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What a Shocking revelation. I never knew Jamie Fox would be playing electro.

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I would have liked it more if Kevin Smith came back for a while. Judd isn't bad I just liked Kevin's run on Green Arrow more.

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All I could think when he said "I am the Law" is when Sylvester Stallone said it.

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This is one of the many reasons why I don't read Marvel comics any more.

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I think that Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) coming Back to life should be in the to 50. I mean that was some really good writing by Kevin Smith.

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Why do I get the feeling that Ash will try to sleep with Lady Ash (or Ashley as she should be called)?

I am going to sit this one in the Dark, I'll Wait till the Traid Paper back comes out. I don't have the money to Add another comic to my list sadly.

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If you ever read Green Arrow you would have realized that he was always a lot older than Batman and the other Heroes in the JLA . He was almost 50 when he died in the OG DCU so that could n the JLA he could have been any where from 39 - 46 durring that time in the JLA because he spent 5 -7 years before he died not with the JLA. Personally I like what they are doing so far, we have to give them more time to Get it in the grove of things for GA, If it brings new fans to the Character that is good. Green Arrow Should be in the A list of Heroes but he is relegated to the Low B lister's. It's always easy to Critisize it's a lot harder to come up with a great Idea, and Honestly I am just not feeling it with what you described. You kind of missed Ollies Personality in this Idea. I liked Connor But after a while he became sort of tedious. And what Roy and Ollie had before the issues of Cry for Justice was fine, And I assume that at some point they will get back to that.

But It's not a horrible Idea, Maybe write some fan fiction and see what people think. Heck that might even change my thought on it.

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I am one of those people that believe if something is rated "Teen" Then Young kids shouldn't be reading, Furthermore if a reader of the Female preswasion reads it and is offended by something to do with the Content being to overly sexual for a female character then they shouldn't read it if they don't like it because the book is not geared towards them. Or for example if the book is geared towards everyone (which Honestly I believe most comics are trying to be geared towards both genders) and The main charcter has sex with another on a roof top (IE in Catwoman) Then they shouldn't be complaining about how that character is a Slut. In that case (The one of the Catwoman issue one) It's not really hear nore there in the old comics they implyed that She had sex with batman it doesn't matter It's been said by many others that I that "anyone would have sex with batman on a roof" Like come on I am not a huge fan of Batman but If he is offering or willing go for it. My only question is if Batman was carrying condoms in his utility belt other than that I couldn't care less.

Star fire is Sexually ambiguous, She is a alien from another planet well no duh that that planet might have more lax feelings on sexuality, if topics of such bother you then don't read. I hate when people get all Politically Correct or start trying to censor things, That is just annoying.

To any one who was offended by what I said, Good. I am not here to please every one.

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If I have a Job by then I'll be sure to pick it up.

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I have found her in the back round of 2 of the 5 new 52 books. The two I have found are in Green Arrow, and Green Lantern. the The Other 52 Titles I am reading are The Flash, Resurrection man, and Static Shock. Since Flash doesn't come out till next week.

I dunno whats going on but I'll bite, I'll probably pay attention to it now and try and find her in every book.

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