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the second one was my favorite. The free roam was probably my favorite part about it.

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its a boring game.

what did you think was boring about it?

It just wasn't exciting. It had boring abilities, all you did was smash stuff, I wanted to play as other heroes but then i realized you had to find things to unlock them and i don't have time for that, its just not my kind of game.

The game never really tells you what you had to do next, when you thought we didn't you ran into a dead end.

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another day to respect THOR


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Out of DC and Marvel which comicbook movie has been the most accurate with the comics?

With no altercations, plot holes, with powers being the same as the comics and no adding or subtracting characters.

(costumes and character appearances is the only exception.)

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i was wondering this when i watched superman 1

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they were all entertaining.

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its a boring game.

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@hulk465 said:


I don't want to get in a debate with you but you say- "oh please". which means to me you don't accept it, fine. What I don't understand is in Avengers Assemble 4 Thanos take over Hulk's mind and when Thor is about to strike Thanos Hulk stops the blow and uses the hammer to smash Thor ( just like he did in Hulk: let the battles begin). Worse even it took 4 blows to KO Thor in Battle begin, but in AA 4 Hulk KO's Thor with one blow? A lot of Thor fans say Battle begins is PIS so if this is true then why would Marvel show Hulk do the same thing again in an another issue?

I love Thor and I have over 100 key issues of him and own both Thor movies, but I think Marvel has been telling Thor fans for year's in comics, animation, TV and cinema that Hulk is NO tick to Thor.

marvel has a lot of THOR haters and people who don't know how to write for THOR properly.

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@erkan12 said:

@thorson said:

many times. hulk is a tick to THOR

What were you saying ?

Hulk - Let the Battle Begin (2010)

oh please

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anything without THOR

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@bezza: @lvenger:

@lvenger said:

@thorson: There have also been issues where Hulk owns Thor effortlessly. Also given your username and Thor fanboyism on here, you aren't a credible source to judge on the outcome of a Thor vs Hulk fight. I prefer Thor to Hulk myself but I would only give Thor a bare edge in a fight against Hulk and that's only because of Mjolnir's versatility. Hulk would score a fair share of wins given Thor's penchant for brawling with Hulk rather than using his hammer's full abilities. It's a close fight and an agreeable victory on who would win is probably never going to be decided.

okay, but at the end of the day, THOR has more experience, is a god, battles foes way stronger than himself and hulk, was made to be more stronger, has more in abilities in his arsenal, is the son of ODIN, can destroy planets and can lift the midgard serpent. Yet he's undecided to defeat a green monster who is only a defenceless skinny human.

If THOR hasn't defeated him as you guys are claiming then If they were to go all out, THOR wins.