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@ownagepants: Still struggling with the enormous hell-hound on top of her Slattern mockingly remarked to Aaron,“Well when you put it like that it sounds so simple.” Every moment she wrestled with the demonic hound used up her strength until she would no longer be able to fend it off.

Within her inner monologue Slattern assessed her dire situation, “Okay, okay got to focus or else I'm dog-food. I need to control this thing now.” Although Slattern was more than experienced at manipulating the minds of men and even some women she had never exerted her will upon anything like the hell-hound she faced.

While she fought with the hell-hound trying to keep it from devouring her by holding its jaws open Slattern received numerous lacerations to hands causing blood to flow from her wounds. Though blissfully ignorant to her magic potential Slattern's blood itself had highly potent magical properties provided by her demonic background.

As she bleed from her cuts into the mouth of the hell-hound it allowed her to exert a sort of mind control she had never used before, “STOP!” Slattern shouted at the top of her voice. With the simple utterance from Slattern reinforced by her blood magic the hell-hound seemingly froze in place like a statue, obeying her command.

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@ownagepants: For most of her life Slattern had been considered 'the b!tch from Hell', however, she had seemingly met her match when faced with a literal bitch from Hell. The female hell-hound dwarfed an average sized human and seemed composed almost entirely of solid muscle, a molten red, thick hide in addition to being equipped with fearsome natural weaponry in the form of razor-sharp teeth and claws.

Control...a demon? You can't be serious, it's not like these...things come with a instruction manual,” Slatternsneered as she was left with no other option than to prepare herself for the hell-hound as it charged towards her at full force.

Even though her psychic charms would be useless on the beast Slattern still had her physical enhancements to rely on to fend off the hell-hound. As she had not only recently fed, but fed from Aaron's highly potent energy she possessed a surplus of energy and was faster and stronger than she had ever been, at least for awhile.

In an effort to use her finite energy reserves wisely she utilised short bursts of super-speed to evade the blood-thirsty creature's attacks until she came up with a solution to actually dealing with the beast.

Despite Slattern's great speed the massive beast was incredibly fast and agile for it's size and managed to tackle her with the force of a high-speed truck hitting her, which briefly knocked the wind out of her. With its crushing body weight pinning Slattern to the ground the hell-hound proceeded to open it's powerful jaws filled with steak knife-like teeth, altogether capable of biting someone in two.

Slattern desperately tried to keep the hell-hound at bay mustering as much of her super-strength as possible to hold it's jaws open, it's breath was searing hot and smelt of fiery brimstone itself.

A little help would a great right about now! Even a f*cking clue about how I'm meant to control this thing!”

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@ownagepants: In a dazed and confused state Slattern finally regained consciousness albeit with a throbbing headache that did little to ease her already unpleasant temperament.

What the hell happened? Where am I?” Slattern groggily asked aloud still unsure of what was happening and unaware of the imminent danger she was in. Unbeknown to her she was in the presence of a massive female hell-hound summoned by the blood mage Aaron, waiting for Slattern to awake until it attacked.

Soon enough Slattern become fully aware of her new and strange surroundings as well as the looming threat to her in the form of a vicious hell-hound. While she tried not make any sudden movements that might agitate the hell-hound Slattern slowly raised her from her resting position and attempted to put as much distance between herself and it as possible.

She was visibly panicked with her heart-rate going through the roof as she continued to slowly back away with careful and deliberate footsteps as if walking on eggshells.

Eventually, she noticed Aaron was present and seemingly unconcerned by the monstrous hell-hound, “Hey, you...what's-your-name? Mind telling me what the hell that thing is? Or what the hell is going on?” Slattern uttered in a hushed tone while she motioned with her outstretched arms to the hell-hound to stay as though it were a dog.

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@ownagepants said:

@mastermouse: Hey at least you were put in one i was not even considered.


@connoisseur: Thanks for taking the time to give such fantastic and in depth breakdowns.

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@schlampe said:

Her vs Lady Liberty is actually a battle I'd been wanting to see IC for quite a while.

Same here, let me see if I can do something about that.

@strigidae_22: Awesome breakdown of each round of the gauntlet, very well thought-out indeed.

@schlampe said:

Not gonna lie, I kinda wanna fight Hooligan now.


Maybe something can be arranged....

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@mastermouse: Interesting, I always thought putting a definitive number on superhuman bursts of speed was tough, making it not too low or high, but just right.

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