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Jean Grey

Gertrude Yorkes

Karelian Dean

Molly Hayes

Nico Minoru


Wonder Woman

Scarlet Witch




Black Widow


Barbara Gordon


Black Canary

Huntress (Bertinelli and Wayne)


Harley Quinn

Poison Ivy

Talia al Ghul

Emma Frost



Donna Troy

Wonder Girl


Miss Martian


Cassandra Cain

Lady Shiva

Gwen Stacy



Lady Mastermind

Dani Moonstar






Invisible Woman



Mary Jane Watson

Black Cat

Viper/Madame Hydra

Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine


Bat woman


Maria Hill

Lilith Clay



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@SandMan_ said:

They need another MJ, MJ is supposed to be really freaking hot. The girl is cute..but I would have looked better....But there is still hope...



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@Wheates14: Couldn't agree more.

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I've been in awe of the Ultimate Scarlet Witch since Ultimate X-Men and thought this version of her was very interesting. I loved the way her powers worked, her sort of catty personality and the way she interacted with the others she was written alongside. One shining Wanda moment for me was her battle against Ultimate Longshot in the beginning of the Ultimate X-Men Magnetic North storyline (where Ultimate Polaris was introduced) and I loved all her designs.

Naturally I was upset when the writers decided to kill her off in Ultimates 3 and she went down without so much as a fight. To add insult to injury, she was killed by the Ultimate version of Ultron: some lovesick robot accidentally given sentience and feelings by Wanda's powers when she flirted with it, thus making Wanda indirectly responsible for her own murder (That's right, Ultron murdered her. He planned the attack right down to the bullet hardwired to her DNA). Of course tying into this circumstance was Wanda's incestuous relationship with her brother, Quicksilver (perhaps the one aspect of her character that bothered me), as Ultron came to the conclusion that with Quicksilver around he could never have Wanda (makes me wonder why he didn't just kill Pietro. I wouldn't want him to die necessarily but between him and Wanda, I would have chosen for him to die). The writers had chosen to kill off Wanda and (seemingly) kill of Pietro at the end of the same story arc to fuel Magneto's rage and action towards the Ultimatum event. However, at the end of the very same event, Pietro was revealed to be somehow alive after avenged the death of his father at Cyclops's hands by killing him.

When I learned of Pietro's fate I was very upset that he, and not Wanda, was revived. I always felt like Wanda was more interesting if not simply in terms of powers. At the very end of the Ultimatum event Pietro (alongside Mystique and Sabretooth, having reformed the Brotherhood) is shown talking to a mysterious woman who was speculated to be Wanda. This seemed to be confirmed in Ultimate Comics: X when Wanda was shown to be alive and well. However, it was said that she was actually a hallucination of Pietro's apparently because he still can't get over her death. This, again, had me very upset that writers would dangle Wanda's fate over me and other fans only to just say, "nope, she's dead".

This cruel joke would be played yet again in Ultimate Comics: X-Men when Wanda is, yet again, shown to be alive, this time seemingly for real. I honestly thought these writers came to their senses and brought back a powerful and interesting character that would be a boon to future storylines. I truly thought that they wouldn't be a**holish enough to introduce yet another false return of one of my favorite characters. I was sadly and bluntly mistaken. Apparently, with the return of both Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse, Wanda's return was revealed to be another hoax: she's an illusion created by Apocalypse, as is Magneto.

Honestly I could care less that Magneto's just an illusion, with all the deaths he caused he deserves to stay dead, but Wanda was good and was a hero (albeit somewhat morally ambiguous especially considering her past) and she deserves better than this. Anyone agree? Maybe not? Please elaborate, I'd like to know if I'm the only one feeling as if I've been bitch-slapped by Marvel.

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I also vote Hendricks. They really should do another Batman movie so that Ivy can get the justice she deserves. If they could do it with Bane and Catwoman (Hathaway over the Halle Berry version), they can do it with her.

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I think the reason for Ivy's affection mostly lies in Harley's rather tragic situation of an abusive relationship with the Joker. Ivy sympathizes with Harley due to having been in a similar situation (at least I think so) with Jason Woodrue and feels sorry for her. Ivy also becomes protective of Harley and becomes something of a big sister to her, wanting her to walk away from the abuse she is so accustomed to by the Joker. It is also due to his poor treatment of Harley why Ivy hates the Joker as much as she does.

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I couldn't agree more, as usual. =)

I don't understand why people are hating on Dark Knight Rises and Nolan so much, it was an amazing movie and a nice ending to an amazing trilogy. Was the movie perfect? No. It was damn near perfect in my eyes apart from the fact that John Blake was John Blake and not Dick Grayson and the way Talia was revealed and discarded in, like, five minutes. I also would have loved to see Ra's alive again, courtesy of the lazarus pits, and get the dilemma of Talia's torn love for her father and Batman. Instead she just hated him and tried to kill him and possibly died herself.

Other than that, I felt the movie was a respectful and captivating interpretation of the Batman mythos, interpretation being my main point. Not to mention the performances of all the characters and actors (especially, in my opinion, Selina, Alfred, Gordon, and of course Batman) As comic book fans of some of the best source material in fiction, we all want to see the same material brought to life and captured in a more visual and audible way rather than reading them in a book and seeing them in pictures (which is enough for me, but the idea of seeing it all 'come to life' is beyond appealing). However, when has a movie franchise or single film (especially those in mainstream film and adaptations of fictional stories and concepts been basically copied directly from the book exactly as we fell in love with them in the first place) ever perfectly followed the source material to a T? Someone please tell me, because I've never known a single one. Look at X-Men: First Class, hell, look at the original X-Men trilogy! Where was Angel? Where Was Beast? They didn't even come in until the third movie (though Beast, as normal-appearing Hank McCoy, which in itself is a HUGE plot hole that still hasn't been addressed or rectified, had a cameo in X2), and Angel was barely present and didn't even officially join the X-Men! Jean's Phoenix powers were quite promising in X2 before she supposedly died and they took the Phoenix in a completely and, in my opinion, appallingly different way in X3. Plus she, supposedly, killed Scott!

I'm getting off subject, but my point is that movies, especially Hollywood movies, are almost guaranteed to deviate from the source material at least partially. Why this is, I think, is because if they did basically do exactly what was done in the comics, we would know exactly what to expect and there would be no real surprise or shock to anyone but views unfamiliar with the source material. Would you still like the X-Men movies if they followed the exact same recipe and you knew exactly what to expect? I... probably wouldn't... probably. Nolan's take on Batman was, in all honesty, his interpretation brought to life. Film is art and art, amongst different artists, varies because we all have our own interpretations on life and the way we see ourselves and the world.

I like to think of Nolan's interpretation like the way a person does a good cover version to an amazing song: it simply could never be like the original, but has a similar feel and is different (and wonderful) in it's own way.

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@Deranged Midget said:

Lana's image has forever be plagued by the horrible performance of Kristin Kreuk. And no, Superman's true love is Lois.

Um, no. Kristen Kreuk did an AMAZING job as Lana and her chemistry with Tom Welling was what made their relationship so believable. The only thing I didn't particularly care for in that version was her relationship with Lex, but even then Lana became a real cold bada$$ in season 6 like when she shot open Lex's briefcase and when she was willing to let him die in that cave-in, only agreeing to help Chloe save him when she knew Clark was trapped too. And Lois WAS Superman's true love. As of the new 52, all bets are off. It could be Lana, it could be Lois. Hell, it could be Batman if DC REALLY wanted to do something unexpected. That would be pretty interesting to see if not just once.

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On her page in the powers section describing her diamond form it states that she is "telepathically immune to all but a couple of telepaths". Which telepaths? Any scans that indicate this?

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Now it's really late where I am, so I'll be turning in. I look forward to debating with you guys tomorrow. So far I like some of the reasoning and examples I've been getting.