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@devilsgrin81: well not necessarily. I don't think she needs to one of the TV cast potentials in order to have a significant role in the book. Just not a regular one if she does appear in this.

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@thunderbolt30: more cosmic manipulation? :D

I hope we get to see some. Since they aren't wearing any breathing apparatuses I am thinking they are in a breathable planetary atmosphere, but this is a prime opportunity to revisit Storm's space weather powers.

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Storm: World's Apart

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Meanind a complete turnaround in their focus on Storm. In 2012 she was still being used as, primarily, wallpaper vs now having her own solo, leading the X-Men in multiple titles, a more meaningful Headmistress role, being involved in AXIS (hopefully in a important way), and now possibly being involved in this SHIELD book :-).

I think Storm started appearing a lot starting with Wood's first x-men run. She was kind of everywhere, same with 2013 but 2014 is definitely the biggest year for her as of the moment. Let's wait for her own movie before 2020 even comes. :)

I really want Storm in SHIELD. Let's hope that the writer likes her. :)

Fairly true. She did have a few good focus moments, but not as good as now (as you stated). And agreed on the bold.

it does seem clear tho, that even if she is... it's not going to be in any type of ongoing capacity. It will be an appearance, possibly a very short arc... then gone.

Agreed. I don't see her having a role as part of the regular cast. Hopefully more than periodic cameos and actually doing something of note in the book, but yeah, I think this will be more about the characters who have big roles in SHIELD.

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@malachi_munroe: LOL I LOVE this! Those thought bubbles are everything, and reflect so much of what I think of this scene. I just....Bendis does not get Storm.

@roddy010 said:

@devilsgrin81: Agreed on Larocca. His Storm was the embodiment of beauty and fierceness. And them cakes XD that costume was everything in more ways than one.

But my all time favorite will always be Olivier Coipel. I want to open up a museum with his Storm as the main exhibit.

He definitely needs to make it to an issue or two. He is also a fan of the character.

Coipel is also my ultimate fave :-). If there is anyone I want to see get a guest artist opportunity on this book it is Olivier.

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Lizard for fair majority.

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@storm_calling: thank you and well said. I think it's obvious that Storm's bond with nature is at a level Ivy isn't touching.

I think that just because Ivy has a physical connection to plant life, essentially being one on fundamental levels, people assume that = a deep connection to nature, which it really doesn't. I'm Glad you noted the similar dependence that humans have on this comparison, since I was thinking that last night when I read some of the posts, and because it illustrates that her physiological needs doesn't really support the argument of a greater connection.

And "nature" doesn't need be sentient in order to be nature or be more natural. Plants being alive doesn't make them any more natural than water vapor, air molecules, or soil. It's all part of the natural make up of the planet, with the major differences here being that Storm is deeply connected all of these natural forces and more vs Ivy being deeply connected but limited to just one.

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I respect your opinion BUT...this doesn't even come close to being a greater connection to nature than Storm's.

And I don't see why caring about plants helps to prove how her connection to nature is greater. Poison Ivy is plantlike, which I get. She communicates and has a special connection to the Green, but is limited to plant life based on what I have seen posted for her so far. That does not encompass even half of what Storm's ecopathic bond includes.

Storm's is bonded with the entire planet on multiple levels (i.e. -sensing what's happening inside the planet, feelings it's pain as her own, sensing life forces (plant and otherwise), etc.). Even in another dimension Storm's bond with her environment allowed her to actually heal the dimension itself. Storm takes this in spades.