My DC Comics Hercules Reboot

I've been planning to do this blog for quite some time now, however health issues and other real life concerns kept me from this site and from completing this bit of writing. However with everything seemingly going smoothly now, I hope you all enjoy this blog now.

Hercules, The Prince of Power, the God of Strength & Labor, the Greatest Hero of the ancient world as well as the inspiration for countless heroes after his tales most notably Superman. There are alot of positives to say about Hercules in general, however that cannot be said of the DC Comics version of the character. After the COIE event, Hercules has more often than not been used as a foil for Wonder Woman, Superman and sometimes even their sidekicks such as Wonder Girl. And more often than not was more or less used as a stepping stone for the heroes to overcome, plus it doesn't help the fact that George Perez made Hercules a rapist in his Wonder Woman revamp. However with the DCnU relaunch this could be a chance to give the hero a new found audience and establish him as a hero once more.

What I would Change.

First off, I would start calling him Heracles first and foremost. Sure most people know of him as Hercules, however it is his Roman name and not his actual Greek name, which DC Seems to have more of a steep footing in. Plus it could give a tad bit comical moments in his comic where civilians and a few other heroes call him Hercules and he reply's with "it's Heracles". Also this is to further distance himself from Marvel's Hercules as to avoid confusion to most people. I would also keep his look from Hercules Unbound comic series and from the Image above. Honestly I've always preferred the long black hair look and clean shaven appearance in comparison to the beard. This is to also give more of a difference to Marvel's Hercules. Also the back story of him with the Amazons should be wiped clean. Since none of the writers seem to let go of this(despite Hippolyta forgiving him in Perez's run) and continuously make him into a muscle-headed jackass. outside of the 12 Labors he preformed thousands of years ago, his interactions with the Amazon's shouldn't be prominent. How would I write his back story? Check out below.

Back Story:

Looking down from Mt. Olympus, Herakles sees the state of the modern world, with Heroes being shady amongst themselves, Apokolips making moves against the Earth, Daemonites also appearing on the Earth, various secret organizations, etc. Herakles approaches his father about doing something about all these events, Zeus however tells him what happens with the mortals and their fates is their own business, since the mortals have forgotten them for the most part. Herakles obviously since he was born a demi-god obviously has an attachment to the Earth and it's mortals unlike most other gods, he leaves Zeus's throne room and seeing his concern for the mortals, Hera forms an idea in her mind. She approaches Zeus, and tells him if Herakles wishes to join the mortals in their upcoming struggles why not let him go alone? See if Heracles can really make a difference in this new age on Earth as he did thousands of years ago.

Herakles looks back at Hera as she's talking to Zeus knowing that his "dear" god mother has always despised his existence, even after joining them on Mt. Olympus, Hera has held a grudge against him, but never made a move against him cause of him being a god now and cause Zeus was around in view of her actions. He knows what Hera is talking to Zeus about is a hidden ploy to be rid of him once and for all. After discussing it amongst themselves for a moment, Zeus summons Herakles to the head chambers. When Herakles arrives, Zeus tells him if he wishes to join the mortals once more, he'll have to give up his God-Hood and return to being Heracles, the heroic demi-god. Herakles's eyes turn to a smirking Hera, knowing she had a hand in Zeus's decision. However rather than denying the terms, Herakles accepts his father's terms for his return. While he did enjoy being a hero, he does a tad selflessly enjoy turning Hera's plans against him on herself just as much.

Cut down to the city of New York, where a thunderstorm is happening, as the city was going about it's usual self during this stormy afternoon, a massive thunderbolt hits the ground, in the middle of a street, as soon as the light turns green, as the vehicles stopped and the walking pedestrians cover their faces from the lighting's strike & flash, emerging from the light, was the hero of old. Herakles, losing his godly glow, and his kin looking more mortal now. he now wears bands on his wrist, with a Lion motif, they are made of Olympian Ore and are golden in color. As long as he wears these, he is Heracles now, and only Zeus himself may remove these mortal bonds. As he opens his eyes realizing he is on Earth once more, he gives a smile, since he can now feel his mortal mother's blood in his veins once more. His ears pick up a disturbance across the city, a police chase is going on, and wasting no time, he springs into action, knowing even a small heroic deed will have long term effects on his renewed career as a hero. End the Issue 1 of the staring comic, and the series shall be titles Heracles Unbound as a nod to the excellent Hercules Unbound comic series in the 70's.

That's it for now, I'll do a list of potential rogues for Heracles in the next blog but for now, how do you guys like my revamp idea so far?

Posted by PowerHerc

Well thought out and well written.

I really like the ideas of keeping DC's Hercules black-haired and clean-shaven to differentiate from Marvel's Hercules. I also like your mention of Apokalips because I would like to see an "Old Gods/New Gods" connection explored further, especially if Hercules was the focal point.

Wiping Hercules' slate with the Amazons clean is also a good idea. Hercules shouldn't have ever, in any universe, been depicted as a rapist.

Keeping the title "Hercules Unbound" is very cool, too, but makes more sense if he's actually called "Hercules" within the comic (which I think he should be).

I would like to see DC's Hercules fighting, matching and defeating the mightiest of the mighty in terms of villains (and Heroes when need be), not street criminals as a de- or underpowered former god.

Posted by Thorion88


It'd be in more of my taste to call him Heracles, since you don't hear him being called that much. But I suppose it's a minor personal taste thing. I wouldn't mind him being called Hercules neither.

I think of him being depowered more along the lines of being a field test by Zeus to see if Herc can still inspire others even as a demi-god rather than a full fledged god at first, but his powers get restored fully after the first arc cause, say Atlas got involved in trying to get revenge on Herc due to Hera telling him a certain somebody is back on Earth.

i think Herc having a rogue amazon as a foe could work and I got an idea for that in my next blog. A hint: she's in my Showcase list.

Posted by PowerHerc

@Thorion88: I agree; the name is a matter of personal taste.

The one-arc-only depowerment is something I could live with. Atlas and Hercules throwing down would be a great match-up and the perfect reason to bring Hercules back to full-strength and the perfect opportunity to show how truly strong he is.

The rogue amazon foe idea could work really well, but I wouldn't want Hercules to fall back into being a straight-up enemy of the Amazons.

Posted by Enyalios

Well, to be fair Hercules of myth was, even if not a direct rapist (that point is arguable), the facilitator of the systematic rape of others. Like most Greek heroes (his grandfather Perseus being the notable exception) he took war prizes and those he did not use he traded to friends and comrads (Priam of Troy's sister comes to mind, who was given to Hercules's friend Telemon after they sacked Troy). While most versions of the Amazon tale do not depict Hercules himself as an agressor (some in fact suggest he wished to marry Hippolyta) many have that Theseus, traveling with Hercules at the time, kidnapped her sister and, with Hercules (while in some versions upset) allowing it to happen. Some even have Hercules kill Hippolyta in their counterattack to get her sister back (though in these versions at least, he regrets the action, just doesn't set it right). So its certainly not in conceivable to allow the Amazons a negative view of him.

Posted by LeeSensei

The Amazons would invade a nearby village of all men and rape them. Then they'd kill any male children. In the myths, one of the crimes he never committed was rape.