Supermen of the Omniverse.

Because everyone wants their own Superman, here is my Superman Doppelgangers/homages/parodies list!! Basically fit into the Superman Archetype.

To be in this list, the character requieres to have at least some of these characteristics. Not necessarily exclusionary:

  • Preferably, an alien origin. (If close to the original, better. Twists will be acceptable).
  • The standart super powers set (F.I.S.S.) plus vision powers.
  • Preferably powers not from suits or magic rings.
  • Similar clothes set (cape, briefs, boots)
  • Big chest symbol
  • Secret identity.
  • Big contexture.
  • Being inspirational (Being the first or the better of his world).

List items

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Posted by HammerTron

This is a very cool list.

Posted by Thor_Ul
Posted by laabitres

marvel really likes superman copies lol

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marvel really likes superman copies lol

Yes, almost like in a stalker exgirlfriend way. Creepy.