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Marvel: Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier).

DC: Aquaman

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@tg1982 said:

Splinter Cell: Blacklist


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  1. Mass Effect
  2. Metal Gear Solid
  3. Metro Last Light
  4. Battlefield 3
  5. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Team 2

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@tparks: Okay most like the next person to die is Green Arrow and then Batman, followed by Snake Eyes. Kraven is in no danger, As will as Bucky and Frank. These two will probably hunker down and guard the supplies. They will however use some of the supplies to lay down traps. As for the weapons, Bucky would proably take and carry the 2 colt 1911s , M-4 Assault Rifle, 2 frag grenades, 2 flash-bang grenades, 2 throwing knvies, & 2 adamantium combat knives/ Punisher would carry the Shotgun, the Uzi, 2 frag grenades, 2 flash-bang grenades, & adamantium combat knife, They will also carry the ammo for the guns if they can. If Bucky and Frank turn on each other Bucky wins. I have already posted the reason why on a previous post.

As for the reason why i think Green Arrow dies next is because he is seriously outmatch in martial arts and stealth. Also he has none of his trick arrows and a least 2 of the other competitors can dodge, catch, or deflect arrows.

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@tparks: Thanks for the update. So it is round 3. And Kraven, Bucky/Punisher, Snake Eyes, Bruce (Batman), & Ollie (Green Arrow) are still alive correct. What equipment do they have.

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Plan and simple this how its going down.

  1. Kraven: like people been saying Kraven lives for stuff like this he makes it to round 2 with relative ease.
  2. Bucky and Hawkeye Team Up: If Bucky teams up with anybody it will be Clint. Him and Clint have work together while Bucky was Cap and was with the New Avengers while Clint lead the team as Ronin. If it comes down to this two Bucky wins hands down. Also if Bucky teams up with Frank they would survive to round 2. If a fight breaks out between Frank and Bucky. Bucky wins, Frank has already admitted that Bucky would kill him if they fought. Also I would like to point out that Bucky has survival training from US Army and the British SAS. He could easily survive a situation like this. Also his stealth skills are on par with the likes of Batman. Bucky has been able to sneak up on Daredevil, and has followed Wolverine for 3 days and 1 month with out him every knowing he was there. He is also a trained as a advanced scout and then their is all of his training from the russians.
  3. Would be a Tie between Snake Eyes, Bruce, and Punisher. All three of the guys will most likely be loners and can survive like that. Bucky and Hawkeye could be in this group as will I just really see them two teaming up together because of their past. If Hawkeye is alone he dies.
  4. As for X-23 she is pretty badass but she doesn't have here claws and her healing factor will only take her so far. And as for Green Arrow i will admit that he does know how to survive but this will be a total different type of survival then what he was use to on the island. Also his Martial Arts feats are lacking and so are his stealth feats so he is at a serious disadvantage here. (unless somebody shows me scans other wise.)

Kraven goes to round 2, Bucky goes to round 2, Bruce (Batman) goes to round 2, Punisher goes to round 2, And Snake Eyes goes to round 2. Clint is dead unless he teams up with Bucky, X-23 is KO are dead, Green Arrow is dead.

Hopefully this makes since. I do have dyslexia so sometimes I screw up.

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Abomination crushes them both. Neither one is on his level of strength or durability. He would literally laugh in their faces.