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Drax barely if it's classic surfer, but if it's post annihilation Surfer by a big win.

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Thor has lifted it and so has masterson when he was Thor, Facing Loki with the Thor corps

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planck temperature.

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Thor has destroyed a planet, so has bill,, heralds have destroyed stars and Thor and Bill are At least average to high herald level and have beaten nearly all of them. Drax the destroyer has also destroyed a planet and a star gladiator has destroyed a planet and has claims of destroying a star and a black hole with his hands and Thor's at least as strong as either of them.

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RKT walks over.

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@JonSmith said:

So basically, we'll be given the powers of whichever three superheroes we put into the machine, said powers increased a hundred fold?

Is that the correct concept? And if so, will we experience any negative aspects of the heroes powers once increased a hundred fold? For example, if I were to say, take Mystique's shapeshifting, would her powers increased a hundred fold possibly overwrite my personality by whatever I transform into, thus creating a perfect impersonation, which would in theory be an evolution of her power? Or take Dr. Manhattan's powers, would we become completely divorced from reality due to his distance being increased a hundred fold? Negative things like that.

yes that would be the correct concept, you shouldn't get any extra negatives however if you became an energy being you would still be open to energy drain for example.@ARMIV2 said:

One hundred fold, eh? Well then I wanna choose light. Putting the Hulk in there would just give me power I could not possibly hope to control.

Lemme see here...uhhh...who are weaker super heroes?

Umm DareDevil, arm fall off boy and armless tiger man?

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@Goddessa said:

Just to put it out there...Diana just trashed Supergirl. Knocked out! Ding! :D

Safe to assume now that she is indeed still very powerful in this New 52.


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I would be Very Surprised but also very Pleased since the OG SS's transformation was supposed to destroy planet Sayain,

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@Fifthchild said:

@Thor's hammmer said:

@Supreme Marvel said:
"Uru is the most durable substance in Marvel is it not? "
not even close it becomes more durable when it absorbs more magic which is why Thor's hammer is so durable unenchanted uru is soft enough that thor can crush it into dust with his bare hands. adamantine, adamantium(primary and proto) and the material the destroyer is made out(unknown but surprisingly not Uru) of are all harder than uru. vibranium, secondary adamantium and adamantium alloy might be too.

This is a good post. Though to my knowledge the Destroyer is also made from enchanted uru?

At any rate the topic's question is a controversial one. Adamantium got pretty abused back in the day to the point where Hulk was wrapping people up in it and Thor was breaking cables as shown. Busiek introduced the concept of primary vs secondardy adamantium in his Avengers run and for many people that retcons all previous instances where adamantium was seemingly damaged to being secondary adamantium or some kind of adamantium alloy.

However there are a couple of instances that might slip through the cracks:

  • Adamantium's first appearance as shown before. From Thor's dialogue it appears he may have dented it. Though the art doesn't really show anything.
  • Secret Wars. Hulk apparently damaged Ultron enough to allow the Wasp to slip inside. This was an Ultron created by Klaw with the Beyonder's power though.
  • Thor slammed Hulk into a pure adamantium statue of himself which Hulk then picked up. When he does so the art shows damage to the base of the statue though its unclear if the base is also pure adamantium.
  • Nul recently broke through an "adamantium net" (however that works) in Fear Itself.
  • Hulk recently drove Wolverines claws through his own skull (the question of adamantium damaging adamantium seems relatively open).

At any rate for some people if adamantium is seen being damaged on panel then its automatically not primary/pure adamantium.

i'm pretty sure according to some very old comics or one of the Destroyers Bio's it is actually made out of a Matter that is unknown in origin and harder than uru, But it's definitely enchanted and i could be mistaken

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When Count Nefaria makes the change from Normal too Super powered he does it using some kind of Super power stealing machine, that he tricks 3 super powered being, Atlas, living laser and whirl wind into going into by misinforming them that it would increase all of there own super powers one hundred fold. instead the machine strips them all of there powers and gives them all too Nefaria one hundred fold. I know in the comic the machine is designed or at least set for 3 specific heroes or power sets, But if lets say the Machine worked on Virtually any Super human or Super powered being who would be the 3 who you used the machine on? baring cosmic beings or anyone who is virtually omnipotent?