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@jonny_anonymous: The public knows he was the Winter Soldier & Captain America. The public was told about both identities during the Trial of Captain America Arc. Don't mind me with the arm color (shiny) thing. Its just I don't see it as being practical for a assassin/black-ops/spy to have a shiny arm that could easily give him a away while trying to sneak around. As for the arm itself its awesome, superhuman strength, electric shocking device, sonar ping, hell if the arm would let Bucky cloak (exp. predator cloaking device) it would be perfect.

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@war_killer: The googles and mask are okay. Like the domino mask more. Now if the googles looked like this and had like a hud, Night Vision, Thermal, & etc. (Like how @slimj87d said) It would be a different story.

The jacket I don't like. The one problem I have always had with Bucky design however is the color of the cybernetic arm (The arm itself is awesome). Why in the heck do you give a assassin/black-ops/spy a shiny (chrome) metal arm. It would just make him easier to be detected by the enemy. Why not give him a gun metal or matte black arm.

Gunmetal (Top) MatteBlack (bottom)

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@jonny_anonymous: Invaders will stay secret from the public that has been confirmed by Robinson. Will they stay secret from heroes like Iron Man, Thor, & say Captain Marvel I highly doubt it. Hell during this 1st arc Thor already knows something is up because of Cap waring him that the Asgardians could be in danger because of the God Whisper machine. As for Winter Soldier I still believe they are only going to tell certain heroes are only certain heroes will find out about him begin alive.

I also just thought of this. If Cap is going to find out about the New Avengers wiping his memories. What if Widow remembers Bucky.

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@jonny_anonymous: That is going to happen in New Invaders at some point. All I know is that it will happen. And it will probably be reveled before issue 10 is what I get from Robinson interviews.

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@jonny_anonymous: From what I read about the event he is going to team up with Moon Knight and Gamora.

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@slimj87d: Same here. Hopefully with Bucky's new popularity Marvel will give us another ongoing. From interviews I've been reading about Original Sin, Marvel will be putting out five to six new titles after the event. And only one has been announced Deathlok. And Winter Soldier is supposed to play a big role in the event.

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@war_killer: It's just even after she told Cap she had fought the Winter Soldier before she was still acting weird also I read an interview Sebastian says that Bucky and Natasha's past is hinted at.

Yeah, even at the end when she gave Steve the files she managed to dig up on the Winter Soldier, she seemed hesitant to say anymore...even warning Steve about what he might find in those files. If Marvel does choose to make Bucky Captain America or even do a Winter Soldier spin-off, they could simply be setting up a possible romance between the two.

Hopefully. It's a much better paring than with Hawkeye like I thought they were going for in Avengers.

I liked her relationship with Hawkeye in Avengers, but more as close friends and partners.

There was one thing I'm curious about though, following the events of this movie and what happens to a certain international peace keeping organization, what does this mean for Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Also did you catch any of the easter eggs in the movie?

I thought they were going for a romance with Hawkeye and Widow but hopefully not.

I'm not sure, I know they said they've had it all planed out since the beginning but I've never watched Agents of SHIELD so I don't know.

I caught the Dr Strange name drop and Cap's team was called Strike which I think is a reference to S.T.R.I.K.E

I watched the first half of season one of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but gave up as it wasn't doing it for me. But with S.H.I.E.L.D. now apparently gone in the MCU, it can only mean that the show won't last much longer.

What about the Ed Brubaker cameo?

Nah they won't stop the show any time soon, any time that SHIELD get's shut down in the comics Fury and Co just go deep cover and operate on there own, that's pretty much how I see that going down.

Oh yea I forgot that one, Bucky's handler.

Yeah, I was kinda half expecting that Cap would start S.H.I.E.L.D. over from scratch, following the events of the movie. With Fury, Black Widow, Falcon, and himself being the first official agents of the "new and secret" S.H.I.E.L.D. They may still do something similar to that in the third movie, though now I'm curious as to what role S.H.I.E.L.D. will play in Avengers 2, if any.

I completely missed it in theaters, I only realized it after reading about it online. I just love the fact that he's Bucky handler as it's so poetic in a way.

I think the Avengers will somehow replace SHIELD and that's why all the costumes in Age of Ultron have the A on them.

Yea that's a spot on cameo tbh.

I was thinking similarly after seeing the "A" on Cap's new suit. Though then the question of how Ultron plays into all of this. At first I was thinking that Ultron would be something Tony ends up creating for S.H.I.E.L.D., which ends up going out of control and forces the Avengers to assemble to stop it.

Avengers 2 is suppose to be more global anyways, which would further support the idea the Avengers replacing S.H.I.E.L.D. with Stark globalizing the team as the planet's "Mightiest Heroes." Ultron could be Tony's way of creating an army of "Iron Men" which Baron Strucker ends up taking control of andusing as his own personal army, thus forcing The Avengers to have to save the world from their own creation.

Sounds good and it also fits if they want to go with the Civil War angle eventually

I agree too. Avengers as global protecter makes more since. But i still think SHEILD will come back. However I wonder what Fury will be up to in Europe (Didn't he say he was going to Europe at the end of Cap: WS.) I have a filling we might see a cinematic version of the Secret Warriors.

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@danhimself: @jonny_anonymous: Bucky Cybernetic arm has superhuman strength (has punched threw & shattered steel), Has a electric attack that can knockout enemies, a localize EMP attack, it can also produce a sonar ping that can map out a huge building & detect invisible and hidden enemies. And lastly Buck can have the arm detached and still has the ability to control it.