A Rant about Fans

I know I am a fan of many things my self but there are certain types of fans which tend to annoy the living heck out of me. They seem to think that since they are new to the show, Comic or what have you that since they read only a little bit into the character that they know all about the character. This Annoys me most with Comics and Doctor Who.I have spent a good 5 years learning all I can about DC Comic characters (to a lesser extent Marvel) And Doctor Who, Well It Gets on my Nerves that people that have recently started watching or reading said thing Start saying stuff to me like "did you know that this happened" and making them selves sound like they have been a fan or  something to that extent for a long time even thought I have talked about it many of times only to have them ignore it because they didn't care at the time. Then when you tell them that you knew they get all snippy and say "You know it's fan's like you that Ruin it for the rest of us"  I have never wanted to smack a person more than when they say that to me. Partly because When these new fans come in it's when the show or comic becomes Popular then they try to Lord over every one that is newer to it then them with all the knowledge they have.

There is this one guy I know, He's a pretty cool guy we can talk about comics and stuff but only as long as it's him and I. As soon as there is more than one person around he becomes pretentious and sounds a lot like a Hipster. then I realized  That's What these fans are Hipsters, a different variation of them but still Hipsters. Now I know that this makes me sound like a hipster myself but I don't go talking about my Fandoms in public unless it's my friends that have the same interest. Sure I wear geek reference t-shirts but at the same time I am wearing them because I like them not because I want to show people how obscure I am.  Same reason why I Quote movies and TV not because I want to show how obsucre I am but because if I cannot think of a good set of words I just go into  words that are good that some one else said before me which is better than anything I Could say, and I never point out that I am quoting something unless I am around friends that didn't notice and I jokingly point it out.

But these new Fans seem to permeate all fandoms, Most Recently Doctor Who, a lot of fans I know while they do have a favorite Doctor they tend to like aspects or different things about the others that play the Doctor. Personally I prefer cretin Doctors that's no Lie but I know a great deal of "fans" That still bitch about David Tennat (the 10th Doctor) leaving Doctor Who and they Hate on Matt Smith (The 11th Doctor) Just because he isn't David Tennat. They have never seen one of his episodes and refuse to ever watch him ever or any doctor that comes after David because they are so set in there ways of being stupid fans and not realizing that the Doctor Changing his face is apart of the show.   To these "Fans" I just have this to say, SHUT UP!. Go back to you're Fan fics and talking pretenchously about David Tennate  and Leave us real fans alone because you are starting to get on our nerves, You are making us look bad and ruining something good.

Alright I think I have blown off enough steam about this, Give me a few months like the steam to build up again and you may see a video of me ranting about this. Till next time Cya in Cyber space