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Bloody good fun 0

Storm and Gambit: Curse of the mutants one-shot has something(s) that I feel is severely lacking in the current X-books.   First is the actually usage of my all time favorite mutant: Storm, who seems to get maybe a small panel and one line of dialogue in recent stories.   I’m not sure why Cyclops and Emma seem to be running things all on their own right now, but it’s great to see Storm get the “screen” time she deserves.   Secondly this issue was penciled by my favorite comic artist to date, the...

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Un-fun, uninspired and ultimately unnecessary 0

Maybe the title of my review is a bit harsh, but after reading the first issue of X-men, I can’t help but think what the point for this book to exits is?   I suppose the same could have been said for Astonishing X-men when it first arrived on the scene, but unlike Astonishing (at least the Whedon/Cassaday run which was amazing) this title brings nothing new or exciting to the world of X-men. Cover/Art Really like the cover, it’s bold and the great coloring really makes it stand-out. The artwork ...

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Avengers: Heroic Age...meh. 0

As a long time X-men fan I’ve haven’t really been interested in reading any other team or book for a long time.   Fortunately I have recently decided to broaden my horizons and branch out to many other books.   I figured a re-re-re launch of the Avengers would be a great place to start. Cover/Art I’ll lump these two together since it’s the same artist.   I have to say I’ve never really been a fan of John Romita Jr.   I do like the way he draws action scenes but that’s about it.   Everyone just ...

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