The Society of Supermen

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Posted by Zeraphyne

What about the Homelander? He´s an obvious copy of Supes! And Dr. Manhattan?

Posted by MarkPar

superboy ?

Posted by thezoologist2008
@Zeraphyne: In the infamous words of Homer Simpson: "DOH!" Thank you! I'll add them straight away!
Posted by Black Lantern Mar-vell

What about Supreme?

you forgot Plutonian
Posted by Fortanono
Posted by mandarink

Thor? He was made as an answer to HERCULES to be different. Even if you don't know this what the hell does he have in comparison with Superman? He controls the weather, super strong, energy manipulation along with many other things Superman copy cats don't come with

Posted by Valtot

ye but anyone with the superman standard physical and senses abilities are copy cats which go well over 100

Posted by The Sadhu

Not a bad list
Posted by thezoologist2008
@mandarink: Lmao, he just seemed like he fit in with the rest of these guys, lol XD
Posted by thezoologist2008

Thanks! =)

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Nice list. Except...Thor isn't a Superman clone.

Posted by majestic99

@thezoologist2008 said:

@Zeraphyne: In the infamous words of Homer Simpson: "DOH!" Thank you! I'll add them straight away!

How is Thor a superman clone?


Posted by Ms. Omega

Hancock, Meteor Man, & Comet Man should be on the list.

Posted by PowerHerc

Nice collection of characters for which Superman is the archetype.

Posted by BrotherEye

Very nice list. A possible suggestion is Wraith who is recently introduced in Superman: Unchained.


Thor is originally a Idol before he was a comic so we can't say he's a Superman copy, well maybe some of his added qualities though were inspired by Superman