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@arcus said:

Not sure who wins, but the benders are a pretty significant weak link

Agreed. I like the benders more than most of the mutants ( and god) present, but I think they don't have the power to really contend here. Though prep and tactical planning is an area I think Kuvira could be helpful in. She has impressed me so much in LoK.

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Neither Magik nor Tempus have TP resistance, and both have human range durabililty. M or vamp Jubilee could speed blitz them or they can be shut down with TP technically. On quite a few levels there are some quick draw elements for this fight, but I think the odds favor's Storm team.

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@thetruebarryallen said:

Traditionally Storm had a pretty good telepathic resistance, it was to do with how her powers worked as far as her biology and some deus ex machina answer to do with increased electricity in her brain, not dissimilar to how Gambit also had decent telepathic resistance and Rogue also did (but only when she had a fair number of latent absorptions from others and also Carol Danver powers and mind inhabiting her. Of course… being comic characters written under a number of writers after Chris Claremont a lot of these powers get/got ignored/forgotten, so I am not sure if there have been any references to them in last few years. I just know it was a thing in the 80's/90's. They weren't massive resistance's either, just enough to not make on sided fights whenever the X-Men had mutant on mutant angst, team fights, so on.


Also, just in general people? I wouldn't blame the polls on Storm fans. Speaking as a moderator who has actually had to ban the alt accounts of some users at this site, users who had so much bitter hatred for Storm/Storm fans, they actually made alt accounts to pretend to be Storm fans… then create a bunch of Storm mismatches just so they could jump back on to their main account to mock Storm and Storm fans. Well just think about that for a bit. Creating a new account takes a bit of time, people voting in a poll disingenuously because they like to perpetuate the idea that Storm fans are crazy? Much faster and easier to do. Chances are strong that a lot of voters are voting for the lulz, or voting in a way that makes them think will reflect badly on "Storm fans" oh and well polls are busted too heh heh.

Well said. This thread feels flame-baity.

And most of these match ups were already done on the Battle boards so if people were curious about the general opinions on how they think these fights would go they could just look them up there or google them.

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@roddy010 said:
@thunderbolt30 said:

Still loving that #7 cover (probably the second best of the series so far for me). I hope Stephanie Han handles all of Ororo's covers.

Yyyaaaasss! I couldn't agree more. She has easily become one of my favs. The cover for Storm #8-9slayed as well. We need to request a "best covers" thread/blog for Ororo, because this art is too delicious.

Agreed! I thought her #3 and #4 covers were just OK...but when I saw #5 with the Wolverine claws, and than 8, and now 9! She solidified me as a fan. I <3 Storm + Gambit as a team. One of the best duos in Marvel IMHO.

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The solicits for storm #9!! Gambit!!

It is life giving. Love it and looking forward to this....

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Storm's team for a majority. They have a lot of TP fire power, a couple of blitzers (Monet and Jubilee), and a a superior tactic and strategic mind (Storm) to coordinate their attacks (among other advantages). But I agree that Magik and Tempus could be game changers, especially morals of and everyone fully powered. It becomes more a quick draw with this type of battle setting.

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@stormweatherwitchgoddessqueenx: Tough fight once you factor in prep and extremely powerful magic users like Strange and Wanda. And Rogue's TP, protective force fields, and teleportation.There are a lot of factors with this fight, so it's hard ot say who would win. My initial impression is that team 1 could likely edge out the win with due to Strange and Thor.

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Jean easily with TP.

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The BoM for a majority.