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Thor wins. I am seeing a lot of people say that he cannot keep up with Faora but I disagree. I think at best she would surprise him once with a burst of speed but then he would adapt his fighting style and come out on top. He could blitz her with lightning and stall her long enough to finish her off. I have never gotten the sense that Thor is any weaker than Superman in the movies, it's more that Superman showcases his strength differently from Thor. I think this would be a really good fight and I don't think it would be one sided, but in the end I got to give it to Thor.

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I would suggest Blood and Thunder, it spans the marvel universe and gives insight to his current relationship with members of his family. Another fun one is the Thor Disassembled Ragnarok storyline. Of course you also can't go wrong with his JMS series I believe issues 1-25 should do it.

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well he took on and defeated a legion of the undead in Hel and then confronted Hela with sexy results. So there is a feat for you with no hammer or armor.

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Yep. Out cold

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Well I don't agree with all of your picks but I enjoyed what you had to say about of the selected battles. I wanted to ask, I'm a big fan of your blog and the other heroes you've written on, but I was curious about your process for selecting these battles. I couldn't help but notice that except for a select few, none of the chosen fights have occurred in the last ten or so years. Is that your comment on how stories are being written these days or was that not a factor for you during selection? Just wondering, again I very much enjoy reading your write ups.

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This is funny because I posted this same topic on another board about a year ago. This is the post, it's my first issue and the first time I fully realized Thor was my favorite super hero.

I have always loved super-heroes and my brother and I collected X-Men, Superman and Batman comics with passing interest. Then one foggy Christmas eve my aunt put a stack of comics in front of me that diversified my reading and introduced me to my favorite super-hero. Sure there were some Daredevils, X-Mens, Wolverines and my very first Thor; #461. I did not know anything about the story or character, all I knew was that this gnarly viking guy was beating the hell out of an alien copy of him. I liked the issue alot but still wasn't hooked. I went through the next few years collecting Wolverine and other comics, but my interest in comics was starting to fade. Then on a day unlike any other I came upon the issue that would cement Thor as my favorite comic book character, Thor #500! The story was amazing, the art was Deodato, and there was even a little guide in the back to help introduce me to the Thor universe! From that day forward I became obsessed with collecting issues of Thor and Thor related titles. Would anyone else like to share the story of their first Thor issue and when they realized he was their favorite?

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I dunno, I mean if Hulk was KO'd at the end of issue #1 couldn't it mean that Hulk is still not conscious but rather just fully controlled by that lady now? I'm gonna wait to see how this plays out before I make any judgements, either way it gets judged it would have been nice to see the fight play out. Oh well, another time I hope.

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I don't see it as a defeat, Hulk punched Thor and that is all we saw, whatever else happened is off screen. As far as I'm concerned they KO'd each other and until ANYTHING official is stated otherwise, that is my stance, enjoy disagreeing with that.

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I was thinking a little bit about how Thor fits into the Yost animated universe and I was wondering what the community thought. I feel like Thor: Tales of Asgard is where you can start him off obviously since it's where he starts as a child in Asgard, then Hulk vs. Thor comes next due to his initial underestimating of Hulk and his melancholiness towards his life as a defender of Asgard, then you have season 1 of Avengers EMH where he is finally on earth, and it then segways fairly nicely into Avengers EMH season 2 where it seems he has come into his own in terms of power and ability to balance Asgard and Earth, and then finally Planet Hulk in that flashback since Beta Ray Bill is seemingly an established presence in the cosmos. I loved all of the animated appearances of Thor (even though we can all agree Hulk vs. is a hard one for Thor fans to watch at times) and I felt like every time Thor was shown he was more confident and powerful than his last representation. But just based off of continuity and pacing this seemed like the most logical sequence of events. What are everyone's thoughts?

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