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I have no frame of reference for Onslaught since i never read anything with him in it. 
Who's the blonde with the white suit and orange belt?  Almost looks like a Heatwave costume except she has a gun.  Is it supposed to be Sharon Carter?

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It's obviously very suggestive, but it's still a pretty picture. 
Now finish Battle Chasers!  Why buy a $100 book for an unfinished story?!  What balls it takes to solicit THAT.

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I dropped it. 
After thinking about it, i was disappointed with Blackest Night and Brightest Day (the book) is also pretty dull besides the Hawkman and Aquaman stuff, but i'd rather just read them and not the other people in the book. 
So far Sinestro Corp War was far superior.

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Not to hijack this post, but i'm less concerned about Batman titles and more about the expanding Green Lantern world.  Tomasi\Gleeson's GLC was great and it incorporated all the "lesser" lanterns.  Now having GL, GLC, and Emerald Warriors...things are getting pretty thin.  I'm thinking about just trade waiting on GL and GLC now. 
Flash, now that's what i'm getting into.  And it's one book!  I know about Speed Force in 2011, but I want Barry stories, so i get them in Flash.

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@babs Did you get a sketch by chance?

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Alright, i'm just throwing this out there, but with the whole team so close by, are the production values going to improve on the CV videos? 
Will the new space installations help to even the playing field between the WM sites?

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Sara and Ron on the same couch?!  Add Conor and Josh and you have my favorite comics website.  Make it happen Sara!  :) 
I've also seen loads of pictures of James Sime but never heard him talk, it's just as i expected, a little wacky and mad cap, but still a retailer.  I can understand why he's so well liked.  (also, how do you pronounce Sime?  Syme?  SymE?) 

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First off, Norm needs to tuck nothing.  He's a man of action. 
Second, I just don't like panel to panel.  I understand why they do it (as they explained) but for me the concept and the execution just don't work.  I think the only thing that would work for me is on an iPad or some sort of desktop app.

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So basically we're down to Batman, Superman or ensemble movies only?  Lame.  This is the perfect place to make smaller characters shine.  If Marvel is looking to make live action movies of some of their smaller characters, you'd think it actually be cheaper to do an animated movie of some of DC's up and comers. 
Perhaps these don't do very well is that everyone just Netflixes them and don't buy them.  I can't even remember the last DVD\BR i bought. 

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As always, Greg Rucka, class act all the way.

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