Stan Lee Presents...

The Dallas Comic Con is coming up this May 19th-20th. It would appear that this is the "Lone Star State's" biggest show. Wizard World Magazine used to have a pretty nice con dubbed Wizard World Texas but since the demise of it's physical magazine(I believe they still publish digital content), the convention has changed its name to Austin Comic Con. Although we are blessed with actors, actress', artists and writers. It would appear that the Dallas Comic Con is the breath of fresh air that we all have been craving. And I was wondering if there was anyone in the Texas area that will be in attendance. The lineup of guests seems pretty stellar, with such guests as; Stan Lee, Patrick Stewart, Neal Adams, George Perez, Len Wein, Jimmy Palmiotti, Kevin Conroy, and MAYOR ADAM WEST!! Here's a link to the site if you wanting more information on the con. Hope to see you there.

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Shopping Around

On my days off I like to go to my local comic book store, flea market, thrift & antique stores. From time to time I find a couple of interesting objects. What I found this past weekend was a Batman mug that was sold at McDonald's for the release of Batman Forever. Does anyone else do this? And if so what do you find? Feel free to post pics of the gems that you find out there. And here is a pic of that mug.


My Batmug

Marvel Legends Wave 3

I've been a fan of Marvel Legends for a while, although my excitement staved off when they switched companies from ToyBiz to Hasbro, I'm really excited to get my hands on these action figures. Here's a link to the guys over at
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New Arkham City toys

Here is a couple of action figures that will look nice to everyone's collection. Mr. Freeze and Killer Croc. It's interesting that these two appear to be set to release at the same time. The Killer Croc level from the Arkham Asylum video game was a pretty scary and intense level to play. It kind of reminded me of the Berserker's from the Gears of War game. One small mistake meant, that you were dead. So coincidentally the scary boss battle for me was between Batman and Mr. Freeze. Of course the battle with Solomon Grundy was awesome and intense, but the slow, heavy cold metal thud on tile is scary. Link Images and article provided by the good ole'  guys at

Star Wars 3D

Is there anyone out there not excited for the Star Wars Saga coming out in 3D? Honestly, I get that the prequels really didn't give us what we had in mind, but come on. IT'S STAR WARS!!! My favorite movies of all time are in danger of losing the "Saga" banner to a family of emo vampires, and a humongoid wolf thing that should be neutered. I am a fan of Star Wars. And I approve of the "3D Saga"