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Also he will be appearing in Captain America #13 and more Cap comics in the near future. He will also play a role in Secret Avengers. Bucky appeared in Secret Avengers #9 and when the Infinity tie ends are over the story will continue.

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  1. Captain America & Winter Soldier: Ed Brubaker
  2. Uncanny X-Force: Remender
  3. Ultimates 1 & 2: Mark Miller
  4. Punisher: Greg Rucka
  5. Avengers: Hickman
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@slimj87d: I do remember reading a interview with Ed Brubaker about that he had a number of arcs he could do with Bucky (Winter Soldier), and that he wanted to do them too. Its just that Marvel canceled The Winter Soldier series and then sales stabilized and Marvel wanted Brubaker to continue but he had already committed to doing his personal projects.

As for the movie thing I remember reading somewhere that Sebastian Stan has one more movie left on his deal to play Winter Soldier. Like you I hope he gets his own movie. But I could see Marvel trying to do a Secret Avengers Movie. The roster could be Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier), Hawkeye, Black Widow, Spider-Women, Falcon, & War Machine.

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@slimj87d: I need to start reading the entire article. After reading the article this time. I feel a whole lot better about this Mini Series.

The Winter Soldier, for the uninitiated, is Bucky Barnes, Captain America’s World War II sidekick. After an injury in the same crash that appeared to take Cap’s life, Barnes was captured by the Russians, brainwashed, and given a cybernetic arm. He then sat in cold storage, woken every few years for a top-secret mission for his new masters, until being discovered in modern times by Captain America, who saved him from himself and restored his memories.

Here, though, he is most definitely the enemy, and Remender says he’ll be “a force of nature, and when he is tracking you, you are in a bad way.” The character stars as sort of a protagonist-antagonist, with editor Tom Brevoort saying “I’m not sure that you always know quite who to root for,” because while he’s against the “good” forces of the US and S.H.I.E.L.D., he is also just so unstoppable.

“He was a tool who had very little control of his own mind,” Remender said, “but I will be exploring how Bucky Barnes is underneath all of it still. Even back then, there was a piece of him trying to stand back up.”

The mini-series will tie directly to Remender’s Captain America, with both Winter Soldier and Ran Shen appearing in November’s Captain America #13. Shen is the villain there, further complicating their portrayal in the past.

Hopefully if this Mini sells well Marvel will give Winter Soldier a full series again.

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The new artiest is Carlos Pacheco and his art works for me. As for Uncanny X-Forces (Remender) I highly recommend you check it out. All of the arcs should be in Graphic Novel form.

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@war_killer: I kind of liked Dimension Z. It was mostly the art I didn't like. As for the hit our miss thing I loved Remenders run on Uncanny X-Force & I just can't stand his run on Secret Avengers.

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@peppeyhare: I am happy about this news. I think the hate is mostly directed at Remender.

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@war_killer said:

I'm glad to see Bucky getting some spotlight even after his ongoing series was cancelled. But part of me feels this may end up being a random story that, ultimately, will just be to promote the movie and not have any real lasting effects. Curious on where they go with this mini-series though.


Also Remender is a hit are miss for me.