DC New 52 Cancellations & Fourth Wave Thoughts

Okay so as we all know next month kicks off the New 52's #0 month and Third Wave of comics. Also, we recently got word of the next title to be added to the New 52 is Justice League of America. With that said, there leaves a lot of speculation as to which current titles would be cancelled next. So, which comics do you think are going to get the axe and what are some titles that you would want to see in the New 52? Some of the titles that I think would go are Blue Beetle, The Fury of Firestorm & Savage Hawkman just to name a few. Titles that I would like to see incorporated in the New 52 are a Cyborg solo series, a Shazam title, Doom Patrol and as unlikely as it would be a new Static Shock title that didn't suffer as the first one did. Anyway, what are your thoughts and suggestions?