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@the_superior_sapien: I feel you. You're constantly moving forward and shedding identities for something new. It happens to all of us at some point (I think), but something weird happens and voila! Idea alert.



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@acer_ said:

@pyrogram: I know you want me :p

o_______________o *saves pyro

@the_superior_sapien: Not gonna lie this whole MVP concept has me juiced up. Even if this falls apart.......I'm gonna steal Nike Inc. from you *evil laughter


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@surkit: Cool, cool. I gotta do some homework, but expect a post either tonight or tomorrow.

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I kinda wanna get involved with Legacy.

Lemme know if it's cool.

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Where is everyone? oh jeez.

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If anyone wants to write with me just pm me :)

(This is Closure/Clara for those who don't know)

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Against the strict guidelines formulated by his smothering father, the metaphysically empowered teenage wonder consciously infiltrated the Nike Inc. HQ of the MVP's. "Hmm." Through the use of energies siphoned from Shinigami, the boy was able to permeate the structure and attain the location of his designated target through listening in on the right conversations.

"Something doesn't smell right." Troy mumbled to himself as he walked along the physical and astral realm, flawlessly utilizing his new found powers to meticulously avoid the eyes of savvy technology and highly paid employees.

"What would Lena Dante do?" He curiously inquired, tapping the corner of his lathered in chapstick lips as he carefully read the detailed letter he had discovered, written by his father, earlier this morning.

Dear Troy,

It's been a rough fifteen years for you. For the both of us, really. And I don't know how I'll ever make up the time we lost, but I thought I'd start off by telling you about our family.....well my side of the family.

My father, your grandfather, is by far the most respected man on the eastern seaboard. His organization, wildly speculated to be the Markov Crime Family, a Russian rooted mafia organization is a fact. Yet, his empire has never fallen beneath the weight of the law. However, it was a weight of the organization that killed my mother and nearly ended myself and my brother Eli.

My father wasn't very fond his sons. He considered me weak......offered me to Amaranth for training, but the path of Strigidae was never mine to walk. He tried to mold Eli, but his unwillingness to follow lead to the my father's fall from grace. So, there's a lot of stuff that happened afterwards. There are a lot stories about the Markov Family, stories that I'm not proud of, but they're a part of the past.

Whatever happened before today is inconsequential. And with the help of the MVP's we have a clean slate. There are no strings attached. I just want you to know that I'm not going to make the sames mistakes my father made with me and I will NOT be forcing you to be anything other than yourself.

The Addams Estate, it's the American name I was given, the name I feel at home with.......and I hope you do too. This our home Troy. There's no need to be afraid and alone, because you have a family now. You have me.

Catch you when I get back, Dad.

Although it wasn't a Shakespearean tragedy nor a piece of foreshadowing contempt, his father's letter reminded him of their sudden reunion and alignment with an organization that hired the likes of @executive_liaison, which left a sour taste in his mouth.

"Heroes should be paid like heroes? Humph." Troy stubbornly inhaled and exhaled, crossing his arms tightly atop his developing chest as he stood before the bald man's office, unimpressed by his carefully crafted slogans and social media prowess.

"We'll see about that." If it weren't for how distrustful the man appeared there'd be no issues lingering in his heart of hearts, but the gifted youngster felt something in his bones that he couldn't look away from. Therefore, he phased through the locked door and steadily walked to the only desk in the empty office space, hoping beyond hope to find a piece of incriminating evidence somewhere......somehow.

(@the_superior_sapien: He's a bit of noob. Take it where you want.)