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Justice league and the All-star. 0

In this Justice League comicbook , will Justice League fight against hard villians like Brainiac.New hero has joined in and her name is .......... All-Star!!!So maybe will he help us much or maybe will he help us a little!I have read this comic book 100 hundred times in the store Nexus on Iceland.Well this is one of my favorite comic books , and you should read it because it is very good,a heroes like Superman , Batman and Flash are in this comic book and much of other heroes all this heroes one...

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Great Comic!!!! 0

This legion of super heroes comic is one of my favorite,and i will gonna read this comic tonight.Lightning Lad is my favorite superhero,but cosmic boy chameleon boy and braniac 5 are very good too.But if you read this comic ,then are you gonna love it!!!Lightning Lad,Brainiac 5,Phantom girl , Sun Boy , Shadow Lass , Cosmic Boy , Karate Kid , Colossal Boy , Princess Projectra , Saturn Girl , Superboy , Martha Kent ,Jonathan Kent ,Timber Wolf , Wildfire , Dawnstar , Chameleon Boy , R.J Brande , Sh...

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