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Pretty obvious this was coming... Between Marvel Agents of SHIELD and GotG and rumors about Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver, all the clues were there.

I had a theory months ago that Sky from SHIELD is probably an Inhuman, and I have the feeling that they are going to connect Star Lord to the Inhumans somehow.

Also... Infinity Gauntlet, replace FF with GotG, Inhumans take the Xmens place, and Hank Pym takes Mr Fantasticals place as the resident genius. Dardevil in place of Spider-Man. It seems like they are setting up suitable replacements for the series. Also betting that Infinity is going to be its own trilogy as well.

Of course I meant Mr Fantastic, but typing this from a smartphone sucks.

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You guys putting way too much stock in the term ‘reboot’. The term reboot means nothing and its used all over the place.

Remake = Reboot

New sequel after a long period since the last film = reboot

Spin-off from a series that no longer has sequels = reboot

Reboot is such a s***y term and always a bunch of people get sand in their vaginas over it. We can never have a decent discussion because everyone wants to go on and on about cruddy terminology.

And if I’m wrong, show me where someone official (NOT a rumor blogger) specifically calls it the ‘Ghostbusters REMAKE’ rather than ‘Ghostbusters 3’… link please!

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Am I stating the obvious (or maybe been away from comic fan forums too long),

Skye is an Inhuman!

Coulson and Garett are scribbling Celestial hieroglyphics.

Put that together with the news that a Celestial appears in GoG... and old rumors that Disney will using 'inhuman' as their version of mutants... uh yeah. Adds up to me!

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There's this little known Batman story by some no-name guy, Frank Miller. Dark Knight Returns its called? I think you can find it in the bargain bin. Try it some time.

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meh. Most of the Marvel films acting is all within the supporting cast really. You don't like Paul Rudd, then you don't like Paul Rudd, no problem. But criticizing his acting abilities isn't fair when we're watching a New Jersey-accent Black Widow next to Samuel L. Jackson playing Samuel L. Jackson with an eye patch. Chris Evans version of emoting is to stare off into space, and Thor is all about grimacing for 80% of the film. Are you really putting that much stock in the 'acting' in any of these films? I really don't know why.

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I'll just be sitting over here continuing to be flabbergasted by how much people seem to dislike JRJr.

All in all, I've enjoyed all of the Superman stuff by Johns I've read, so I'm on board with this.

Can I pull up a chair? Since when did JRJr. become hated? Maybe there's something I missed. Last thing I read drawn by him was AvX and Kick-Ass and didn't find anything offensive about his work. And here I was looking forward to him doing some DC work!

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BTW... speaking of CW and DC shows... did Comicvine completely miss the news that Professor Zoom and Killer Frost have been cast for the Flash TV show?

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This is a loaded survey because let's be fair: There's a LOT of readers who don't read books from all publishers. So then the vote basically isn't about which seems promising, but who the voter just happens to like more currently. The first comment here even says so.

I don't think there's any way at all to ask this question and get a real, honest or even remotely accurate result.

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Thor: Anorexia!

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1. Am I the only one who notices that the covers form a bigger panorama?

2. No one noticed the person inside of Blink's portal whose face is obscured?