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@war_killer: My bad. To be honest I wasn't really paying attention to where Radiance was in that panel. I thought she was somewhere in Japan.

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@war_killer: @slimj87d: If you read All New Invaders #6 it shows that even people are effected by the eye going off even if they are on the other side of the world.

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@veshark: @slimj87d: @war_killer:


• On a snowy night in Prague, Natasha must fight her way out of disaster alongside the WINTER SOLDIER!

• Meanwhile, Isaiah has business of his own in London, but a simple plan gets complicated.

• Nathan Edmonson and Phil Noto continue their uninterrupted run on one of the most acclaimed books of the year.

Looks like I'll get to see how the writer I want for a WInter Soldier book will handle him

Can't wait for this. I would be so happy if Natasha gets here memories of Bucky back during Original Sin.

Also total agree with you about Edmondson being the writer for Winter Soldier book. (If we every get a new one)

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@bl00dwerk said:

Also, Edmonson is writing some of my favorite stuff these days...

Edmondson is the perfect writer for this book

Agreed. Perfect writer for this.

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@veshark said:
  1. Ozymandias (Clears)
  2. Damian Wayne (Clears)
  3. Punisher (Clears, I think Frank even admitted he would lose to Buck in a straight-up fight)
  4. Black Widow (Clears, a morals-on Buck already trounced her)
  5. Amazing Spider-Man (Possibly stops here...though it is somewhat debatable. I haven't seen ASM in a long time, though)
  6. Taskmaster (Loses, most-likely. Tasky's already fought him once, so that's to Buck's disadvantage)
  7. Deadpool (Depends if Wade's messing around or not)


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It should also be noted that during their first fight Cap didn't know Winter Soldier was Bucky, so when you see Bucky blocking Cap's blows and matching his strikes, that was Steve giving his all there. I'm just throwing that out there as someone might try to argue that Steve was going easy on Bucky, which he may have in their last fight...but not in their first one.

Honestly though, even with his enhanced strength and speed, Steve was still having a hard time. I think his best defense was his shield, but once Bucky took that out of the equation, Steve was having a hard time keeping up. I believe Bucky's biggest advantage here is trying to land a good strike against Steve with his bionic arm.

It should also be noted that Bucky did take at least one hit in the head from Cap's shield, yet it didn't seem to be an issue as he continued to fighting after that almost like it was nothing. But I feel that if Steve could somehow catch Bucky off-guard, it might give him the opening to land a finishing strike.

Going off of the first fight, at the rate they were going it was hard to tell who would have won. When Steve saw that it was Bucky, it threw him off. But if their fight would have continued, to appeared that either one of them could have all came down to who could land a critical strike first.


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@jonny_anonymous: Yep. It was broadcast all over the news. And Bucky had a tendency to remove his mask in public to while he was Cap.

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@jonny_anonymous: The public knows he was the Winter Soldier & Captain America. The public was told about both identities during the Trial of Captain America Arc. Don't mind me with the arm color (shiny) thing. Its just I don't see it as being practical for a assassin/black-ops/spy to have a shiny arm that could easily give him a away while trying to sneak around. As for the arm itself its awesome, superhuman strength, electric shocking device, sonar ping, hell if the arm would let Bucky cloak (exp. predator cloaking device) it would be perfect.