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@powerflux: The planet they went to was actual one that was already taken over by the symbiotes, not their home world. However, the bit in the article about not knowing how the symbiote got in the custom dispensing machine (where Spidey found it) was actually explained in Planet of the Symbiotes:

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I cannot wait to see how this plays out! I'm hoping we see more of the symbiote's POV and how it reacts to this homecoming.

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@venomsapprentice said:

@k4tzm4n said:
@venomsapprentice: I'm sure a story could be written which reveals he survived, but the implication seems to be he was killed. Toxin was completely engulfed in flames and it dragged Brock back into the fire. Last we saw he was screaming in the flames.
Thanks for the clarification. If they brought carnage back from being ripped in half in space, they can definitely bring back Brock. XD Kind of a disappointment though. I wanted to see Brock be Toxin for longer than 2 comics.

Cullen Bunn has repeatedly stated that Toxin will be back (after Venom moves to Philly), so I'm sure Brock will return with him.

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Venom! Hands down.

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Also from the CBR Forums:

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Last month when Toxin (Brock) first encountered Venom (Flash), he mentioned a spawning:

At first I thought that this was Eddie Brock speaking - he had knowledge of this spawning and began killing symbiotes (Hybrid, Scream). However with Toxin's behavior in The Savage Six arc and the fact that I do not think Brock would voluntarily work for Crime Master, I think that this is the Toxin Symbiote speaking to the Venom Symbiote. When he says 'we' in the speech bubble, it sounds like he is referring to Toxin and Brock, which would mean that since the symbiote is in complete control (who knows what it as been through since it was removed from Pat) it will be holding Brock prisoner as its host. Regardless of what this spawning turns out to be, I hope that it is not an abandoned story when the new team takes over the series.

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Are the villains depicted on the cover (specifically Venom and Carnage) going to be in the story?

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@venomoushatred1001: I have to go with Spectacular only because I have yet to set aside 22 minutes of my life that I do not want back to watch USM. Sorry, but I have yet to hear a positive review (at least about the Venom episodes). However, 2 minutes into the fight this guy would come in and destroy both of them:

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I would suggest picking up issue 17 and giving the Savage Six arc (17 - 22) a shot. It is Remender's last arc; Cullen Bunn is taking over starting with issue 23.