Marvels Heavies hitters

a list of Marvels super heavy weights no sky fathers or anything above that. this is the oreder i would put them in in raw strength not overall power

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Posted by PowerHerc

Damn good list.  I always like to see a list of the strong men.  If you feel like it, check out my list of Marvel's strongest heroes.  These are good guys only, with one exception; I considered the Juggernaut a good guy due to his membership in Excalibur despite the fact he has reverted to evil.

Posted by Thor's hammmer
sure do you have a link for your list? and also some of the characters on this list would be a draw for the same place ex. Bill, Thor and Herc are all the same strength in there normal versions.  
Posted by D00MSMITH

awesome list

Posted by RoninTheFury

Near perfect list, although i disagree with Adam Warlock being rated so high. aside from that, this could be the best possible list of heavy hitters i have ever seen. good job!

Posted by RoninTheFury

I would also like to add, that i have read quite a few lists of "heavy hitters" or a similar title since reading yours, and i gotta say, yours is without a doubt the best damn list of this particular category i have ever read.(especially after researching your answer to Adam Warlock being so immensely powerful at that time) no one else but you remembered the Thanos' "Warrior". once again, great job.

Posted by youmessinwithme

Looking back i am still very proud of this list, i might make a few changes now but i think it's still great overall.

Posted by DrunkVader

hulk solos

Posted by mace11

Anybody that has limitess strength should be at the top of the list like blue marvel,sentry ,hulk etc...

Some characters here i have not read or read as much so hard for me to say how strong certain ones here are but know maxam is stronger then silver surfer and should be higher but i disagree with list anyway.

For me reading blue marvel's bio he seems to be the strongest here,since he is really fast,has limitless strength and has energy enhanced punches.

Sentry has limitless strength too and is really fast as well but he does not have energy enhanced punches,but in raw strength blue marvel is stronger anyway.

Next in strength i think would be Juggernaut and hulk. MAYBE THEY ARE TIE,maybe HULK IS STRONGER OR Juggernaut is stronger,but i am not clear on that yet.

I have to read more.