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I wrote this while listening to Take Five by Dave Brubeck. It might make it easier to immerse in the story while listing to that. ;)

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@asherah: lol, I have my moments.

@gambler: I hear you man. Anyways, you should probably lock this now, right?

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@gambler: You're just making sure the rules are followed. No bad guy in that at all man :P

I had misunderstanding of the rules and will just shelve this idea for now. Once I've done everything else I'll just revisit this later.

Thanks for the feedback :)

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@kidman560: Welcome to the RPG side of CV :)

@gambler said:

So did this congress of Paladins just turn Ontario into an empire by COE definition?

Sort of...I mean they do have a military and secret control, but if I violated a rule then I'll try to fix it immediately.

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This is more of rough draft than anything else and I don't want to break any rules so OOC first

  • If anyone has suggestions, then please lay them out their
  • I can already see that the layout for the Topic is different then the layout for the Blog that I was editing this in so I'll have to fix some of the pics. Any pointers are also appreciated.
  • Also is it too much or too long? If so I'll try to fix that
  • Last but probably most importantly, would anyone be interested in becoming a Paladin, joining the secret military, or writing the parallel universe version of themselves? Maybe even living in New Ontario.

Any and all feedback is appreciated ;)

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The Congress of Paladin came from a dying parallel universe and offered this world the best knowledge and resources of their world. They gave a compelling story of the fall of their universe and played up the tears and emotion for effect. They said all they wanted was to see to it that this universe didn't face the same destruction they saw theirs crumble to. So of course when all was said and done they were allowed to set up base in Ontario. They promised to respect the most note worthy pieces of the province while also innovating the land and making it an example of what they could do with the whole world. So without further ado you have New Ontario. The literal Best of Two Worlds.

Mass Locations:

The Niagara Falls

Just as you loved It before, the Niagara Falls have been untempered with and even in the distance looking towards Ontario from NY, it looks just as you might remember it on your favorite post card. Being that it has been an important part of this world since the 17th century, not only is it a magnificent site to see but also a historical one. Come alone or bring the whole family, either way everyone will enjoy themselves here.

The Midlands

Paladin Meeting Building
Location of: Mall, Restaurants, Bar etc.
Events Courtyard

This is were the advance innovations of the Paladin are most apparent to the public. The climate has been artificially enhanced to give the lands that refreshing 'evening in the Rio De Janeiro' feel and that's just the tip of the iceberg as you'll soon notice the beautiful architecture of almost every city here. The midlands are often refereed to by the locals of New Ontario as the 'tourist hot spot' as this is where you will find the most popular events, shopping malls, bars and other boutiques N.O has to offer. You can also find the meeting building of the Congress of Paladin in the heart of these lands (currently open to public visitation). There is space for new business to be planted here (as long as they fit certain regulations) and for people to live in.

More of Midlands spots to visit

The Peace Club- A very simple and jazzy club hosted by the providence's local talent. The bar here offers exotic drinks and encourages interaction between citizens. The most Paladin propaganda is also found here in subtle places such as their crest on the bottom of the glasses and looping commercials advertizing their technology between shows on the TV screens.

Amber's- Inexpensive hotels that require no reservation. The hotel is an adaption of a similar brand from the Paladin's universe. Amber's offers an elegant mix of french and parallel universe design. There are rooms for a single visitor and rooms for whole families (of up to 8). All locations feature at least a pool and morning breakfast. V.I.P rooms are also available at all locations

The Northernmost lands

A walled off location location
A non-walled off location

The Paladin insisted these cities become where most business is done and after much negotiation they were even able to get certain cities in these lands walled off to open visitation for 'scientific' purposes. Now of course most of the cities are open to the public so they can see the best of the Congress' Eco-Hybrid technology with brilliant mixes of their 21st century architecture and use of green energy. The stores and clubs that are available in these lands are few and far between, but are mostly focused on pleasing the wealthier visitors and Paladin's more exquisite/ expensive tastes. Some of the cities in these lands do require a test be taken to inspect certain visitor's powers and power levels, but only a select few.

More of the Northern Spots to visit

Club Beaux Jours- It's hard to miss with its exotic design and even harder to get into with its strict 'reservations only' policy. Once you're in the club though it has been described to take visitor's breath away with its unique decor and fine wines. The club has V.I.P rooms that offer even more to those who can afford it. Beaux Jours is also highly regarded for it's alluring gambling scene, mixing both games of the CVnU and the games of the Paladin's Universe.

Hotel Bleu- A relatively private hotel that can usually only house about 10 visitors at a time. It's really more of a honeymoon or high-end vacation spot then a public hotel. Complete with all around Paladin level service

Le Centre De La Vitesse- The home of most of the Northern land's businesses. Many civilian jobs are held here so it can be a bit crowded, but on the edges of this location there are spas and other luxury locations. Some people enjoy the simple pleasures of nature's grace though, and this is where you will find one of New Ontario's clean parks.

*Open to new businesses*

The Government & Secret Military

The government is really only the Congress of Paladin (made up of 7 members currently). They are calm and understanding in public, but aspire to create a 'perfect' universe no matter what they have to do. The Paladin do accept new members but only Uncanny authorizes that for now.

The military was compose entirely in secret as they were technically not allowed to create one. The military is compromised of only the most radical followers of the Paladin and have to be willing to cut off any and all connections to their past lives to join. They act entirely in shadows and usually silence those oppose the Paladin's idea's. Recruitment is open and handled by Uncanny as he has to inspect those who wish to join and suit them based on their specialties. The soldier's outfits are specifically tailored to the wearer's abilities for now, while the numbers are low.

The Truth Behind Closed Doors

Cartofor: Leader of The Paladin

The Congress of Paladin did come from a dying parallel universe, but it was not destroyed because of some unpredicted force, but by the Paladin themselves as they saw too many flaws in their 'imperfect' civilization. They were the Illuminati of their world and ruled it with unlimited power. The whole of the Illuminati/Congress was controlled by Cartofor or Uncanny as he's been called in the CVnU.

They're using Ontario as platform to slowly gain the trust of the CVnU's most powerful and spread their influence.

The Eco-Hybrid technology they flaunt in the Northernmost cities, contains nano technology that spreads through the air and slowly infects the minds of civilians. Making them more 'perfect' in the ideas of the Paladin.

One of the U-Species

The northernmost cities are also where they develop their secret weapons, armors, and U-Species (an army of androids they intend to have replace the humankind). The reason why some cities are walled off and require power inspections to be taken is so the U-Species and more won't be uncovered by the likes of powers like x-ray vision and beyond.

The Paladin being from a parallel universe have duplicates in the the CVnU that share very similar traits such as weaknesses, so for personal reasons the Paladin never remove their helmets amongst non-Paladin.

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@gambler: @_animus_: Thanks for the feedback.

I'll just go on ahead and write it up then. If it lands then yay and if not, oh well. If nothing else it'll be learning experience ;D

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For my character I had this whole idea of a team or army he would lead called the Congress of Paladin

They would be the Illuminati of parallel universe that they destroyed (because they saw too many flaws in the civilization) and are now looking for a better universe to rule. There are some more details, but that's the basis.

Be honest with me now, do you think the idea would work?