The Janitorial T-Club !!!

Ok so...Regenesis today answered my question. He's just desperate...and maybe a janitor. But this could be a good thing! Let's be positive! Toad is a genius and since X-Club is staying with Cyclops maybe Toad will be Wolverines new sci-tech leader! It's a long shot but why not! He dosen;t have any of the big thinkers on his side. Maybe Toad will finally have a little Lime Light!....OK maybe a little too positive but does any one think that would be a good move? Not a probable one but a good one.

Posted by Lokheit

Hank McCoy is on Wolverine's side. 
Maybe Toad could do some stuff, but with Henry on the team he isn't going to be the smarter guy there. I want him to be developed as I never liked him too much but one of my closest friends is a fan of Mortimer. I think Jason Aaron picked him because he wanted to do interesting things with him and he is a good writer to develop a character.

Posted by fivestarga

I don't think Aaron is even the least bit special. His writing is remedial at best.

Posted by ShadowX

Seriously none of the big brains. he has Hank McCoy who was on the list of top ten( or was it eight) smartest people on earth!

Posted by xerox_kitty

You just know that Toad's going to get into trouble... probably scaring kids and getting peeved whenever he has to clean up teen mutant puke ;p

Posted by johnnybopy000

So... what happened to Toad's finger? Did he grow it back or something?

Posted by jordama

Toad's a genius?

Posted by Kiddevil

They made him fat and short again...

Posted by Avalonia

Poor Toad :(

Posted by ivolution2k1

@kiddevil said:

They made him fat and short again...

yea i cant stand how their drawing him