aliens among us(HELP!!!!!)

 so its like my first real RPG <please support>
  actually I dont know how to start so please just comment on what you plan to see o the next scene
        September ,21 ,2020 
 A dark night hazy patches of light can be seen in the night sky and then BAM! an unknown starcraft landed near my porch. for people, it sounded like hell for me it sounded 
like heaven <music to my ears hahahaha> it contained a bunch of different looking aliens telling me to be prepared for a war is about to engage (AND disappeared in thin air how rude)! And so i look for the mightiest heroes on (or in or under)  the planet to help me please help me what to do!!!!!!(hey i guess im over acting.dont I?)


DC loves teen teams

yeah ... teen titans, young justice , legion of superheroes, 
teens right?
DC     right?            is DC a home for teen heroes ???
             and when they grow up they just leave the mantle to some crappy teen who happens to have the same powers 
like robin and kid flash they just left their identities as they grew up...
                                   same goes with DC teams teen titans grew up and became simply titans and evolved to new teen titans 
              i just hate it when legends pass their names to crappy Mexican teens (blue beetle)   
i just hate it when someone leaves their identities, passes it on to CRAPPY someone (how many times did I say crappy already?)

teens grow up take a new name and passes it on thats what DC does and that is why i hate DC


what if we stood stilll

ummm... how am i gonna start this question?
 its a lil about time and the earth not rotating....
        so what if the earth stopped turning around ... we know that the rotation and the revolution of our planet  is the main reason of time \
   but if it stopped would the clocks stop ticking too?      and what are the problems this would prolly cause 
ive had these kind of question in my mind for years and i just wanna know
BTW thanx for the people who taught me what is rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrppppppg


Level up !!!

i just completed the family quest set imma be giving hits if your gonna crack my wall 
thanx   whats RPG anyway



My first wiki submission !!!  
was passed!!!!  
i just wanna share the feeling of contributing on the site for the first time!!!!! 
 even though i edited a bunch of pokemon and Isaac  Newton still im happy  it was approved!!!!! 
just wanna be happy ad share it to the world hehehehe


if your name was taken...

WE know that comicvine is a place where you can be heroes yourselves.....
but what would happen if a comicbook writer found your codename and your background origin
                            he used it and became a famous comicbook artist what would be your reaction
hey  what is RPG?


hey who is GAMBIT?

hes with Marauders 
hes with the X-men 
hes also with theives 
        who is Gambit really?      is he good ?or is he BAD? 
                                 well just asking xD


hey who is GAMBIT?

hes with Marauders 
hes with the X-men 
hes also with theives 
        who is Gambit really?      is he good ?or is he BAD? 
                                 well just asking xD

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