Wu Sen-Tang

In the year 1602 the Tang Village was rising and soon became a kingdom.  They worshiped the god name Sustenance of the golden capital of heaven.  He loved his followers.  For they believed bad obstacles would turn good due to their belief in Sustenance.  One day Sustenance decided to help his people.  For any other kingdom that tried to take over them.  The war lasted for many years.  The God came up with an idea.  Have a tournament of the greatest fighters in all of the kingdom against one another.  In the dark corners of the kingdom.   A woman name Sen of the Wu family found a flyer.  That stated that all men not women in the kingdom were allowed to fight to the death.  In return the winner would be given their greatest desire and Tang attached to their name as well as becoming the Thunder Warrior.  To defend the kingdom from other kingdoms that are almost at threat level.  Wu Sen came up with an idea, to disguise herself as a man.  In order to fight in the tournament.   Three days later the tournament started and Wu Sen defeated all of the competition.  People cheered "The man without fear."  She was happy but Wu Sen knew her secret would soon be revealed.  In the final battle for the crown of Thunder Warrior.  Wu Sen fought against the body builder Scream.  The bell was hit.  The battle began and Wu Sen made the first attack.  Running with all her speed Wu Sen jumped into the air with her sword.  Scream acted fast and hit Wu Sen with a mega punch.  Knocking her to the ground.  She lost her breath and couldn't move.  Scream walked up to Wu Sen and picked her up by the hat.  It came off revealing her jet black hair.  Wu Sen's feminine side was revealed and Scream was set in shock.  This gave Wu Sen a couple of seconds to react.  In one swift movement, Wu Sen picked her sword up, and slashed Scream in the throat.  He fell to his death and Wu Sen was named Thunder Warrior.  The Tang Family was very insulted by her breaking the law of man but impressed that she was able to defeat the strongest men.  From the heavens Sustenance smiled and smoke.  "The day has come for the first woman warrior and the first Thunder Warrior."  He sent a lightning bolt at the woman whom was standing tall.  Shocking her completely Wu Sen dropped to the ground.  She woke up with a green and yellow costume with swords using the power of thunder.  He hair tied in a bun Wu Sen-Tang a.k.a. Thunder-Scream was born.  Using scream was in remembrance of the great warrior she defeated for the title of Thunder Warrior.  22 years later Wu Sen died.  How this great warrior died was unknown but the legacy of Thunder was passed on.  Wu Sen is well-known for fighting of the Davon Sabre.

Davon Sabren

During the first Thunder Warrior reign obstacles occurred.  Davon Sabre mother of Davon San and wife of Davon Sabre was a woman of many talents.  She could change the color of her hair, skin, nails.  Her official look was known as black and white.  While her husband and son left to train Davon Sabre would remember her childhood.  When she wasn't married and had a sister.  "Wu Sabre your it."  Davon Sabre would smile until it soon ended when Wu Sen-Tang of the Tang kingdom arrived in her corridors.  "How dare you think about taking over my kingdom Davon Sabren!"  Her smile faded and her eyes turned read, the jet black hair shortened, and she picked up a sword.  Engraved on the silver blade was japenese inscriptions.  Translated it would say "Whom ever dies by this sword will spend eternity with Dormitory one of the kings of hell."  The window's curtain began to sway through the late night breeze.  The women stared each other down.  The battle soon began and only one was left standing.  As Davon Sabren looked down at the defenseless Wu Sen-Tang the Thunder Warrior.  "You shall die tonight my young sister and I will take the title of Thunder Warrior."  From high in the heavens Sustenance was worried.  For Wu Sen-Tang needed to act fast before she die but at the same time could not kill Davon Sabre of the Darkness Legacy.  "If those of the Darkness Legacy and Thunder Legacy collide they will fight to the fullest but there is a stipulation, you must kill the other warrior with their own sword."  Back inside the kingdom of Davon Sabre, Wu Sen-Tang finally reacted.  She stabbed Davon Sabre with the sword of Thunder instead of using the sword of Darkness.  That was her biggest mistake.  In Davon Sabre's finally words.  "All those whom wear the mantle of Thunder will die at the age of 44 and the wielders of Darkness will die on a special day and year."  Davon Sabre dropped to the ground dead and the next year on Wu Sen-Tang's 44th birthday happened and she died.  Davon Sabre the husband of Davon Sabre soon declared war on all of the Tang Kingdom for breaking the treaty between the two kingdoms.  The son of the King and Queen of Darkness was upset with war being declared.  His name was Davon San and he revolted against his own father.  The Davon/Tang War was now official.  Davon Sabre's soul was sent to Dormitory the God of Darkness.  The year was 1624 when the war began and a new Thunder Warrior was born this time it was controversial.

Davon San-Tang

Living in the shadows of his father Davon San became a rebel.  Fighting in the Tang/San war was a period in time to remember.  Except history seemed to forget about it but don't worry.  In the beginning there was darkness and in the end there was light.  Davon fought against his father thinking just because mother died for being a bitch, doesn't mean you need to declare war.  Soon the whole prophecy excuse came up and a father versus son emerged.  Davon Saness took out his sword.  Using all his strength.  The sword ripped throw the air, hitting the son in the heart.  Davon San eyes glowed gold and an army from the heavens came down.  He rose up wearing yellow and green.  The colors of the Thunder Legacy.  With all his might Davon San now Davon San-Tang killed his father.  With his heaven army at his side known as Gods Watchful Eyes.  The  line-up consisted of ancestors of todays heroes and villians.  The 503 Woman, Fero Night, Lady Bright, Driftness, Thunderbolt (Davon San-Tang), and Davon Sabren (Reawakend wiht a warm heart).  The tang society had it's second Thunder warrior.  A man whom wieled both the Thunder Legacy and Darkness Legacy on his back.  With that said and the origins of the named Thunderbolt explained.  The current Thunderbolt is one of the two descendents of the great Davon San.  Inside the heart of John a.k.a Thunderbolt lies the power of the Thunder Legacy and Darkness Legacy.  He has not yet discovered it yet so be ready for the unthinkable.  John chose the name Thunderbolt because he felt it fitted him and his personality.

John Funez

Meeting a woman named Kimora Rodriguez whom was half asian and half puerto rican with a side of Portuguese.  George called her mashed potatoes of her many nationalities.  The two fell in love.  George Ez added fun to his last name, now becoming George Funez and their life together began.  George started up a bussiness called Funez Industres and soon had a son named John.  Behind the scenes Kimora was fighting warriors in the Tang Temple.  For she was next in line for the Thunder/Darkness Legacy.  Legend states that after the San/Tang War those whom were descendents will become wielders of the Thunder/Darkness Legacy.  Kimora seemingly never got it.  Yet, her son John began to show great potetial at a young age.  Having the ability to build mini-weapons at the age of three and solving mathematical equations.  Kimora knew her son had some legacy powers within.  She had to do something.  As she went to her husband she began to feel pain in her stomach.  She was pregnant with Clarissa.  Speaking to her husband about her families past.  They moved to Puerto Rico and soon the United States of America.  Because if the Tang Society found out they would take the child in and raise him as a warrior.  Kimora did not want her child to go through that whatsoever.  In the shadows the father of The Drifter watched over the family.  For this alien/thunder warrior would be the key for world domination.  At the age of 22 John discovered his ability to pick up objects up to 80 tons and x-ray vision.  He toke over Funes Industres soon to be Enterprises and built a suit similair to Iron Man.  John soon doned the sophisticated suit and would start his future as an anti-hero doing both good and neutral things.  Naming himself Thunderbolt also known as the Brand New Era.

Becoming a Hero

The Beggining

Living in Funez Tower seemed in the point of view from a regular civilian would be luxurious.  It wasn't and all John did was spend days alone with a computer and telivision.  One night Tony Stark confronted the young industres John and struck a deal with him.  If John would don a suit of armor and become a black-ops team for the Mighty Avengers, Tony would invest a large amount of money to help the company get on it's "feet".  John agreed and named himself Thunderbolt.  Stating it fitted his official look.  In weeks to come John finally assembled his team.  Vance Astro, Ferro Vida, LightBright, Kingggamer, and soon his sister Kattana.  They would soon break up with the event "The Death of Thunderbolt" nearly taking away the life of John Funez.  He gave up the hero bussiness for almost a year.  John returned with a different perspective on life.  "Take what you can and keep" as well as "The strong survive and the weak die".  Friends thought he was cold others thought he was making wrong decisions.  A new suit was soon donned and resembled Tony Stark/Iron Man.  Today no one is sure if he is a hero.  Becoming a hero was in a way easy.  Even if Thunderbolt was considered a B-Lister.

Gods Watchful Eyes

The Brand New Era

Now an adult John began working with Sector 12 and struck a deal.  Gather a team of heroes and he would be paid great amounts of money for Funez Industries.  However John had a different plans.  Assembling Ferro Vida, LightBright, Katanna, Sonata, and days later Lady Nightmare.  They formed Gods Watchful Eyes.  To watch over those in peril and figure out a way to react.  In order to win without sweating.  Sector 12 went mad when Gods Watchful Eyes went rogue.  John had other plans.  He made a deal with Sector 13.  Join the Dark Initiative known as Dark Reign and Gods Watchful Eyes will get to act freely as a team with no boundries.  Even though some people have seen him quit Dark Reign, John is still affiliated with the team.  He regrets it but John knows it is the only way to move forward.  He doesn't want to hurt his friends but man has got to do what he has to do in order to survive.  Even if it means giving himself up to a "New Nation" he began to use to different costumes.  One for the Dark Initiative and the other for his team Gods Watchful Eyes.  Just remember a lie always seems to reveal itself.  One day everyone shall realize is "dark" secret.

The New Nation


Even though Thunderbolt made a short appearance in the Doomsday Chronicles: Chapter One.  It had some signifigance and some ends were left untied.  In the meeting room when Agent Anderson of Sector 13 was briefing the heroes of Veritas Inc. and Zero Squad, Gambler introduced himself.  Soon after Thunderbolt interrupted making jokes as he pointed his gun.  It was something no one would expect.  Thunderbolt on a team that was composed of a power house and dark anti-heroes.  From Gambler to Nobody it was something out of John's dream team lists.  Chaos broke out at the secret location and Gambler instructed Thunderbolt to release the anti-hero known as Shaper.  Thunderbolt went but had different plans.  As everyone knows John now going by Thunderbolt once again, had different plans.  He gathered top secret information that only his eyes are allowed to see.  With that said Thunderbolt figured out a way to exit the base.  He went to his home Funez Tower and began planning for the future.  Even though Doomsday could have cause major problems in his area.  Thunderbolt had a plan just in case that happened.  He felt like a backstabber leaving the team and thinking he was as good as Gambler.  Thunderbolt knew no one could duplicate Gambler's "swag".  In a matter of days Thunderbolt rejoined the Dark Initiative but not as a full-time member.  He has not told Gambler the whole truth of his treachery.  The time has not come.  Will John Funez a.k.a Thunderbolt become a full pledged Dark Initiative member?  Time will have to tell.


Guess Who?

Some say Cassandra Adams never existed.  She was just an illusion from the mind of Thunderbolt.  To tell you the truth Cassandra was real.  When she nearly killed Thunderbolt in their first confrontation she began to cry.  Asking for forgiveness, that she couldn't play the bad girl any longer.  Soon the two connected and a relationship was formed.  In the beginning they were lovers.  In the end they were husband and wife getting ready for their first born to enter the world.  Yet, it all came crashing down.  The Future Criminals resurfaced into the modern-age (2007).  One night the phone rang, waking up their baby.  John went to answer but Cassandra was already talking.  Tears ran down her face, she moved forward and kissed him on his lips.  Saying her final goodbye as well as taking their child.  John ran after her reaching his arm out.  Wanting his wife and child...his family.  In an instant they were gone.  So, the rumors are not true Cassandra Adams a.k.a Stone was real.  Where she is now, not even John knows.   He tries not to remember that horrible day.  Losing those he loved so dearly.  Sure he has tried to move on but it's not that easy.  That is why John on the first GWE mission against the Future Criminals almost had a major breakdown.  For he had companion that disappeared without his consent, an explanation, and not even a call.  Whether Cassandra is still alive and their baby his healthy and happy is unknown.  His heart will forever be damaged.

Did You Know?

The History of Legacy
Legacy is composed of six communites.  The Meltdown Legacy: The deadliest weapons, The Thunder Legacy: Warriors of the greater good, The Darkness Legacy: Assassins, The Magic Legacy: Magicians of the chaos magics, The Mystic Legacy: Warriors of the mystical realm, and The Mixed Breed Legacy: Half demon and angel.  Many wielders have been around for centuries with no boundries whatsoever.  Fighting to the death when ever wielders met.  Every five years on January 29th, a war between all legacies occurred.  Meeting in Jerusalem, the wielders prepare themselves.  Not knowing why they fight they just do.  As they fight a woman, the wielder of the Mixed legacy, whom never seems to die cries, as Adam and Eve's children fight to the death. 

Current Wielders: Thunder Legacy: Thunderbolt (Valeria Cooper), Darkness Legacy: Katanna, Glacier Legacy: Unknown, Magic Legacy: Callista, Mystic Legacy: Unknown, Mixed Breed Legacy: Kiara Sullivan.

John Funez is the wielder of the Thunder Legacy but hardly knows due to his mother never telling him the secret.  Though he will soon find out due to a current fight with The Drifter known as Sins of Our Fathers.  His family history will finally be told but until then, God only knows what happens.  Clarissa Funez is the wielder of The Darkness Legacy and is sister of John Funez.  Unlike her brother, Clarissa has been slowly discovering her powers.  Callista is the wielder of the Magic Legacy and has been living for the past 200 hundred years.  She is the "cousin" of John Funez and Clarissa Funez.  Entering their lives every now and then.  Most likely when big events happen.  Especially, when John nearly died.

Valeria Cooper

Identity Crisis

Born in Trenton, New Jersey in General Hospital.  Valeria Cooper was given to an adoption agency because her mother being 14 years old.  Now 20 Valeria Cooper has resorted to being a criminal.  Making seven huge bank robberies.  Recently, when the Thunder Legacy gave up on the broken Johnathan Funez it found a new wielder.  A person strong enough to hold her own with any obstical.  Her name was Valeria Cooper, a runaway who finally got free from her adoptive parents.  Now wielding the power of the Thunder Legacy.  Valeria Cooper has made 30 successful robberies.  In four different states within two days.  During a confrontation with Clarissa Funez the current wielder of the Darkness Legacy.  The two may actually have to coopperate with the coming of the former Thunderbolt.  The man who now wieldes the Glacier Legacy.  Only known as "The Coldness" and ruler of the Davon-Tang Society.  Though he doesn't consider himself a villain nor king.  Thunderbolt wants vegeance on Valeria Cooper since she is the new Thunder Legacy wielder.

Power Set:

*Super-Stregth (90 tons)
* Super-Speed (70 miles)
* Wings (Flying at high altitudes)
* Manipulation of Fire

Start the Conversation

When Will ZEMO Return

Yeah you heard me when is zemo coming back.  Secret Invasion is hitting the Thunderbolts this summer. With the powers of the original Thunderbolts.  As said at Comic Catolog. Our Thunderbolts need a leader. Not an ass(Moonstoone) we need someone with a dream. Sure our originals wanted to be heroes but zemo created this team. Whether it was for evil in the beggining(Onslaught).  The Thunderbolts need a leader in their darkest times. ZEMO IS HIS NAME AND WE NEED HIM