinesis for everything, usually opting to float instead of walk and summon things toward himself rather than physically retrieve them. Also, instead of taking the initiative to learn on his own, he simply telepathically downloads information from those around him to learn.
Powers: Telepathy and telekinesis

Ingrid Madrox AKA Dice, Parents: Multiple Man / Boom Boom
Appearance: Short platinum hair (I imagine her to look like Swedish pop star, Robyn)
Powers: Able to generate up to five duplicates of herself. Each dupe is set with an internal clock, as they're basically living bombs. They have the same memory, gymnastics and kick-boxing training as the original but they obey her instructions after they're deployed. Dice is still learning to alter the clock once she's already designated one for a dupe. For now, if she sets the clock at 10 minutes, they go off at 10 minutes whether they've engaged their target or not.

Alistair Worthington-Frost AKA Matador, Parents: Archangel / White Queen
Appearance: Slicked back blonde hair, eyes glow red when using his power.
Powers: A specialized form of mind control that initiates bloodthirsty rage in opponents, making them "see red" and maliciously lash out at whoever Matador targets. Enraging a single person is easy, but the more minds he controls at once, the less time he can maintain the effects.

Sibyl Worthington-Frost AKA Blackbird, Parents: Archangel / White Queen

Appearance: Long blonde hair and exquisitely beautiful, framed by black feathered wings

Powers: Winged flight, wears gloves with diamond talons. Able to telepathically alter others' perception to appear invisible although electronic detection is still aware of her presence.

Nicholas Aaronson AKA Verve, Parents: Bedlam / M

Appearance: Tall, lean, handsome as hell

Powers: Heart generates bio-electric charges that stimulate his muscles, imbuing him with lightning speed. His brain also processes information at an astounding rate making him adept in trigonometry, physics and a number of languages to name a few of his "quick-study" endeavors.

Isis Neramani AKA Isis, Parents: Adam X / Storm

Appearance: Elegant, petite frame with blonde hair and blue eyes

Powers: Like her father, Isis must oxygenate her target's blood before using her powers, but unlike his, her powers are to heal internal injuries. She carries her mother's vibranium blades with her at all times and is immensely proficient with them in combination with her Shi'ar inherent agility and strength.

Beatrice "Cali" Howlett AKA Calico, Parents: Wolverine / Domino

Appearance: Albino with red and black splotches on and through her skin and hair and red eyes with feline slit pupils.

Powers: Projects a limited probability field increasing her own luck, 2 hard-bone retractable claws on the back of each hand, enhanced senses and reflexes, regenerative healing factor.

Colin Drake AKA Frostbite, Parents: Wolfsbane / Iceman

Appearance: Permanently locked in a large, white wolf-man form

Powers: Claws, enhanced strength, durability, senses and speed. Impervious to arctic conditions.

Scout Xavier AKA Scout, Parents: Rogue / Longshot

Appearance: Shaggy brunette hair with a white streaked bang, 4-fingered hands and his left eye glows yellow when he uses his power.

Powers: Able to steal one super human power at a time. He retains that power until his body decides that he's mastered it and then he loses access to it without warning. He has the secondary ability to absorb another being's pain into himself, a form of physical empathy. He can't draw in more pain than his body can handle and he can't actually heal whoever he's trying to help if they have a open wound, just temporarily reduce their suffering.

Alexis Ramsey AKA Lexis, Parents: Magik / Cypher

Appearance: She'a a dead ringer for her mother, although her eyes are brown. Carries a spell book with her like her life depended on it.

Powers: While she inherited her father's powers, she applies them towards magic like her mother, but she's yet learned to retain mystical knowledge, often forgetting spells immediately after she's used them, possibly due to ADD.

Xandra Wagner AKA Rapture, Parents: Callisto / Nightcrawler

Appearance: Scarlet red skin, pointed ears, jet black hair, yellow eyes. Unlike her father she has all 5 fingers and toes on each hand.

Powers: Ability to trade-teleport, meaning she can teleport herself to another person's position while relocating them to her previous one. She has an innate tactile understanding like her mother, making her use of power much like moving pieces on a gameboard.

Lily Proudstar AKA Wildflower, Parents: Moonstar / Warpath

Appearance: Statuesque with long black hair, 1/2 Apache, 1/2 Cheyanne.

Powers: Feeding on sunlight and the nutrients of the earth like a plant, Wildflower can survive in just about any condition. Along with granting her as of yet unmeasured strength and regenerative capabilities, her body adapts to the most extreme temperatures and pressure from changes in elevation from the highest mountain peaks to the depths of the deepest ocean floor. She is also able to root herself to the earth to stand ground in a fight or become seemingly weightless and drift on the currents of the wind.

Zephyra Neramani AKA Zephyra, Parents: Deathbird / Gladiator

Appearance: Black feathered head crest, wings and purple skin.

Powers: Winged flight, razor-sharp talons, microscopic sight and strength and invulnerability unmatched by any.

Gabriel Eisenhardt AKA Ax, Parents: Magneto / Lilandra

Appearance: ...... Powers: .......

Akio Yoshida AKA Beacon, Parents: Polaris / Sunfire

Appearance: His body is constantly afloat and aglow

Powers: Beacon can absorb any form of energy and metabolize, transform and redirect it as any other form of energy he wishes (as long as he understands the atomic compounds) He can also fly at light speed.

Cosmo Carosella AKA Wise Guy, Parents: Tempo / Strong Guy

Appearance: Inherited his father's hairline and nearsightedness, prompting the same bottle cap glasses.

Powers: Precognitive, utilizing it in combat to predict and parry his opponent's every move. Visions predicting events further off in time are more difficult for him to pinpoint and he prefers to remain passive in battle.

Amanda Essex AKA Armada, Parents: Spiral / Mr. Sinister

Appearance: Four-armed, brunette, Caucasian female with a red diamond gem centered on her forehead.

Powers: Dextrous, agile and strong, doubled by the perfect coordination of her 2 extra arms, Armada wields every weapon she touches with expertise.

Melissa Gibney AKA Ocelot DNA Pair: Persuasion / Wild Child

Appearance: blonde female with purple skin

Powers: a feral femme fatale with heightened senses, claws and agility and the ability to emit pheromones to manipulate the emotions of weak willed individuals.

*A note: While a few of these are original ideas (some of which I've yoinked from my older blogs), a few were also piecemealed from the Comic Vine Gene Game (which I love)

**Another note: I realize distinguishing races seems a bit arbitrary, but it was mainly because other pigments are mentioned (blue, albino)


Xavier's Avengers

This is a world where the X-Men have taken the place of the Avengers....after they died at the hands of a resurgence of Onslaught. Once Xavier regained his senses, the team regrouped in the Savage Land and to avoid persecution of mutants in the name of the slain heroes, they took on their identities and made the name Avengers their own. Xavier and Jean extended a portion of their power to weave complex illusions around their teammates ensuring even other psychics wouldn't detect the forgeries.
Even the remaining X-Men are unaware of the events as they occured, believing their own friends to be the actual victims. This makes interaction between the two teams incredibly difficult, especially for Jean who so desperately wants to reach out to Cyclops who's attention is diverted to Amelia Voght. Magneto along with his Acolytes perished with the Avengers, save Amelia Voght who dissipated away, materializing back at the mansion with no memory of the events as they transpired.
The jig may be up before it even starts as the pretenders struggle to keep their own powers on the down-low and stay in character, especially in front of their unsuspecting friends.
In light of Onslaught's rampage and subsequent destruction resulting in the deaths of Charles Xavier and a squad of his X-Men, the original FF and their kin board a space shuttle to explore the cosmos, having grown weary of Earth's constant strife, leaving their mantle to a dedicated quartet of mutants wishing to honor their mentor.

Avengers Roster:
Xavier (wearing Iron Man's armor)
Havok (standing in as Captain America)
Prodigy (dawning Falcon's wings)
Jean Grey (acting as Arachne)
Longshot (using his lucky aim as Hawkeye)
Mercury (taking the form of Jocasta)
Boom Boom (keeping it cool as Mockingbird)
New Fantastic Four:
X-Men Gold Roster:
Cecelia Reyes (who can extend her force field to others through touch)
X-Men Blue Roster:
Amelia Voght


My Amalgam Universe

Avengers + JLA = Justice Avengers
Iron Man + Batman = Iron Night
Hulk + Super Man = Gamma Man
Jean Grey + Hal Jordan = Emerald
Captain America + Wonder Woman = Lady Liberty
Black Panther + Vixen = Black Sphinx
M + Mr. Terrific = Ms. Magnificent
Jack of Hearts + Martian Manhunter = Jack of Mars
Ant Man + Captain Atom = Atomic Ant
Thor + Hawkman = Thoragar
Lilandra + Starfire = Starlily
Cloak & Dagger + Nightwing & Flamebird = Darkwing & Lightbird  
Hercules + Aquaman = Neptune
Black Widow + Catwoman = Tarantula
Deadpool + Ambush Bug = Dead Bug 
War Machine + Nightwing = War Wing
Moon Knight + Blue Beetle = Silver Scarab
Scarlet Witch + Raven = Dahlia
Namor + Captain Marvel = Romulus
Starhawk + Firestorm = Starstorm
Wasp + Fire = Firefly
Wolverine + Commander Steel = Admiral X
Dr. Strange + Zatanna = Miss Mystic
X-Men + Infinity Inc. = Infinity X
Cyclops + Skyman = Horizon
Beast + Obsidian = Gargoyle
Rachel Grey + Jade = Neon 
Iceman + Flash = Flashfreeze
Storm + Northwind = Stormwind
Shadowcat + Wildcat = Mynx

X-Men (future) + Legionnaires = Exemplars 
Domino + Triad = Dice 
Rogue + Super Girl = Gamma Girl  
Polaris + Gossamer = Molecula
Quicksilver + Lightning Lad = Silver Spark   
Sunfire + Dragonmage = Dragonfire 
Cypher + Brainiac 5 = Vertex 
Psylocke + Dream Girl = Reverie
Dani Moonstar + Dawnstar = Dani Dawnstar

Fantastic Four + Metal Men = Ferrous Four 
Mr. Fantastic + Gold = Bigshot
Invisible Woman + Platinum = Chîc
Human Torch + Mercury = Fahrenheit
Thing + Iron =  Sledge
Excalibur + Shadowpact = Order of Excalibur
Captain Britain + Nightmaster = Red Lion
Nightcrawler + Ragman = The Cloth
Colossus + Blue Devil = Steel Devil
Meggan + Zauriel = Muiriel
Wolfsbane + Nightshade = Nightsbane

Hellfire Club + Fatal Five = Hellfire Five 
Selene + Emerald Empress = Ebon Empress
Emma Frost + Silver Swan = White Swan 
Donald Pierce + Tharok = Dark King 
No-Girl + Zymyr = Zyrtha 
Fitzroy + Mano = Chronomano   
Dark Illuminati + Legion of Doom = The Doominati 
Ultron + Brainiac = Ultimatum 
Loki + The Joker = Trickster  
Doctor Doom + Two-Face = Doom Face
Mephisto + Trigon = Trifecto
Baron Zemo + Riddler = Baron Enigma
Red Skull + Doctor Cyber = Cyber Skull
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants + Legion of Super Villains = Ministry of Sin 
Professor X + Lex Luthor/ Alan Scott = Mr. LeXavier (the original Emerald)
Magneto + Lightning Lord = Vector
Goblyn Queen + Poison Ivy = Succuba 
Mr. Sinister + Sinestro = Mr. Sinistro
Apocalypse + Darkseid = Apokolips
Silver Surfer + Pariah = Silver Pariah 
Phoenix Force + Green Lantern Corp = Omega Corp
Independent Villains: 
Galactus + The Monitor = Galanitor, Collector of Planets
The Mandarin + Ra's Al Guhl = Ra's Khan  
Deathbird + Blackfire = Blackbird 
Sabretooth + Deathstroke = Carcass 
Baron Blood + Silver Banshee = Bloodscream
Abomination + Bizarro = Deviant
Mojo + Toyman = Monopoly
Venom + Eclipso = Vengeance
I'm seeing now how mucho-mucho complicated blending such detailed backgrounds from 2 universes seamlessly together can be. Back when Amalgam was out, I didn't like how in some instances characters were pieced together from 3 rather than 2 individuals, or how bits of 1 character were carried over into 2 amalgams...but it turns out this was necessary to make sense of this mish-mash reality.
An example of this is my idea to merge the Phoenix Force with the Green Lantern Corp to form the Omega Corp. Rather than granting the ability to manipulate the green light spectrum, induction into the Corp amplifies natural psionic powers, primarily telepathy, telekinesis and wielding cosmic fire; therefore, only beings with psychic potential are chosen. In the spirit of this, my original merger of Professor X & Lex Luthor needed a tie in...which led me to the conclusion that he could also have been the original "Omega" adding Alan Scott to the mix. This would explain his mental powers...but somewhere along the line he would become corrupt. 
This is where it starts getting a bit convoluted...as comics can. As Alan Scott fathers Jade & Obsidian, Mr. LeXavier breeds Neon and Gargoyle, creating an unusual connection between Rachel Grey and Beast....so it's possible that I'll have both of them come from the future to assemble Infinity X, which creates another odd situation where the team would be lead by Horizon, half of whom would otherwise be Rachel's father....eh, this could go on forever making less sense as it goes.

Comic Vine Gene Game

myself and a gaggle of other comic viners played match- maker to create a future world of x-babies, collaborating on character creation and plot. This is our list of creations we plan to use, divided into 5 teams: 


Caesura: sonic scream able to raise and command the dead     
Calico/Tyger: empathic feline shapeshifter  
Casino: multiple personalities grant: flight, strength, invisibility & photographic memory  
Katsa: body creates strong gravitational field drawing in objects to spin them like planetary rings and launch said objects as weapons  
Koko: able to concentrate on an existing object or someone else's desire and either teleport or materialize it to her location  
Totem: drinks animal blood to mimic their innate abilities   
Snug: impervious skin, invulnerability & moderate strength. pierced & tatted      
Nightshift/Midnight: darkforce shadow form capable of bonding with a host to act as armor or blend into shadows  
Baxt: able to discern multiple outcomes and choose one to achieve desired result. eyes glow red 
Flux: transitional thermal form, absorbs heat to freeze surroundings. heat blasts. intangibility.      
Compass: absorbs various energy to increase strength. spatial awareness grants knowledge of location in space & time.  
Oracle: precognition & telekinesis  
Swift: genius intellect. creates high-tech gadgets and flies in a hovercraft   
Steelfire: steel skin with fiery accents, colossal strength, able to liquify to stretch. breathes fire.   
Meltdown: mystic force field increases strength. physical impact destabilizes matter causing it to burn out or explode   
Wolf Pack: lycanthropy and duplication  
Absolute Zero: conjure blizzards 
Aquarius: aquatic creature shapeshifter, aquatic creature telepathy, Atlantean physiology, flight 
Boost/Facade: extendable bio-plasmic force field 
Corpus: self-resurrection/regeneration, astral projection, possession   
Terracotta: stretchy clay-like body with moderate strength using leverage. wears hydro modules to prevent drying out.      
Luna Moth: creates force fields, weapons and wings out of neon green energy.   
Lodestar: psionically "smells" mutants. siphons kinetic energy to increase speed.   
Psychotic Brute/Axiom: purple ape able to temporarily evolve genetic sequences   
Brainstorm: technopath using electro-magnekinesis 
Flatscan: baseline human with artificial eyes implanted to pass as a mutant   
Kanji: pyrokinesis, specifically creation of white-hot fire blades & whips     
Matrix: omega level telekinetic   
Wise Guy: power of suggestion  
Shatter: body composed of crystal-like orange cubes?  
Shift:  sliding-scale speed & agility shared with sibling?   
Phase: sliding-scale speed & agility shared with sibling?  
 the last of the Teysha Tribe
Coyote / chameleon fur, retractable bone blades, infrared vision / believed himself to be son of Chief Scalphunter and head shamaness, Talisman, and brother to Harvest, but discovers he is descended from "the Raven and the Wolf" as he is teleported away from a massacre. Now he must find out who he is, why his skin is dark like the midnight sky, and that quest begins at the mouth of a foreboding cavern with his "spirit brother", Harvest, at his side. 
Harvest / spirit communication, ectoplasmic extraction used to germinate sentient plant life / didn't mind the attention his "brother" always received but felt insignificant when his biological mother revealed the truth of Coyote's origin and barely acknowledged him, her own blood, as she whisked them away. Now, as always, he's piggy-backing on Coyote's adventures....but how long will his contention last? 
Sinister's Scions / mutant hybrids created to overthrow alien, godly and otherdimensional governments as unsanctioned inheritors of royal blood 
Zephyra / Shi'ar genetic throwback with feathered wings & talons, hypnotic eyes, low-level psi / intended to overthrow the Shi'ar empire, she developed obsessive compulsive disorder, plucking out her own feathers. Her monitor and father, Gambit, confined her to an aviary on the outermost layer of the underground facility.  
Genie / Kree physiology with mutant shapeshifting powers. Wears a fragmented infinity gem allowing her to alter reality on a small scale, granting small "wishes" / Genie was born with dwarfism but uses her powers to appear much taller. She's a bit of a wild child but very cunning, regularly injected into Kree military bases as a saboteur.  
Thunderheart / half Asguardian demi-god who's lightning heart pumps electric adrenaline through his blood to increase his speed / Brought about the fall of Asguard, where the Enchantress ensorcelled him to only be able to fall in love with other gods just before she vanished with the rest in the Ragnarok. He's suspicious of the Scion's purpose, but he's unaware that Malice has been monitoring his every move. 
Starshot / tactile psychometry, flight, projection of "star bolts", can breathe in the vacuum of space / A modest, light-hearted free spirit, her first mission was cancelled when Mojoworld simply destroyed itself so she acts as backup to other Scions. Her powers enlightened her to who her parents are and she secretly plots out an escape to find them. 
Cascade / aquakinesis, involuntarily coaxed into a transient aqua form / Sinister was hoping to create a new vessel for the Phoenix force by combing Jean Grey's DNA with the demi-god, Hercules, but ended up with the equivalent of a water nymph. He keeps her in a blue, phoenix ornamented urn in a vault as a reminder of his failure. 
Indigo / auric biofield healer / The son of facility operatives Shinobi Shaw and Psylocke (under Malice's control), Reiki Shaw grew up as a comrade to the Scion's while retaining the unique benefit of biological, parental guidance. Although assigned as a medical specialist, Reiki trained extensively in Kung Fu and Samurai techniques, reigning as an undefeated champion with the katana blade. 
Section X bounty hunters: 
Yin Fang / psionic possession signified by serpentine psi-signature, churns psionic residue to open worm holes / Yin grew up aware that, although his parents had been approved to mate, they weren't invested in creating a happy home. He entered Section X the moment his powers emerged, thriving on the hunt to fill the void his parents never could. 
Carnyx / durable, brass body with hooves, tusks and enhanced strength, deep pitched howl incites bloodthirsty madness in listeners / Carnyx turned in his own parents for conspiring against Iron Brother. He gets a sick thrill out of watching his victims slay each other.     
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The Five Slights

Hope Summers brought.....well, hope back to mutants. She found five new mutants, each with a slightly extraordinary ability. 
River Gertz, a blonde, farmer's daughter, is a camelidthrope, able to transition between human and llama forms. 
Abel Dixon, a mormon missionary, can change the color of his irises
Tredryonne Harris, sculpture professor, whole body glows neon pink and produces moderate heat up to 108degrees F. 
Sondra Maxwell, oldest of 4 siblings, has the psi power to "see" behind herself and detect lies. 
Jerry Rutherford, talk show host, secretes a sticky syrup he uses to cling to walls. commands a few bees. 
Together, they are the next generation of X-Men, The FIVE SLIGHTS!


Children of the Atom: Kingdom Come, War vs. The Elementals PART I

We were some of the greatest powers on this planet, wielding the forces of nature as if it were simply a vocation. I wonder how our interference might have turned the tides. Looking back...How selfish were we? To hide away in the Savage Land, our fortress of solitude, maintaining a paradise any mutant wouldn't even fathom as reality. We were two kingdoms with followers blessing every day we granted them freedom from the agents of War and Death. How did those outside our borders, across the ocean fare without us? It doesn't matter now. We made our choice and suffered the consequences. The fates clipped our thread and now I stand alone in the very nightmare my comrades and I pooled our elemental might to avoid. I am Amara Aquila, Magma, and this is how the Elementals fell.  
The Americas were being ravaged by War, my former friend Dani Moonstar. Her rage and power were so great that she slaughtered most of the Asguardian gods making allies with Loki and Hela and coercing Wolfsbane and Karma to follow her by aid of the Shadow King. The X-Men were scattered and unorganized and in a desperation, Illyana Rasputin, Magik, teleported as many of us to the Savage Land as she could. Upon our arrival, an army of Atlanteans surrounded us and their King, Namor accused us of luring evil to their territory off the shores of Antarctica. Storm, Iceman, Polaris, Colossus, Cannonball, Rogue, Rictor, Skids and me were disoriented and in shock. We looked at ourselves and counted the faces we didn't see. My friends, Kitty, Pietro, even our savior, Illyana...gone. We surrendered to the Atlanteans, but Meggan, Namor's new wife, felt our pain with her empathic powers and broadcast it for Namor and his army to feel our loss. 
Days passed without a telepathic signal or astral projection or teleportal. Our team had so much raw power, but we waited for a sign to put it to use. The Fall People welcomed us into their huts further into the jungle where, as we waited, we helped build a prosperous community. Iceman and Polaris built an immaculate castle to act as a lookout and emergency fortress for the tribe. Colossus reunited with his estranged son, Peter, now a teenager. We all adapted to the more primitive lifestyle. I felt comfortable having grown up in similar conditions in Nova Roma, although our powers offered incalculable advantages. Our alliance with Atlantis helped too as they granted us access to their waters and fish in exchange for a share of our resources and surveillance and intel gathered by Sam and Sally. 
The first attack came in the seventh month. Sam and Sally returned from their rounds with what appeared to be an unconscious Jamie Madrox, the Horseman, Pestilence. He'd been dropped from a considerable height and crashed through the canopy. My first instinct was to incinerate him, but he looked the way he had before Apocalypse twisted him and we were all very curious about the state of the world we had escaped. Namor's cousin, Namora surfaced to offer Atlantean herbs to heal him. He awoke, startled, as if from a nightmare and a smile crept across his face. We had been found. The hut filled with duplicates, biting and scratching at our flesh. Before I could blink, they were all I could see. Colossus evacuated the Fall People into the castle and the rest of us blasted, froze, scorched, shocked and harpooned as many of the bodies as we could. We knew this wasn't the attack, this was the warning, and before I had time to process tripping over Cannonball's severed head or catching a glimpse of duplicates gnawing on Rictor's leftovers, the deep pools of blood soaking into the earth began to ripple and ominous silhouettes towered over the trees and against the unsettling beauty of the moonlit sky. Sentinels. 
I power down, my fire form draws too much attention in the dark. Where are the others? Oh mighty Zeus, Sam! Ric! Where's Sally? Rogue is crouching by Namora....is she dead? I run toward Ororo, her right eye is scratched out. She points off at a glowing green light. Lorna. This is it. Do or die as Sam used to say. Used to. No. Not now, our power is great. We will avenge them! My blood burns and I unleash everything. We all unleash everything. It is a terrible sight. The sky snaps, the earth cracks, ice shatters, energy illuminates it all as the metal monsters fall.  
Suddenly it's over. I don't know if we destroyed them all of if they retreated but all those sounds of destruction are replaced by a faint crashing of waves in the distance. I don't want this veil of darkness to end. Without light I'll not know how much we lost, but I must be strong. We all need to see. My flames burst, casting yellow light across mounds of blackened bodies. Our battle cries of rage and unbridled purging of power erased any possibility of distinguishing between Madrox duplicates and our friends. 
Namora had joined us on the surface that day and lost her life, but not before she granted Rogue permission to absorb her powers and the rest of her life-essence to fight off the Sentinels. Colossus sacrificed himself to protect the Fall people and his son...I was waiting to tell him he had another child on the way. 
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What makes a mutant?

It's supposed to be when the X-Gene is activated at the onset of puberty, BUT there are several "mutants" whose powers and alternative appearances were apparent at birth. Nightcrawler, Madrox, Meggan and Catseye are examples of this and in reading the bio of Damian Tryp it seems that they're most likely Changelings, a genetic throwback preceding mutants. Apocalypse and many of his descendants (Blink) may also fit into this category since their physical mutations were evident at birth.
There's also the tricky task of pinpointing the outside factors that trigger mutancy. I remember in the 90's X-cartoon, Beast mentioned a few possibilities including pollution, ozone, and even television (although he was being a bit sarcastic) as igniters of the X-factor gene. But can you put mutants with a natural progression of inherent and evolved genetic traits in the same category as one who's genes were altered by their parents' exposure to cosmic rays/radiation (Franklin Richards) or submersion into a vat of chemicals (Persuasion/Mimic/Fenris)?

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